Ormoc The Economic Hub of Leyte

Ormoc City, a first class municipality in Leyte, is the second most populous city in the province. It is considered as the economic, educational, transportation, and cultural hub of western Leyte.

Ormoc as an Economic Hub

Ormoc Economic Hub

Ormoc City has a huge agricultural sector that supplies some of the province’s produce such as, sugar cane, rice, and pineapple.

The city also provides a large sector of the country’s power supply through the abundance of its geothermal resources in Malitbog Station, the largest geothermal plant in Southeast Asia. It is also the gateway to the Leyte Industrial Development Estate.

Ormoc as an Educational Hub

A College in Ormoc

Ormoc City is western Leyte’s educational hub because of the wide-array of educational institutions students from the area could choose from, be it private or public. One of Ormoc’s famous colleges is that of , a private non-sectorian college.The city also has a school for the Chinese – Ormoc Se San School.

Ormoc as a Transportation Hub

Transportation Hubs in Ormoc

Ormoc City has accessible transportation via land, air, and sea. The Port of Ormoc serves as the seaport of the city. The Ormoc airport serves as the city’s air transportation and buses all over the city serve as its main mode of transportation via land.

Ormoc as a Cultural Hub

Fiesta in Ormoc

Ormoc City is famous for its colorful and fun-filled festivals. One of its most famous festival is, a festival celebrated every August to honor bees. Colorful costumes are worn by residents and dance competitions wherein participants imitate the bees’ movement are held.

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