Affordable House and Lot: Build, Build, Build Projects making Camarines Sur more Accessible to other parts of Luzon


Craving for some Bicol Express? Or maybe you’d want to try and experience the luscious forest full of foliage and flora of the Caramoan Islands? Looking for a quick getaway or maybe, looking for somewhere to move into far away from the city that will bring you closer to nature? You now have the chance to experience all these and more as I give you a quick tour around the biggest province in the Bicol Region and know more about the different Build, Build, Build Projects that will make Camarines Sur more accessible to the various parts of Luzon.

After the Spanish Colonists urged the division called Partido de Camarines, it was diveded into Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur which later on bacame know as the Ambos Camarines. Now Camarines Sur is the biggest among the other six provinces in the Bicol Region, whose capital is Pili. This place is full of surprises when it comes to pleasing tourists and locals, whether it may be a delicacy or a particular tourist attraction. That is why the National Government Included this region as a part of the “Build, Build, Build” Program, which aims to develop and create more infrastructures that will help the tourists in their travel and enhance their experience while visiting the province. Here are three projects that are included in the Build, Build, Build Program of the National Government

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1. Camsur Expressway

This will be a part of the National Highway in Camarines Sur that has a 15-kilometer long road from San Fernando to Pili that will connect the province to the other parts of Luzon, especially the northern part. Representative Villafuerte says that travel time will be cut into 9 hours, making Camarines Sur more accessible to everyone in Luzon. This will also aid and decongest the traffic during summer, especially during the ever-famous feast of the Our Lady of Penafrancia. This is a Christian Celebration that brings thousands of devotees all around the country just to see the image of the Penafrancia. Since we’re here, you might also want to go and explore the peak of Mount Isarog and see for yourself the beauty this province has to offer, including the hidden waterfalls and hot springs that will surely give you a relaxing experience while visiting the area. You might also want to go to the Plaza Quince Martires in Naga that honors the 15 Bicolanos that were executed after Jose Rizal. Exploring has never been this easier!

2. Pasacao-Balatan Tourism Coastal Highway

A 40.69-kilometer stretch expressway that will traverse the municipalities of Pasacao, Minalabac, San Fernando, Bula, and Balatan in Camarines Sur. This will also go through 15 barangays, namely: San Cirilo, Balogo, Bical, Gñaran, Pinamasagan, Cotmo, Bagolatao, San Antonio, Salingogon, Hamoraon, Itangon, Caorasan, Camanghan, Pararao, and Luluasan that will be a big help especially to the 8,000 motorists that are travelling every day in and out of the province. This project aims to promote ecotourism and boost the economy in the province, helping the local government units and locals to generate jobs, creating better living conditions. With this project, tourists will now have an easier way of getting to their destinations and cut travel time traversing the five municipalities, making Pasacao to Balatan a 2-hour drive!

3. Camsur-Albay Diversion Road 

The road-widening project that connects Camsur to Albay is ongoing and seeks to improve the everyday lives of travelers going in and out of the province. Rep. Villafuerte aims for a 4-lane road that will cater to more motorists and will decongest the main road from the region of Albay. This will result in much convenient and faster travel for both locals and tourists.

With these projects, Camarines Sur will not just be a place to visit, but also a good- if not perfect, a place to start your own family! Accessibility is one of the most essential aspects many of us look into while finding a new home. What better way to have your own House and Lot than having it with BRIA Homes Pili and Naga! They offer quality yet affordable houses and lots together with a safe and diverse community. They are complete with parks, clubhouses, and security that will surely make you feel safe and at home with BRIA Homes!

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There are a lot of upcoming projects in Camarines Sur that will be perfect for your future lives here! Real estate is also a good investment for anyone who wants to have a business in the Bicol Province. You can convert your property into an Airbnb, which is very famous nowadays as accommodation for everyone who wants to visit a particular tourist destination. 

Aside from the National Projects, the Camarines Sur Local Government will also be launching their Build, Build, Build Program in support of the ongoing projects. One of these projects is the “World-Class Capitol,” which is design by Carlos Arnaiz, an architect and urban design consultant. This will serve as a “Groundbreaking and unique” building and will instantly be a symbol of the province. Its roof design is an eco-friendly structure and is patterned from the famous local snack, which also happens to be the name of the capital, which is Pili. This native nut is most commonly found in the tropical countries of Southeast Asia, specifically in the Bicol Region in the Philippines, and was also dubbed as the “World’s hardest nut to crack.” Another project is the Expansion of the Naga Airport” in the town of Pili. This serves as the gateway for local and international tourists who want to experience the rich and abundant culture of Camarines Sur. The expansion will be a great opportunity and an avenue to cater to larger groups of tourists that will surely help the economy in the province. The “Modernization of the Philippine National Railways” is a part of the LGU’S effort to improve the infrastructures in the region. This aims to have a much effective and efficient way of travel from the other parts of Luzon thru the PNR. As of the moment, the line is under construction, but once it’s finished, they will have a daily trip from Tutuban station departing at 6:30 pm and arriving at Naga City the following morning at 4:30 am. 

Don’t forget to taste and experience the spicy food in the region as it is one of their pride and joy to the tourists. I also heard that they have their own version of spicy ice cream. Make sure to have a bite! If you are looking for an extra shot of adrenaline, make sure to visit the Camsur Water park because they have everything you need when it comes to extreme sports, fun, and relaxation. Explore the hidden waterfalls and see the breathtaking views of the mountains at Camarines Sur. As mentioned earlier, you might also want to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia for those wishing to have a spiritual time while enjoying the province.

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Camarines Sur is a very promising province that, when you leave, will make you want more. This is a place perfect not only for tourists but also for everyone who wants to start their new lives may it be for family or business reasons. All you have to do now is to add Camarines Sur to your next trip and let nature and mankind do their part. See you there!

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