Bria House and Lot: 5 Activities You Shouldn’t Miss When Travelling to South Luzon

Traveler go-to in south luzon

As restrictions ease up, more and more travelers flock to popular tourist destinations. If you’re looking for an idea where and what to do, here are 5 traveler go-to’s in South Luzon that you shouldn’t miss.

The Philippine government declared on January 30, 2022, that the COVID-19 curb to level 2 restrictions will be placed for Metro Manila and the neighboring provinces. Wherein, the restriction for this level are as follows: Intrazonal and interzonal travel shall be more relaxed; Several businesses and activities are permitted at 50% capacity indoors for fully vaccinated people and those below 18 years of age, even if unvaccinated; and 70% capacity for outdoors.

In addition, looking forward to the impending holidays and this month’s long weekend (February 25-27). February is celebrated not just as the month of love, but also as National Arts Month and several festivals, such as the Mahaguyong Festival in Batangas. It is often assumed that you should spend this month celebrating in Southern Luzon, where there are several picturesque natural sceneries and the travel time from Manila is not too long.

If you are planning to spend these breaks to the southern portion of the island of Luzon with your family and friends. Then, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some traveler go-to activities to not miss if you’re planning to visit in South Luzon:

1. Pamper through Laguna’s Hot Springs.

Laguna isn’t renowned as the “Philippine Hot Spring Capital” for nothing. As it is known to be a traveler’s go-to in the south for relaxation where you can plunge in a tropical rainforest with natural thermal pools (hot springs). Imagine yourself spending your weekend in the midst of lush vegetations, nibbling on Filipino food and, absorbing any natural minerals available. Some of these hot springs are Hidden Valley Springs in CalauanBato Spring Resort in San PabloThe Cliff House Laguna in Los BañosCasa Tropica in Calamba; and more.

Are you planning a relaxing weekend in Laguna? Learn how to uniquely enjoy it here: Enjoy Unique Vacation Experience In Calamba City, Laguna 

2. Bring Back and Create Memories in Cavite

Cavite is full of historical landmarks, so visiting there always seems like a trip back in time. It is well knowledge that late President Emilio Aguinaldo was born in Kawit, Cavite. His residence has been declared as a national shrine, and it is now a museum frequented among students. Furthermore, Corregidor Island is a must-see destination since it is one of the Philippines’ historically significant islands, having played a key role in achieving liberation from Japanese domination during World War II.

If you wish to commemorate our independence by visiting historic places in Cavite, here is a guide: Kawit, Cavite: A Trip to the Birthplace of Philippine Independence Day

As we build memories with our family and friends, it is important to remember to take pictures so that we may look back on them in the future. In addition to historical sites, Cavite has a plethora of beautiful locations to visit: if you want to experience Korea, there is the Korean Temple in Silang; if you want a natural outdoor aspect for your photos, there is Buhay Forest in MagallanesMt. Marami in MaragondonYuki’s Farm in Mendez, and Mt. Pico de Loro—which is linked with the country’s longest underground highway Kaybiang Tunnel. Finally, taking your children to Sky Ranch Tagaytay for a ride-all-you-can is a great opportunity to create memories with them.

3. Scuba Dive in Batangas

Anilao, Batangas, commonly known as the “Nudibranch Capital of the Philippines,” is a popular scuba go-to for diving enthusiast travelers in the south. Anilao is a 2–3-hour drive from Manila and has a variety of scuba diving places and dive styles to select from. Residents are taking the appropriate care to protect the environment. Fishing is restricted, and marine treasures are intensely scrutinized. Travelers who are beginners to scuba diving are immensely welcome since locals and experts are well-equipped to meet your scuba diving needs. Furthermore, there are numerous exotic aquatic animals to be discovered, one of which is the well-known Nudibranch, a sea slug described as a shell-less marine mollusk.’ Some of the renowned diving centers in Anilao, Batangas are: Aiyanar BeachLipo PinnacleCathedral Rock/3’s CuevasBlue Ribbon DiversEagle Point Beach, and Anilao Beach Club House Reef

Did you know that? Bull sharks were historically spotted in Taal Lake’s freshwater, which you can read about here: Little-Known Facts You Should Know About Batangas

4. Appreciate Art in Rizal Province 

Do you want to discover your inner art self? February is celebrated as the ‘National Arts Month’ which had been signed into Presidential Proclamation 683 in 1991. Its purpose is for the country to celebrate arts in expressing emotions, manifesting creativity, and embracing culture. 

With this year’s theme, “Sinning ng Pag-asa” (Art of Hope), immerse yourself in a diverse range of art in the province of Rizal, the “Cradle of Philippine Art.” Rizal is undoubtedly a traveler’s go-to in the south as it is one of the nearest provinces from Manila and is surely rich in mountainous and enchanting sceneries. Connecting with our ancestors through pre-historic Philippine art, the Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs’ ancient carvings on the rocks have been preserved as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines. Also, a must-see destination is the Masungi Georeserve, which is managed by concerned citizens to promote a sustainable environment that people may enjoy. If you wish to explore more about the Spanish Colonial Arts, Bahay na Bato (House of Rock) beside St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church shows architectural designs from that period. Also, the Calinawan Cave is recognized for its spectacular natural rock structure and is believed to be the hiding ground of the Katipuneros during Spanish rule. Finally, for contemporary arts, the Pinto Art Museum and the Blanco Family Art Museum might inspire you to love and manifest your artistic self.

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5. Surf in Quezon Province

Real, Quezon has been a well-known traveler go-to in the south for surfing spots. The province is the nearest surfing destination in Manila with an approximate 3-4 hours travel time. The coastal municipality of Real Quezon is constantly building several surfing resorts for tourists. Some of these include Pacific Recreation KampReal Surf PH, and The Park Surfing Camp

Some things to consider when planning your trip

While our government takes every effort to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, it is critical to first verify the area’s boundaries to discover whether there are age limitations and whether leisure travel is permitted. Official websites and social media profiles are meant to provide information on updates, such as new operating hours and fees. It is also essential to remember to follow every protocol implemented, have your vaccination cards with you, and be cautious in crowded places whenever you travel. Vacationing will be more pleasurable if you and your loved ones are in good health.


If you want to be a member of the healthy communities stated above, a weekend will not enough. Investing in real estate in these areas is simpler than you would imagine. Owning a house and a lot in these locations is a dream come true. You will not only be able to avoid the hustle and bustle, but you will also be a lot closer to stress-relieving activities.

Bria Homes, a company that aspires to provide affordable housing for all Filipinos, has made it available in South Luzon.

Despite the pandemic, this region is projected to have a strong economic outlook. As there are several ongoing ‘Build, build, build’ projects that can give accessibility in these provinces. Which can also respond to the community’s wants and needs such as marketplace, hospitals, schools, and more.

Consult with our courteous team if you want to know more details on investing with Bria Homes in South Luzon.

Written by Vincent Sanchez