Affordable House and Lot for Sale: 7 reasons why living in Camarines Sur is a good idea


Bicol Region comprises six beautiful and unique provinces and one of which is Camarines Sur the largest among provinces. Also known as CamSur, this place is rich in nature, history, and culture. Proudly, this has a lot to offer from tasty foods, beautiful places, and the best people everything you need is here. Here are the 7 reasons why living in Camarines Sur is a good idea. 


Affordable housing and inexpensive cost of living are two of the main reasons we consider when staying in a place. Camarines Sur is a low-maintenance place to live in but no far from Metro living we can feel and experience it all, too.

Aside from the fact that the province can offer affordable housing, the cost of living is also cheaper than in Manila. If you have a tight budget and your income just enough for your day-to-day expenses this is an alternative place to live in. Essential goods are lower in prices and transportation cost only a few coins. 

When looking for a place to live in CamSur, Bria Homes could be one of your options. Bria homes is one of the leading developers in the country, with more than 50 projects across the Philippines it is a trustworthy brand to invest in. Bria Homes helps the lack of housing in the country. Thus, with its expansion in every region, Bicol Region is one of its beneficiaries.

In line with the company’s vision – to create affordable and quality houses, Bria Homes expanded its service and will provide house and lots in Camarines Sur. Having three Bria projects that will cater the need in housing in the area and neighboring provinces: Bria Homes Pili, Bria Homes Iriga, and the soon to rise Bria Homes Naga. Strategically located, “malapit sa lahat” or near essential needs and establishments these three projects will be ready to serve the locals and home seekers. Therefore, it will secure a budget-friendly house.

Certainly, your family can live simple but with good living.


Bicolanos love food. In general, we have unique and delicious dishes. If you are a foodie you will surely love our world-famous cuisine. Since we are known to be coconut cream and chili lovers most of our dishes include these as main ingredients. This is also the reason why most of our well-known restaurants and hotels are offering these kinds of foods.

One of which is our famous Bicol Express made up of the following ingredients: shrimp paste, pork, seasoning and condiments, coconut milk, and chili. Another one, Pancit Bato is an easy-to-cook noodle dish well-known to be served at merienda time. You might want to add these home-cooked recipes to your specialty. 

It is important to eat healthy food especially in this time of the pandemic. We need to boost our immune system so that we can fight viruses and diseases and also live longer. Excitingly, you can get and serve different foods at your own home for your family.


One of the most wonderful reasons why living in Camarines Sur is a good idea is their jaw-dropping beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. Confidently, Camarines Sur is one of your top choices. From the Northern part of the province to its Southern part every municipality will show you amazing and relaxing spots. These are some of the world’s famous picturesque tourist destinations. 

CamSur Watersports Complex popularly known as CWC is one of the famous tourist spots worldwide. If you are an adventurous person this man-made spot is designed for wakeboarding, wake skating, and waterskiing. This is located at the Capital Town Pili where Bria Homes Pili is just a few minutes away. 

Gota Beach in Caramoan one of the municipalities in Camarines Sur which held as the venue of the Reality Show, Survivor. This is best describes with beautiful white fine sand and crystal clear water beach. 

Gota also has an astonishing view of nearby mountains. And this destination will bring you close to your home of choice Bria Homes. 

Famous Mount Isarog and Asog these two mountains have beautiful and breathtaking views. There are falls and hot springs that you can enjoy together with your family and friends. Not to mention Mount Asog is located at Iriga City and near Bria Homes Iriga.

Undeniably, CamSur is one of the best places you can be in. You can experience peaceful living and scenic beauty that you will never regret. Whether you are planning to find a primary home, retirement home, or just for investment this province will win your heart.


CamSur is naturally rich in culture and we have a lot of celebrations. Naga City is part of Camarines province it is well known as the Pilgrim City. There are many churches and historic places.

It is not a secret that Peñafrancia Festival celebrated every month of September is one of these. Attended by more than a million devotees, Peñafrancia Fiesta is a worldwide celebration of those who believe in Inang Peñafrancia. September is a busy month for the people in the province. It is a month-long celebration for the people in the area. From children to the teenagers and to the adult people have equal participation in the event. We are truly religious not just in words but by heart and deeds.

As we can see, we still have those cultures. We adopted it and continuously passed from one generation to another. Surely this will never be forgotten.


Transportation is one of the keys to the socio-economic growth of a certain place. It influences the travel of people and goods in a certain area. With the effort of the National Government continuously the progress in the region, in general, is inevitable. Projects like PNR Transportation, Quezon-Bicol Expressway, and the airport will greatly affect our living in a good way. 

Because of this dynamic transformation of the way of transportation everything you need will be within your reach. Aside from transportation many establishments and buildings are being built inside the province. This progress creates jobs and good opportunities for the locals. Evidently, this province is competent and a good place to reside.

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There are still trees on your way home. Unlike in the Metro area, the province still has fresh air to breathe. Communities have their indoor and outdoor plants, too. We still have mountains and abundant trees. Maybe this is the reason why living in Camarines Sur is a good idea. 

In the same way, we have lesser traffic congestion. There are fewer cars so you can ride in a more relax and slower phase. When you go to work or to a certain place you have enough time. You don’t worry much about you being late. It can cause lesser stress and you can still have bonding time with your loved ones. 

Bria Homes Communities allotted spaces for greeneries and trees. Plants are important in an area for us to breathe fresh air and have a healthy lifestyle. It is also important for us to have a lesser stressor like frequently waiting in traffic.


Warm, hospitable, friendly, and sweet are some of our characteristics. We are religious and nice people, too. You will always feel our friendly trait whenever we had celebrations and even on regular basis. We offer what we can and what is the best. This is a safe place to live in I can assure of that. 

Having that kind of people in our Bria community is something that we can be proud of. Imagine your neighbors being trustworthy individuals. We can live happily and less worrying. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons why living in Camarines Sur is a good idea. I can enumerate a hundred reasons but the best thing is always when you experience it on your own. So why not live in Camarines Sur and tell us your own experience. I am sure that you will agree with me.

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Written by Monika Nasol