House and Lot for Sale: 10 things to visit in Bukidnon


Nestled in the province of Mindanao, discover the treasure that is not being concealed by the locals but is being proud of because of its richness and beauty. A treasure that is a must-have in our checklist, a landlocked province occupying a wide plateau in the north-central part of Mindanao – Bukidnon. Bukidnon is bounded on the north by Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro, surrounded by mountains that houses three of the top ten highest peak mountains in the country. Bukidnon, whose name means “mountain dweller” or “high lander” – in simple terms, Bukidnon is a paradise for people who is into mountain climbing. But not only Bukidnon is for people who love mountaineering it has a lot to offer that what more than meets the eye. Here are the top 10 things to visit in Bukidnon.

1. Mt. Dulang-Dulang

Standing at 2938ft above sea level is the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines and its name is Mt. Dulang-Dulang. With its majestic beauty and a spitting image of fantasy or enchanted forest, Mount Dulang-dulang is considered to be a sacred one among the three great mountains in Bukidnon by the native people; hence, they would perform rituals to ask spirits for guidance before they allow the climbers to ascend the mountain. Due to the mountain’s high peak, the ecosystem is different but is common to high elevated mountains.

Upon reaching the high peak, we’ll find ourselves in a different world, much like from the enchanted forest from Disney’s film “Brave”. The further we go up the more the trek gets interesting. We’ll find ourselves mostly surrounded by thick moss, large trees that only exist in cold climates, and different varieties of plants and fauna. The trees look a lot different from up-close, they have large and twisted branches much like a bonsai tree but a larger one, branches are impaling the ground and up to the sky while being covered by a variety of flora. If we’re lucky enough, we can even spot rare encounters like the Philippine eagle since the eagle flies in high altitudes or spot mount apo at the peak of Mt. Dulang-dulang. That being said, Mt. Dulang-dulang is one of the best tourist spots in Bukidnon for that fresh mountain air; hence, it is a must tick on our checklist.

2. Mt. Kitanglad

 After ascending Mt. Dulang-dulang, we can proceed to visit Mt. Kitanglad an ASEAN Heritage Park which happens to be on the same mountain range as Mt. Dulang-dulang. Mt. Kitanglad is an inactive volcano and is the fourth highest mountain in the Philippines which makes it worthy to be overcome by climbers. Mt. Kitanglad has an approximate height of 2899 meters above sea level and is home to rare and endemic species. It also houses the endangered monkey-eating Philippine eagle and the famous cute tarsiers.

The journey to Mt. Kitanglad’s summit is much easy since the path is already established because it has a communication center at the peak. Of course, there’s still a challenge of climbing it but it is still worth it because of the unique experience and beauty of the mountain plus we’ll get to see and experience its biodiversity. At the peak, we’ll get to see various mountains of Mindanao and most likely Mt. Dulang-dulang.

3. Pineapple Plantation

Another Bukidnon tourist spots you can visit is the Pineapple plantation at the city center of Bukidnon – ‘’Bayan ng Manolo Fortich”, which is a 1st class municipality in the province of Bukidnon. While being a landlocked province, locals don’t rely on the ocean for their livelihoods. Due to the provinces’ huge and rich lands, they were able to make massive plantations of crops such as pineapples, rice, sugarcane, corn, and bananas.

The cool climate is perfect for growing such crops as pineapple. The Del Monte Pineapple plantation is famous for producing quality products which makes it a rapidly growing tourist spot. The rich land can grow the excellent quality of crops that is being exported mostly in Asia; hence, farmers are very particular and knowledgeable about their products and practices strict quality control. Over 200 hectares of pineapple that is being sold not only in its original fruit form but are being processed and sold as juice, slices, tidbits, and chunks that are available on our local markets here in the Philippines. Large corporations like these also provide jobs and opportunities for farmers here. The local economy attracted multi-millionaire companies, to buy lands and produce crops, therefore, establishing and strengthening an economic reputation and opportunities.

Note that we can also have a taste of their sweet pineapple products without going too far from home. If you are happened to be living at Bria Homes that are available all over the Philippines, due to its strategic location, most likely, you have access to the nearest Allday market where you can find the same pineapple product that is being exported.

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4. Blue Water

 After a tiring day doing all the activities such as mountaineering. We can refresh our day by visiting a rising tourist spot of Bukidnon – Blue water. It is located under Pulangi bridge which will need to rappel from the bridge down to the raging river at 150ft. Surprisingly, after rappelling down the bridge, beside the muddy raging river is a cave that is concealed and easy to miss.

Given its name “Blue Water”, the springs’ water has a turquoise color much like an enchanted spring that is perfect for a quick refresh after a tiring day. Although it sounds so simple, the trek is quite challenging. After a foot trail along the raging Pulangi river, the next challenge is passing a deep ravine which can be dangerous if we are phasing out since the edge is hard to notice caused by shrubs.

After all the trouble, we’ll find ourselves mostly surrounded by gigantic boulders and a sudden change of temperature; from this point on as we move on along the river, we’ll find the famous Blue water cave. Despite the nearby muddy river, the water inside the cave is crystal clear. There is also a second cave but the path we have to take is harder and has small passages; hence, we will need a guide to explore the second cave. Please pay close attention to the orientation that the manning person is giving before starting the trek, since there is no signage on where to go along the way; there are parts of the Blue water cave where the currents are strong, therefore, follow the instructions given by the instructor for our safety

5. Nasuli Spring

 If Blue water cave is not enough for our body to be fully refreshed, fret not, this next Bukidnon tourist spot is not only famous for its spring’s cleanliness but also because of its very cold water, its name is Nasuli spring. Nasuli came from the Visayan word “Suli“ which means opposite, due to the springs’ flow of water from the bottom to top. With just an entrance fee of 30 Php, we can vent all our frustrations and stress in a 15 – 30 ft deep spring.

Here we can dip our beverages in the spring so we can enjoy them chilled. The spring provides a stress-free environment and is mostly surrounded by trees adding an immersion with nature. Locals also enjoy swimming here because it’s clean and icy-cold. The Nasuli spring is located at Malaybalay, Bukidnon where we can get there as fast as 20 mins while riding their “habal-habal”.

6. Lake Apo

 If you’re the type who just wants a calm and chill environment while getting refreshed under the sun, then you’ll need to spend your time to the pride of Valencia city. Just an hour ride of habal-habal and we will get to the famous lake of Valencia City – Lake Apo. Lake apo is the place to be where we can enjoy picnics and other recreational activities. The lake is around 24 hectares wide and has a depth of 26 meters below the surface and is also considered one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines.

The lake is being surrounded by hills, creating a serene ambiance for people who wants to relax. There is a lot of activities available such as fishing, horseback riding, and bamboo rafting. Jet-skiing, kayaking, and swimming are also available for people who want heart-pumping activities. For a cheap entrance fee, we can enjoy all-day activities and they also accommodate overnight stays for those who wish to extend their stay to maximize all the experience. The rough road on the way to Lake Apo is surely worth it for people who want tranquility and peace in this chaotic world.

7. Alalum falls

After seeing all the beautiful mountains, it is refreshing to see something majestic as the Alalum falls. The Alalum falls is one of the most visited places in Bukidnon. From the word “Alalum” which means in tagalog “malalim “or deep. It’s a majestic waterfall that is accessible to the public with a towering cascade at a height of 140 feet, Alalum falls is one of the highest falls around the province.

The falls is also easy to navigate because it is beside the Sayre highway along the boundary of Sumilao that’s why it attracts many tourists, and the entrance is free.

8. Kiokong White Rock Wall

 This activity is for adrenaline junkies and for people who are not afraid of heights. For people who want to take their Bukidnon adventure to different heights, visiting the Kiokong White Rock is a must tick on our checklist. Here we can try the extreme adventure called vertical bivouac where we would climb and camp on the wall’s ledge at 400 feet above the ground.

The fear and thrill are always present for the climbers but the guides are always there to help. The climb consists of 3 ledges where climbers would have to take short breaks before climbing the next one. The climb to the first ledge is where we will develop and practice techniques in climbing. The climb to the top will take hours, thus it will require extreme patience, endurance, and persistence. After the climb, we will get to rest on the wall’s ledge, where we will spend the night resting after a long tiring climb. The next day, we’ll wake up to an amazing view where we get to enjoy the sun with a cold breeze from the thick fog just below our feet. Surely this activity is not for the faint heart but the feeling after conquering our fears to get to the top is unmatched.

9. CEDAR falls

CEDAR stands for Center for Ecological Development and Recreation. It is a reforestation project found at Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. With just 20 Php of entrance fee, we’ll have access to 4 falls and a pool. Guests are welcomed with towering, large trees making the place cool and refreshing.

Unlike other falls, the four falls are not connected where falls are arranged where one falls fills the other, each fall has a different river source. Upon entering we’ll see the pool surrounded by large trees creating a nice and serene ambiance where people can relax and refresh. Visiting the falls would require guests to hike their way through each one of them. The 4 falls of CEDAR are named Gantungan falls, Dila falls, Makabayot falls, and Natigbasan falls. Visiting all four of them would make the most memorable hikes one can have.

10. Dahilayan Adventure Park

Lastly, our Bukidnon adventure is not complete without visiting the famous Dahilayan Adventure Park. Located in the town of Manolo fortich at the foot of Kitanglad Mountain Range. This Park is loaded with different activities ranging from chill to heart-pumping activities that are best spent with the whole family or gang.

Here they have what they call Roller zipline which they call “Phyton” where the zipline is made of thick metal which enables it to do twist and turns, adding thrill and excitement for the rider. There is also a Dual zipline an 820-meter-long line where we get to go down with a friend at the same time at 4500 ft from the ground with a drop of 100 meters.

We can also try some cardio exercises while doing a zipline with “Flying lizard” where we will ride a bicycle-like vehicle and pedal our way through the whole course. If we want a challenge, they also have “The Drop” at 120 ft this ride would make anyone scream. Similar to bungee jumping riders will do a freefall towards a manmade lake then swoop back and forth like a swing. This exhilarating ride is the Philippines’ first pendulum swing of its kind. There’s a lot of activities available in this park; therefore, they also cater hotel accommodations for people who want to try all activities. Another resort you can stay overnight at is Dahilayan Forest Park Resort after doing all these activities.

There’s much more Bukidnon has to offer that is not included in this list like the Kaamulan Nature Park and Mt. Kalatungan for its enchanting mossy forests. But clearly, Bukidnon is very rich, not only with their harvest, but also with nature, people, and culture. Those who want to visit Bukidnon can ride an airplane and land in Bukidnon’s nearest airport in Malaybalay city. If you are fascinated by Bukidnon and decided to settle down or wanted to own a place where you can visit and unwind from time to time. Bria Homes offers affordable, high-quality, and beautiful homes amidst a peaceful community. It has a 26 hectares project and is located at Brgy. Mailag, Valencia city, yes, the same city Lake Apo is located. It is the ideal community for homebuyers who wants to settle in Bukidnon.

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