Laguna: The Next Residential Hub?


Laguna, the province nearest Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines and just southeast of Metro Manila is known as one of the fastest developing provinces in the country. In due time, Laguna will become a residential hub.

Perhaps, as of now, Metro Manila is still the place majority wants to be. After all, it is the National Capital Region with everything to cater to one’s livelihood scattered around the metropolis.

Obviously the most urbanized part of the Philippines, all the biggest universities and corporations are located in Metro Manila. Moreover, Mass transportation is also largely developed here. Hence, it is unsurprising if majority want to “make it big” in the city.

Unfortunately, the ideal place of living comes with a huge cost. In Metro Manila, land and property reach exorbitant rates. These reach enormous peaks in high-density areas like Makati, Ortigas, and Bonifacio Global City.

Also, since many people want to live in Metro Manila, the region has become overpopulated.

On a different note, you might be the type of person who cannot put up with Metro Manila’s cost of living and population traffic. Or, you might simply had enough of the high-paced hustle and bustle guaranteed in living in NCR.

Of course, the only alternative to living outside the city is to move to the suburban province. However, the alternative is not so far away from Metro Manila.

Here are some reasons why Laguna will become the next ideal residential hub, a prime location for real estate and affordable house and lot.

1. Accessibility

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, Laguna is just southeast of Metro Manila. Because of the convenience provided by the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), a drive from Laguna and Metro Manila will take two hours maximum. Less traffic means faster travel time.

If you plan commuting to Metro Manila and back to Laguna, many buses will accommodate you at reasonable prices.

Due to the proximity of Laguna to the city, one can easily return to Metro Manila.

2. Low population density

Laguna is home to some 3 million Filipinos. What is a big number is easily accommodated by 1,917.85 km2 (740.49 sq mi) of total land area.

Another thing mentioned above is the problem of overpopulation in Metro Manila. However, in Laguna, you will notice that Laguna is nowhere near as jam-packed as Metro Manila. Laguna residents have a lot of space to themselves and you can observe that you do not feel suffocated going around Laguna.

Another factor to add with having a low population density is having a low car density as well. Less people mean less cars which leads to no traffic jam. Something practically mundane in Metro Manila.

3. Convenience

Living here will be convenient because there are many commercial establishments who are a few minutes away. Since Laguna is rapidly developing, large corporations are looking to capitalize on this development.

Laguna is home to numerous upscale malls that have grocery stores inside them. You may notice establishments from Metro Manila that have branched out to Laguna.

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4. Economic development

As a region, CALABARZON (Region IV-A) contributes to 14.5 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). From 2017 to 2019, the region’s economy grew 6.5 percent. And Laguna’s development is a driving factor to the region’s economic success.

Laguna is known for its high industrial development. Popular conglomerates like Coca-Cola and Toyota are located inside the province. Because of high industrialization, the country has increased the establishment of infrastructures in Laguna.

While this alone is enough to boost the local economy, real estate experts have cited the increase in industrialization is positively correlated to increase in residential development.

Due to the increase of companies moving to Laguna, the demand of living in Laguna is increased. Therefore, to take advantage of this demand, real estate developers are focusing their attention on Laguna in becoming a residential hub.

5. Job opportunities

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority recognizes Laguna as home to 21 economic zones. Being an economic zone means that job opportunities are substantially higher in these locations.

Among these economic zones, Laguna Technopark located in Binan and Santa Rosa, may be the hottest economic zones because this techno park houses multiple corporations. So, most of Laguna’s workers are located here.

This is another reason why housing is increasing in demand in Laguna, and it will eventually become a residential hub.  

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6. Tourism sector

Laguna’s tourism sector is a consistent and reliable contributor to the local economy.

Known as the “Resort Capital of the Philippines,” Laguna’s beauty prides on the beaches scattered around the province and the luscious greeneries all over Laguna. And as a business opportunity, it is good business to have resorts near the beaches or overlooking the trees and forests of Laguna.

When it comes to more specific locations for sightseeing, maybe the most popular are Pagsanjan Falls, one of the most popular waterfalls in the Philippines and Enchanted Kingdom, probably the most popular theme park in the Philippines.

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7. Rich history

Laguna is home to rich history as so many historical events occurred here.

Most notably, Laguna is the home province of Philippine National Hero José P. Rizal who was born in Calamba, a first class city in Laguna.

From then on, Laguna experienced a revolution as one of the provinces that revolted against the Spanish ruling. During the early stages of the Philippine-American war, Generals Juan Cailles and Paciano Rizal, José Rizal’s older brother, led the defense of Laguna against the Americans. Then, during World War II, Laguna was the center of Philippine resistance.

One of the few remnants of history is José Rizal’s home and the Rizal Shrine.

As a resident of Laguna, it makes one prideful of your place of residency knowing many historical events happened in your home province.

8. Environment-friendly

Laguna cities have many approaches to being environmentally conscious.

One, some municipalities ban single-use plastic entirely. Two, the streets are always kept rubbish-free. These two reasons alone help Laguna cities look so clean, green, and presentable.

With this environmental approach and mindset yields beneficial consequences.

While the lack of cars can be the reason for this, South cities are less polluted. To add further, Laguna is relatively flood-free.

Perhaps something Metro Manila and other cities can take not of is that environmental approaches to city planning will lead to positive results.

9. Real estate opportunity

The prime reason Laguna will become a residential hub is the future is the projected growth of land due to the number of people looking to start a life here in Laguna.

From the reasons listed above, many people are looking to move to Laguna to work and live there. Companies are also looking to move to Laguna. Experts are predicting Laguna to experience a real estate boom; land and property will incrementally appreciate.

That stated, if you are looking to move to the South, the time is now while prices are still relatively low. Making the investment as early as now will bring you vast returns.

Before everyone looks to move to Laguna, secure your position now. Browse through Bria Homes‘ properties to find an affordable house and lot which should be easy to find in Laguna.

Written by Cholo Hermoso