Tips to Achieve a Good Work-Life Balance this 2022


With a new year comes an opportunity for a fresh start. This means that while we’re still in the early months of 2022, we should take the time to refocus and recenter our professional and personal goals as early as now. After all, feng shui experts believe that the year of the Tiger is a chance for everyone to unravel themselves to achieve their full potential. However, the question is: how can one effectively reach success in one’s professional and personal life? The answer is simple – achieve and maintain a good work-life balance.

What is work-life balance and what makes it important?

Work-life balance is a concept applicable for employees who wish to achieve the ideal situation of effectively managing one’s efforts and time towards his or her professional and personal life. Despite the easing and lifting of COVID-19 restrictions to Alert Level 1 in some parts of the country, it is without a doubt that the implications of previous COVID-19 risk mitigation precautions have taken a toll on everyone’s way of balancing work and personal life.

The importance of having a good work-life balance equates to less stress, fewer incidents of burnouts, and can bring out more focus at work, so, this article is particularly dedicated to people looking out for ways how to achieve a good work-life balance this year. Here are a few useful tips:

1. Set specific goals, define priorities

Wanting to achieve something successfully means that there has to be a set of goals to be followed. Setting goals, especially specific ones, can help us to focus on our work and attain significant progress at a definite timeline and in turn, save our future selves from constant worrying and stress. Without setting and putting into mind one’s goals, it would be hard to find joy and purpose in our work. Remember, in setting your goals at work and for your overall career growth, always apply the SMART rule: it has to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely defined. In this way, you get to help yourself in the future by not having something to worry about and having more time to enjoy your personal life.

However, keep in mind that these goals should not just be a one-time thing. One should set goals in a way that achieving them someday would bear another goal in order to bring some improvement in one’s well-being, personality, and overall life. With that, it is important that once you have set your goals, it should always be followed by setting your priorities to help you not to get off track. Once you have established what you want to achieve and you become firm on what your priorities are, you are training your mind to become a goal-oriented person – a trait that will help you go a long way at work and at life.

2. Build boundaries

A good work-life balance is all about equally managing your time and effort when it comes to your professional and personal lives and this tip – building boundaries – is usually the most known way of having exactly just that. However, as we all know, some things are just easier said than done. When it comes to our careers, we all want to see ourselves grow, impress our superiors, or earn that promotion we’ve been working so hard for. With that, sometimes we compromise our health and personal relationships just to attain our career goals and so we overwork.

While we do achieve our career goals after pushing ourselves to the limit may give us a sense of fulfillment, we should remember that this feeling can be short-lived and this is actually costing us our mental health and overall well-being. This should not be the case at all. To start and help you build your boundaries between work and your personal life, try to set a work-life balance schedule, and having your daily to-do list saves you from a day filled with stressors.

Apart from this, you could also start indulging yourself with some new hobbies to help you have something to look forward to at the end of the day and give yourself the motivation to stop overworking. If you don’t have one yet, you can start by having or taking your hobbies at home.

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3. Exercise

In relation to building your boundaries, dedicating time off to prioritize your physical health is truly beneficial to your mental health. With that, it is important to have your daily or weekly exercise routine to help ease your mind and well-being. For starters, you can always begin with a simple home exercise to not put your body into a shock if you are just starting on exercising. Once you have conditioned your mind and body, you can upscale your home exercise by investing in simple gym equipment you can use at home.

However, if you feel like going out of your home to feel even more productive when you exercise, you can always try to do a short morning or afternoon run outdoors and enjoy that fresh breeze. This is one of the many things that homeowners at Bria Homes enjoy as their affordable house and lot packages provide a holistic and pleasant atmosphere in their communities by having open spaces such as basketball courts and the like.

Keep in mind that workouts should not take all your energy, you can only allot a certain intensity in order not to force your body. By including a workout plan in your daily or weekly activities, you are helping your mind and body to catch a break from a day filled with lots of sitting in front of a screen and you are giving your body the right movement it needs to prevent any joint pain from happening.

4. Invest in your workspace

Working in an unpleasant environment can be tough, especially if your work requires your undivided attention and focus. Having clutter all over your desk or at home limits your ability to work efficiently. This is why staying organized and up-to-date with your work essentials is important as it keeps you motivated with your work. By investing in a conducive working space at home or at your office, you are equipping yourself with the right tools to produce quality and efficient work. In turn, having the right work from home or work in the office essentials saves you from dedicating more time to produce an output. 

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5. Schedule a breather

When everything feels tough and your hobbies and boundaries are just not enough to be in that right headspace and get you back at your eager feet to start your work again, it is important to schedule and take a breather to help you relax and unwind. Having a quick getaway or just going out to clear your mind can really give you time to think about ways to improve your work or more time to spend with your loved ones or do what you love. Either way, giving yourself a break helps your mind to clear off things that can cloud your judgment at work. Once you get back from that well-deserved break, you’ll be able to return to the job you love with a clear mind and your restored energy to accomplish your work.

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In all honesty, achieving a good work-life balance can really be a difficult thing – especially if you’re a workaholic or planning to have a work-life balance routine. Nonetheless, remember that overworking will only cost you the quality of work you produce. Keep in mind that in order for you to achieve a good work-life balance you must learn how to look after your health and your environment. At the end of the day, what helps us to have a better outlet to think and relax is a home that is holistic and pleasant and a community that is safe and promotes green living – aspects in which Bria Homes takes great pride.

Written by Jacqueline Buenaventura