Little-Known Facts You Should Know About Batangas

Facts about batangas

Have you ever tried to visit the delightful province of Batangas? Batangas province has been a go-to tourist spot among visitors from Metro Manila. Due to its close proximity from the capital which is just a two to three-hour drive, Batangas offers breathtaking views of batangas mountains located southeast and some of the most popular tourist destinations. It can pass as the “Summer Playground of the Philippines” since many are visiting here during summer due to numerous diving spots and resorts. Hikers also love to visit Batangas for its mountains provide an astounding view that can really take your breath away. But how much do you know about this astonishing region? From San Jose, San Juan, and San Nicolas, we’ve listed some facts about Batangas you may want to know about!

Here we listed eight of the little-known facts about Batangas. 

1. Center of Marine Shore Fish Biodiversity

First fact you should know about Batangas is that the province is a center of Marine Shore Fish Biodiversity. Have you heard about the Coral Triangle? It is a marine area in the Pacific Ocean where thriving numbers of corals, turtles, and reef fishes inhabit. Coral Triangle is constituted by Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Solomon Islands, south china sea, and the Philippines waters. Among this wide marine paradise, the richest region is found to be in Verde Island Passage of Batangas. This passage separates the islands of Luzon and Mindoro. Below the passing ferries are the flourishing coral reefs and other endangered wildlife species that are found to be abundant in this area. 

2. First Stop-Over by Spaniards

Batangas is known as the the “Heart of the Tagalog Language” but do you still remember Miguel Lopez de Legaspi during your History class discussion back in primary school days? Well, due to his expedition commanded to and led by Martin de Goite and Juan de Salcedo, they discovered the province of Batangas when they explored the Southern Luzon islands. In their first Luzon province exploration in 1570, they visited Balayan and Lake Bombon, now currently known as Taal Lake. As well as the old town of Taal, present day San Nicolas. The Philippine Commonwealth Army was also established in Batangas.

3. A Cool Place

We all know that Batangas is a neighbor province of Cavite where Tagaytay is situated. While Tagaytay City is hailed as the second coldest place in the Philippines after Baguio City, another fact about Batangas is that Lipa in Batangas ranks third since it is located in one of the highest altitudes of the province. Sited at 1,025 feet above sea level, it is no wonder that the city of Lipa is much cooler than other towns and cities of Batangas.

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4. Maliputo and Tawilis

Have you tried the tasty maliputo and tawilis? These are kinds of fishes only caught in Batangas, specifically in Taal Lake. According to locals, maliputo is a kind of fish called talakitok which usually thrives in saltwater but eventually crossed through the Pansipit River leading to Taal Lake. The freshwater talakitok now turned to a maliputo which has a more pleasant taste than the former. In case you are wondering what these freshwater fishes taste like, visit Batangas and eat in one of the restaurants near Taal Lake so you savor the flavor of fresh maliputo and tawilis.

5. Little Rome of the Philippines 

Fact about Batangas is that it is like the little Rome of the Philippines. Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the famous places in the world due to the classical architecture of the infrastructures across the city. Here in the Philippines, the city of the Lipa, located in Batangas, provides the same vibes to tourists. Lipa City houses numerous seminaries, monasteries, retreat houses and big churches also called cathedrals. These include Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian, Archdiocese of Lipa, and Cathedral of Praise of Lipa. If you are residing near Lipa or want to explore Lipa, you can do Visita Iglesia among the many churches located in the city. 

6. Cattle Trading Capital of the Philippines

Are you familiar with the livestock auction market found in Padre Garcia, Batangas? Well, this market started around seventy (70) years ago after the municipality is established. Farm animals almost all over the country are hauled in Padre Garcia Livestock Auction Market. Since cattle trading is not easy, do not be easily swayed by the persuasive skills or sales talk of the agents. Be sure to be keen if you are planning to buy in this large market. The auction usually starts in the early morning. 

7. Atis Capital of the Philippines

Back in September 2011, the town of Lobo, Batangas was hailed as the “Atis Capital of the Philippines”. With more than 500 hectares of farmland filled with sugar apple trees which are tended by thousands of farmers. Atis is a sweet sugar apple fruit that comes from a tree. Growing an atis tree is no joke due to pests called mealybug especially if there is a natural disaster. The government of Lobo is making efforts to address this issue in order to help the farmers since most of them are depending on tree growing and harvesting as their source of income. 

8. Bull Sharks in Taal Lake

Did you know that once there were bull sharks lurking in Taal Lake? It is during 1930s when bull sharks in the fresh waters of Taal volcano are last sighted. If you are wondering how it happened, Pansipit River connects Taal Lake to the sea and through this, bull sharks crossed from the saltwater to freshwater. And yes, bull sharks can survive in a freshwater environment. It is probably due to the growing fisheries and aquaculture in Taal Lake that made this wildlife creature left.

The province of Batangas is full of wonders just like other provinces here in the Philippines. With these little-known facts about Batangas city, there is still more to discover since the region continues to have a booming economy. Many municipalities are on their way towards cityhood due to the large potential for development of the said region. 

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metro, consider visiting Batangas. Enjoy and be amazed at what this province can offer. You will never know, maybe your dream home is waiting for you here. Bria Homes has two current preselling projects located in the most accessible sites of Balayan and Lipa. You can reserve your own unit and convert it into a vacation house so that by the next time you are paying a visit in this amazing province, you can definitely say that you are home sweet home. 

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Written by Nathalie Mayores