Bria House and Lot: Here’s why you should add Mindanao to your bucket list

mindanao to your bucket list

Mindanao is the second-largest island in the Philippines and it is also the richest in natural resources from minerals, energy, agriculture, and more. And though it is located in the lower part of the Philippines it should be on the top of your list. We’ve listed down some reasons on why you should add Mindanao to your bucket list. Read on for more details. 

1. Mindanao offers so much more 

Mindanao is often viewed as a place of chaos, hate, and politics, but to really see its beauty, one must experience the rich culture, stunning art, and untouched nature that it has to offer. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should add Mindanao to your bucket list.

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2. Tons of Festivities

The Mindanao is famous for its most interesting tradition that is being celebrated every year featuring the different cultures of Mindanao where locals perform lively in the streets and dances to the beat of Mindanao music. Here are some of the most popular festivals.

  1. Kadayawan Festival (Davao City)
  2. Kalilangan Festival (General Santos City)
  3. Higalaay Festival (Cagayan de Oro)
  4. Kaamulan Festival (Bukidnon)
  5. Tuna Festival (General Santos City)
  6. Lugahait Festival (Misamis Oriental)
  7. Panagtagbo Festival (Tagum City)

3. Taste the flavor of Asia

On top of festivities, Mindanao also offers a distinct flavor that could never be seen in any other part of the country. Philippine cuisine is greatly influenced by Spanish and Malay flavors of neighboring Southeast Asian countries like the use of a variety of spices – Chili, union, and garlic. Here are some of the mouth-watering delicacies across Mindanao.

  1. Sinuglaw – Sinuglaw gets its name from two popular cooking methods in Visayas and Mindanao: sugba, meaning to grill; and kinilaw, meaning to cook by soaking in vinegar like a ceviche.
  2. Tuna – General Santos City or Gensan is popularly known as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines.” No tourist visits GenSan without indulging in fresh tuna or tuna delicacies served in various restaurants.
  3. Durian and durian-delicacies – Known as one of the world’s most exotic fruits, this strong-smelling tropical fruit is abundant in the city and is used in a variety of local delicacies and food souvenirs.

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Some of the most colorful and iconic handmade fabrics could also be seen in the indigenous communities in Mindanao. For the people of the south, weaving is a huge part of Mindanao culture and tradition that distinguishes them from the rest. In Davao city, they take pride in their famous textile called “Ikat” made by Mandaya people of Davao Oriental, Bagobo, and B’laan.

4. Breathtakingly beautiful nature

You can also find the most breathtaking nature experience in Mindanao that you should not miss on your bucket list. From its delicate shores to its jaw-dropping waterfalls, travelers make sure to visit all the hidden wonders of nature. Here are some of the best places you should not miss.

  1. Island Garden City of Samal – When it comes to beaches, this tourist spot in Mindanao comes first. Samal is famous for its pristine beaches.
  2. Hinatuan Enchanted River – A stunning tourist spot in Mindanao that is a clear blue saltwater river hidden in the jungle, and flawlessly flowing into the Pacific Ocean.
  3. Aliwagwag Falls – This picturesque 84-tiered falls with more than 130 cascades stand at 1,110 feet making it the highest waterfall in the Philippines.

5. Unexplored Adventures

On top of these Instagramable tourist spots are the nerve wreaking nature adventures, for people looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, these places are jewels.

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  1. Mt. Apo – The highest mountain in the Philippines and among the highest in Southeast Asia standing at 10,311 feet.
  2. White Water Rafting – In Cagayan an unforgiving rapid will topple and capsize the inflatable device that you are on.
  3. Ziplining – Some of the Asia’s longest and highest single and dual ziplines are situated in Mindanao – Butuan City; Dahilayan, South Cotabato; Lake Sebu etc.

According to Philstar Global, businesses cite a great investment opportunity in Mindanao for real estate, manufacturing, agribusiness, and tourism. Compared to many parts of the country, the key cities in Mindanao are still not crowded, especially in Davao City. It has a massive land area, a huge market of consumers, as well as a skilled workforce that is waiting to be tapped. So, if you are looking for a start-up business you might want to try to invest in Mindanao.

Invest in Mindanao

Affordability, accessibility, and people play a huge part to visit or stay in Mindanao. Traveling from north to the southern part of Mindanao could be done through land travel and not to mention the affordability of foods, accommodation, and fares in the region, but the one thing that really stands out with the Mindanaoan are their kindness towards others. Time and time again the Mindanaoan depict the true character of a Filipino, the strong family bond and to extend their helping hands to neighboring cities who had experienced devastating calamities.

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For some people, the short travel they thought made them stay and find a home in Mindanao. The good thing to know affordable and quality houses are being built in some parts of the region offering a variety of choices for the people who choose to stay.

If you are still writing your 2022 bucket list you might want to try including Mindanao on top of your list.

Written by Paul John Romero