BRIA Homes: 5 Reasons why Young Professionals Need to Invest in a House and Lot


Being a young professional is a tough challenge of independence and on how they will spend their money buying their wants and needs into their daily lives. Spending money on the essential things is what we know we need for the mean time, but how about investing in something that is worthy for the future? Here are 5 reasons why young professionals need to invest in a house.

Buying a new house at an early age is a different level of goal and a really good investment for every young professional who wanted to build their own family or living life on their own. Having that kind of investment will save a lot of time and money for building a future and creating a new start in life. Aside from that, the level of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that they have a house will be the fuel of motivation to grind more and work harder for their future. 

A personal goal is one of the key and stepping stone of being responsible and independent, it gives a lot of motivation to learn more in able to earn more. Having this kind of investment is a form of future security and preparation in life.

1. Future Secured

One of the main reasons why young professionals should invest in a house or in real estate in general is the security it provides. Real estate properties are proven to be one of the safest investment options we can have despite the ongoing pandemic.

It may look like an expense at first for some as we have to pay our amortizations, but money is like a bubble in our hands, it can vanish faster than we think. We spend it for our needs and wants, sometimes we don’t even notice that we’re running out of it. There are bills needed to be paid, we provide essential goods that we need in our daily lives but how about for tomorrow? Do we have enough money to build our future? Saving it in a house and lot can be worthy in the long run.

Being a young professional is a very crucial part of life because we are still in the learning process of handling money and make decisions with it. Just learn how to save money and use it for our future and use it to make investments. House and lot is one of the greatest investments at an early age.

Most of the people spending their money on rents that are close to the amount of having a monthly amortization in housing loan. The difference between is, on renting, the house itself is not yours after you pay on it while on the housing loan, it will be all yours after the contract.

2. Self-fulfillment

Having your own house has a big impact on self-satisfaction knowing that you have an owned property. Having our first owned house here in Cavite brought happiness to our family. Indeed, it is the best and the smartest decision to invest in real estate as it will assure our family that it will be our own and our HOME.

3. Good investment

In the Philippines, there are more people classified as renters than homeowners especially today, with an ongoing pandemic. This could be because of people losing jobs and getting laid of which resulted to them not having enough money to sustain their living expenses.

As a young professional, we should learn to realize the importance of why we need to invest in a house as early as now. Owning one entails establishing foundations and claiming an area as your own. Purchasing a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make.

When you consider purchasing a home, you will have a lot of questions. It’s crucial to think about how this decision will influence your budget and lifestyle. Once you own a home, you will be able to show that you are capable of achieving any significant goals and providing your family with the security and stability they require to move forward in life. A house is an asset that appreciates in value over time. As you pay your rent each month, the amount of debt you owe decreases, while the value of your home increases. This provides a better possibility for investments.

4. Fuel of motivation

Having the comfort of knowing that you have your own property, where you can be you, do what designs you prefer, and the safety and security of your future. Waking up in the morning having wholesome energy, go to work, and hustle for the next better days.

5. To make good memories

House is our home, it always contributes to our daily living and building good memories with loved ones. It may boost our morale and self-drive in order to push whatever goals we want because owning a new house represents a new beginning, the possibility to rebuild pleasant memories, and because it’s a wonderful thing to be able to buy your own home, it’s one of the most exciting things to cherish in life.

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