Fun Activities You Can Enjoy in Every Bria Condo

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Summer is approaching! It’s the time of the year for nature-tripping, leisure activities, or simply breaking away from the daily work routines. But for some who can’t take a few days off or leave, vacation is not an option. The good news is, there are many activities to do and ways to bring summer spirit to your Bria condo. All it takes is a little creativity, and maximizing the use of your Bria condo amenities.

Here are budget-friendly summer condo activities that you, your friends, and your family can enjoy.

1. Swimming

Every Bria Condo has amazing amenities which also meant a ton of activities within the vicinity. One of them is a swimming pool you can enjoy on a hot summer day. A lot of residents use swimming pools each day, which gives you many opportunities to interact and connect with new people. 

2. Stargazing 

During most of March, the planets Venus and Mars will be shining together in the southeastern sky before dawn — making a terrific photo opportunity. It’s also a romantic way to stargaze with your special someone on your condo’s rooftop or on your own balcony with a wine and cheese platter.  

3. Slumber party

Have you seen your friends since the pandemic? Are you scared of going out for Dinner or Coffee? Why not invite them overnight! Prepare some good food, games, and drinks. And lots of pillows!   

4. Picnic with a view

For Bria condo owners. You can add furniture on your balcony and enjoy your day eating your favorite snack on your balcony? Just sit down and enjoy the view. 

5. Home-based summer job

There are advantages to working on a home-based job. If you are living independently. You can set up a Functional and your choice of workspace. Minimize Distractions. Less time on the road. Greater productivity. No more crowds and Traffic. 

6. Late-night movie

Whether you choose a classic or the latest blockbuster movie, watching a movie is a great way to spend some quality time with the ones you love. You can use a projector for a bigger screen or your smart Tv. 

7. Book reading 

There’s a space in your condo where you can sit down and read books with a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy. Take time out from social media and find a place in your condo lounge where you can enjoy your favorite book.

8. Sports

Bria condo offers a wide range of fitness game plans while living in the city. You can use the sports facilities in your amenities area. 

9. Gym

Every condo has its own gym equipment. Why Not start your year 2022 with a healthy lifestyle? It will improve your mood, control weight, and combats health conditions and diseases. 

10. Walking

Path walks along your Bria condo can be a good place for exercise too. A daily morning condo walk can maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat.

11. Biking

Another effective exercise is biking, which can be done along your Bria condo streets. It builds strength, muscle tone, and stamina; and it also reduces stress and improves heart health.

12. Home improvement

In case you’re considering a change in furniture or wall color, summer is a good time to work on these home improvements since paint and washed textiles can dry more easily. Summer condo ideas, such as changing wall colors into brighter colors, will bring the summer spirit into your home. Add some ornaments or furniture to add more details to your space.  

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13. Indoor plants

If you can’t take a few days off for nature-tripping, why not take nature into your home right? Since the pandemic, Many became Plantito/Plantita to cope with the stress of lockdown. Start planting some indoor plants that can filter the indoor air while providing a cool and relaxing atmosphere in your space. 

14. Host a Dinner with friends

Are you planning some catch-up time with friends? You can throw a casual and chic dinner party in your Bria Condo. Serve some food buffet style. Hosting your very own dinner condo party can be daunting no matter what size your space is. But creating a memorable night in with friends—just hanging, laughing, and sipping—is what makes it all worth it.

Aside from trying these fun activities in your condo, you may also want to learn more about real estate investing. Check out the various ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects of Villar-owned developer, Bria Homes, Inc. 

Here’s a list and details of Bria Condo Projects:

Bria Condo Calamba located at Brgy. Bañadero in Laguna.

  • Pre-selling 
  • 2 Hectare-development 
  • Modern Minimalist Architecture
  • Walk-up Type (4 Floors)
  • 11 Buildings / 80 Units per building /
  • 880 units / 20 units per floor
  • On-ground parking
  • 1:4 Parking Ratio
  • 237 Parking Slots

Bria Condo General Trias located at Brgy. San Francisco, General Trias. 

  • Pre-selling
  • 2 Hectare-development 
  • Modern Minimalist Architecture
  • Walk-up Type (4 Floors)
  • 11 Buildings / 80 Units per building /
  • 880 units / 20 units per floor
  • On-ground parking
  • 1:4 Parking Ratio
  • 237 Parking Slots

Bria Condo CDO located at Dandelion St. Brgy. Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City

  • Ready for occupancy
  • 1 Hectare-development
  • Modern Minimalist Architecture
  • Walk-up Type (4 Floors)
  • 7 Buildings / 80 Units per building /
  • 560 units / 20 units per floor
  • On-ground parking
  • 8:1/10:1 Parking Ratio
  • 85 Parking Slots

Bria Condo Amenities: 

  • 16M Grand Entrance
  • Clubhouse – Our Clubhouse with Gym, Admin Office and Shower Area on the Ground Floor; Function Hall on the 2nd Floor.
  • Gym 
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool 

Why you? A Millennial should start investing now a Bria Condo. 

  1. Flexible Living – A smaller space provides more freedom for millennials who want to spend time traveling or enjoying their city instead of constantly working on home improvement.
  2. More Affordable Than Single-Family Houses – In big cities, a condo is much more affordable than houses, making it a less intimidating buy for first-time homeowners. In some cities, owning a condo is often cheaper than renting or buying a townhouse.
  3. Great Sense of Community – Condo communities usually host fun events for homeowners.
  4. Proximity to Entertainment & Business Districts – One major advantage of condo living is that condo buildings are strategically found in or around downtown areas. This means living within walking distance of employers, restaurants and bars, public transit, major attractions, tons of events and etc. 
  5. Top-Notch Amenities – You don’t have to live in a luxury condo to enjoy nice amenities. Most condos have a pool, rooftop terraces, or a fitness center, which you can use without worrying about the upkeep. 
  6. Covered Maintenance – Condos offer residents the opportunity to embrace homeownership without the hassle of yard work, snow shoveling, or home repairs. 
  7. Good Security – Most condo buildings have secure entrances and surveillance cameras, and some even have security guards or doormen who keep an eye on the property. This is especially great for those who are independent. 

If you want to avail affordable condominium for sale. Bria offers 360 virtual tripping available at Buyers, OFWs, and Millennials may inquire online through Bria Official Facebook page. You can avail rent-to-own condominium thru a bank housing loan. 

Bria Homes, Inc. is one of the leading housing developers in the Philippines, BRIA Homes is primed to bring affordable house-and-lot packages and condominium units closer to ordinary Filipino families.

Written by Paul Philip Cui