Explore Endless Opportunities in Visayas and Mindanao


The Philippines is known to be a country that is rich in culture and abundant with products and services to offer. There’s so much stuff to do in the country that you could possibly have something unique to do each day for an entire year. The Philippines is an archipelago that is consisted of three main islands, namely: the island of Luzon, the island group of Visayas, and the island of Mindanao. Luzon is where the capital of the country is situated that’s why most of the trade and central activities can be found here. The island had been, although unofficially, became the façade of the country when being introduced to tourists and guests from other countries and continents. Even though Luzon seems to have it all, the islands of Visayas and Mindanao offers a lot of opportunities too. Dotted with culturally rich and diverse cities, you can say there are thousands of opportunities in the cities of Visayas and Mindanao.

Opportunities in Visayas

The island group of Visayas is a hidden gem of the Philippines that throughout the years, is being discovered by more and more people at a fast rate. By having quickly developing cities that are competing in different fields with other well-known cities from other countries, the island group of Visayas is being quickly making itself remarkable and seen on the world map. The Visayas island group in the Philippines is located in the central part of the country and consists of provinces and major cities such as Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Mandaue, Tacloban, Lapu-Lapu, and more. The municipalities of Visayas are slowly rising as well and being recognized by the world such as Ormoc, Naga, Tagbilaran, and more. These cities are developing quickly and they’re not afraid to showcase everything they could offer.

1. Cebu

Cebu is dubbed the “Queen City of the South,” and Cebu really lives up to that name. Being one of the most prominent rising cities in the Philippines, Cebu city is becoming more and more popular with tourists as well as investors. The opportunities in Cebu are truly endless as there are so many infrastructures and institutions to support everybody’s lifestyle. Dotted with countless shopping malls, hotels, condominiums, resorts, and residential areas, Cebu presents itself as a dream escape from the bustling life of Metro Manila.

The best part about visiting and living in Cebus is how accessible it is from different places. People often call Cebu the heart of the Philippines because of its location, which is located at the center of the map of the country, but also because it connects every city in all directions like it’s a heart organ giving life to the other cities. This makes Cebu a prime destination for trade and business, as it is easily accessible to everyone, that’s why the city is also a favourite choice of foreign investors. Finding the right path for you and your career is important to start at a strategic place. Of course, you can always start anywhere you desire but starting at the right place is a great advantage. Cebu is also a business hub with lots of commercial and residential establishments continuously rising in the city.

2. Ormoc

One of the rising cities in Visayas is the city of Ormoc in Leyte. Known for its colourful and eventful festivals such as the “Pinya Festival”, Ormoc City is favourite tourist destination in the Philippines. It is an independent component city of Leyte and is the second-most-populous city in the province. The name Ormoc was derived from “ogmok” which is a Visayan term that means “lowland.” Ormoc is considered a port city and is traversed by several rivers that contribute to the city’s identity in transportation, trade, and tourism.

Ormoc City is rich in culture and a center of economic growth, education, and proper transportation. With Ormoc’s massive agricultural sector, the city is one of the leading producers of pineapples, rice, sugar canes, and more.

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3. Dumaguete

Dumaguete City is the most populous city in the province of Negros Oriental and also its capital city. Popularly known as the “City of Gentle People,” Dumaguete City is home to the friendliest people in the country. The entire city is rich in culture and it is well celebrated by the residents and joined by tourists worldwide. People would say that living in Dumaguete City is like finding your safe haven from busy and urban life as life in Dumaguete is peaceful and calm. As Dumaguete is a coastal city, there are a lot of opportunities by the seaside.

Dumaguete City is also a university town with over 30,000 students studying and living in the city and it is also abundant in colleges and universities such as Siliman University and the Negros Oriental State University. Besides being a university tow, Dumaguete is also dotted with numerous tourist attractions like beach resorts and the famous 780-meter strip of a scenic beachside walkway called the Rizal Boulevard.

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4. Calbayog 

Calbayog City is considered a first-class component city in the wonderful province of Samar. The city is one of the centers of commercial trade in the Philippines. Calbayog City is also very accessible from the country’s capital so if you wish to book a visit to Calbayog City, entering and exiting the area wouldn’t be something you would worry about. The City of Waterfalls is the official nickname of Calbayog City as it boasts countless magnificent waterfalls but it also boasts several black sand beaches, hot springs, and interesting caves.

There are a lot of opportunities when working or living in the city of Calbayog. The city is full of commercial establishments and institutions so starting a business in Calbayog is a wonderful idea. Calbayog city has numerous universities and colleges such as the Northwest Samar State University, Christ the King College, Samar College of Science and Technology, the Asia College of Samar, and more.

Calbayog is rich in tourist attractions which means there are tons of things to do in the city; there are always exciting activities to do and interesting attractions to discover. As the city is known for its waterfalls, of course, they would be the main attractions. In the city, you’d find the Bangon-Bugtong Falls, the Tabokno Falls, the Tarangbang Falls, and more.

A lot of people, both local and foreign, are starting to invest in Calbayog city as all the things that Calbayog is offering are very promising. Not only the city is a good place for investment, but it is also a perfect place for permanent residence.

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Opportunities in Mindanao

Mindanao is the southernmost major island and the second largest island of the Philippine archipelago. The island is filled with the most vibrant and richest cultures in the country. An island of pure getaway and peacefulness, contrary to popular belief. The island of Mindanao is a center of diversity and unified differences, with different languages and dialects such as Bisaya, Hiligaynon, Tausug, Chavacano, and more. With its rural features, the island of Mindanao is also rich in natural produces and natural tourist attractions. Mindanao is known for being the major breadbasket of the Philippines considering that it provides eight of the ten agri-commodities that are exported from the country.

The island of Mindanao is divided into six administrative regions namely the Northern Mindanao, the Davao Region, Caraga Region, Soccsksargen, the Zamboanga Peninsula, and the autonomous region of Bangsomoro. Mindanao consists of rising and growing cities that are competing on an international level in terms of safety, cultural value, and economic growth. These provinces and cities such as Bukidnon, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Misamis Oriental, North Cotabato, and South Cotabato are filled with endless opportunities that are inviting tons of visitors and investors from all around the world.

1. Bukidnon

Bukidnon consecutively ranked fifth in the list of the wealthiest provinces in the Philippines in the recent years and that says a lot about how the province is rapidly rising and keeping it consistent. Opportunities in the cities of Bukidnon are multiplying and spreading. Bukidnon is making itself known to investors from different places both local and foreign. Bukidnon doesn’t lack in attractions and magnificent sceneries such as the Mt. Dulang-Dulang, which is the second highest mountain in the Philippines and is considered a sacred place that bestows guidance to mountaineers and travelers who politely asks for it. Bukidnon is also rich in natural produces such as pineapples. There is a pineapple plantation near the city center, Manolo Fortich, a first-class classified municipality in Bukidnon. The best part and one of the reasons why people from different places are flocking Bukidnon is because of its generally cool climate that is both refreshing and essential in growing crops.

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2. Davao Region

The third most populated city in the Philippines is the city of Davao. The city is one of the leading cities in the country with its interesting programs on safety and maintenance. Rich in historical sites and institutions, the city is well-equipped to become one of the façades of the Philippines. In the recent years, the city of Davao is garnering positive attention from all around the globe and is attracting a lot of businesses, tourists, and foreign investors. With its reputation of being one of the safest cities not only in the Philippines, but in the entire world, Davao city is attracting people to invest and reside in it.

Davao City is an example of a complete city. Everything you need is already in the area, from natural products, tourist attractions, and essential infrastructures, to a stable economy and effective implementation of ordinances and laws that focuses on the safety and well-being of the city’s residents and tourists. Davao City is full of opportunities to give in a lot of fields.

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3. Balingasag, Misamis Oriental

Balingasag City is a fast-growing and progressive city with an impressive economy. The city of Balingsag showcases its own set of tourist destinations such as the Del Carmen Beach Resort. Balingasag is also known for the Balingasag Thermal Plant which is a 165MV power plant that is a leading supplier of energy for Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company Inc. With the construction of other massive infrastructures such as the Balingasag Food Terminal, the city is opening a lot of employment and investing opportunities to people who wish to consider Balingasag as their place of choice for starting a business or a living.

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4. Kidapawan

The City of Kidapawan is situated at the foot of Mount Apo and is a popular destination for mountain climbers, especially from October to December and when the days are fair and fine such as during summer. The City of Kidapawan is considered as a third-class component city in the province of Cotabato and is rich in historical value and cultural identity. With the city being bounded by other cities such as General Santos, Davao City, and Cagayan de Oro, Kidapawan is a center of transportation and serves as a connector that holds the island together.

The City of Kidapawan doesn’t lack in tourist attractions and activities to offer besides the iconic Mount Apo and its impressive height that attracts mountain climbers from all around the world. The Timpupo Festival is an annual celebration of abundance in the harvest in Kidapawan, residents showcase their bountiful harvests and the streets are filled with vibrant colours and mile-long displays of the most delicious meals and fruits.

With the efforts made by the local government, the city of Kidapawan is rapidly becoming one of the prime places for investments in the Philippines. Opportunities are sprouting and different types of businesses are starting to scatter in the city which boosts its economy and tourism. Kidapawan aims to become one of the leading trade cities in the Philippines while maintaining its identity of being a place of agriculture, rich culture, and ambition.

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Written by Rashid Mansan