New Year, New Investment: Top Reasons to Start Investing in Bataan

Investing In bataan

New year, New goals? Make this 2022 a significant year for you as you start getting that ideal investment of yours. If you’re looking for a place to invest and live in, Bataan might just be a good choice! Read on to know more on why you should start investing in Bataan

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Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bataan

Bataan is close to the heart of every Filipino. It is a symbol of democracy and freedom brought about by Filipino-American defenders of Bataan who fought decisive battles against the Japanese forces. 

Bataan has more than its share of significant historical events. In fact, it is now on the verge of becoming an extensive industrialization spot and a tourist haven that will soon make it one of the most sought-after investment hubs in the country. 

Aside from this, Bataan is also seen to be a Philippine Operations hub as part of the booming economic growth quadrant that includes Metro Manila. With interconnected tollways, travel time to Bataan has been cut, making it easier to manage logistics and supply chain. 

As for many, living in key cities in Metro Manila provides big opportunities – more jobs to choose from, better education, modern infrastructure, more access to services and facilities, better living spaces. However, when the pandemic hit the country, most people’s priorities shifted. These are the things that make up for a good reason to start investing in Bataan.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, it triggered the decision of many workers to leave Metro Manila and go back to their home provinces. Many have realized how busy and congested Metro Manila is. As a result, a lot of people have started to seek new places and considered residing in the provinces. 

During the pandemic, a lot of investors were also compelled to look for alternative investments outside Metro Manila. Consider outsourcing companies that are exploring competitive locations as they firm up their business continuity plans amid the pandemic and lockdown and property investors with units in Metro Manila who are now looking for residential projects in less dense cities.

When investors search for viable property investments outside Metro Manila, they immediately consider Central Luzon. The cities and municipalities in this region are among the most competitive in the country and benefit from a steady supply of skilled manpower. It is also said that the benefits of the national government’s infrastructure implementation and decentralization programs trickle down to these areas. 

The Central Luzon corridor is fast becoming a preferred destination of both developers with business registration and investors given the public projects likely to be completed in the near to medium term.

According to experts, macroeconomic figures indicate that these regions are among the most competitive in the country. Central Luzon, composed of Pampanga, Bulacan, Tarlac, Bataan, Zambales, Aurora, and Nueva Ecija, has been growing by about 8 percent a year from 2017 to 2018 and it covers 10 percent of the Philippine gross domestic product (GDP). 

Central Luzon is known to be a major manufacturing location, with industrial parks being among the key export processing sites in the country. It is also one of the largest sources of Overseas Filipino Workers which drove the demand for residential projects. 

But years back, the region’s potential to become a major business corridor was affected by the lack of infrastructure. With this, the government realized the importance of connectivity in stimulating business activities, which paved the way for a number of projects to play a significant role in transforming the region into the country’s next major economic zone.

These projects include Skyway stage 3, Clark Airport expansion, Subic-Clark cargo railway, and Manila-Clark passenger railway, which are due to be completed from 2020 to 2025 and should complement the completion of major road projects such as SCTEX and TPLEX. 

Infrastructure projects are also seen to boost office, residential and industrial demand in Central Luzon. These public projects are complemented by skilled manpower and an environment that is generally conducive to businesses. 

Among the provinces in Central Luzon, Bataan is one of those places that many consider visiting or moving into and even investing in. Located in the southwestern part of the region, it is considered as one of the most accessible provinces to live in near the capital. According to property experts, in Bataan, one can experience the calmness of the countryside without having to give up the city’s conveniences and opportunities.

Curious why it is best to invest in Bataan? We have listed the top reasons that will make you understand why. 

1. Bataan offers serenity and a simpler lifestyle

Aside from the big developmental opportunities, Bataan town also offers a space to enjoy the serenity and a simpler lifestyle. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, consider living in Bataan as it offers a more laid-back environment, more open and greener spaces, and fresher air.

2. Natural wonders to explore

Not to mention the green landscapes and various natural wonders that are on top of the list of most travelers. There are a lot of places to explore in the historic town of Bataan, from light industrial eco park and forest park to diving activities, you will not run out of things to do and places to explore.

3. Be captivated by the Hidden Coves at Five Fingers

Popularly known as the Five Fingers, this hidden gem in Mariveles, Bataan looks like five fingers from the bird’s eye view. It’s amazing that each finger represents a cove offering unique and exciting experiences that are perfect for adrenaline junkies!

If you like extreme adventure, then be prepared to enjoy the thrill of rock climbing, cliff diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

4. Discover the magic of Dunsulan Falls

Dunsulan Falls is one of the most visited natural wonders in Bataan. Located in Pilar, Dunsulan Falls is considered as one of the most visited waterfalls, lying perfectly on the north-western part of Mt. Samat. 

If you are up for a relaxing nature-inspired getaway, then head over to Dunsulan Falls for a well-deserved relaxation and leisure time.

5. Commune with nature in Mt. Natib

If you are after extreme mountain climbing, Mt. Natib in Orani should be included in your list. A challenging day hike or overnight climb will definitely give you a breathtaking view of the province. 

Mt. Natib is also home to different kinds of flora and fauna that will make your trip more exciting. Migratory birds can also be seen in the place.

6. Bataan is both an opportunity and investment hub

The Container Port City, Bataan is fast developing and is now considered a hub of industry and investment. Aside from hosting several industrial estates and big companies, it also provides various job opportunities for foreign investments and people who live in the area. 

Moreover, Bataan’s progress leads to the opening of more shopping centers, real estate projects, and improved facilities. More reasons for you to start investing in Bataan, right?

One of which is the soon-to-be largest and longest iconic Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge that spans from Mariveles, crossing Manila Bay, and ends in Cavite. This future development is seen to open more doors and opportunitiesg for equitable growth for both investors and job seekers. 

Additionally, Bataan is also considered to have a high potential for investments in tourism and recreational activities because of its numerous existing sites such as Bataan freeport territory, Dinalupihan Nature Center, Mt. Malasimbo, and Mt. Natib, all within the Bataan Natural Park and fit for eco-tourism.

7. Bataan has a rich heritage and culture 

Bataan is known as the “History Hub of Central Luzon” because of its significant role in historical events.

Today, Bataan is home to many historical sites that will not only fascinate the eyes but also the minds of anyone who visits the province. 

Here are some of the historical sites that can be found in Bataan. 

1. Shrine Of Valor

One of the places that are commonly associated with Bataan is Mt. Samat. Erected atop of Mt. Samat, in the town of Pilar is this 

memorial shrine dedicated in honor of the bravery and chivalry of Filipino and American soldiers during World War II. 

The memorial cross was built to pay tribute to the sacrifices of the revolutionists who fought for freedom. 

2. Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower

Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower is located in the town of Bagac. It was built to commemorate the sealing of friendship between the two nations that was meant to last a lifetime. 

3. Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

If you are wondering what life was like during the Spanish Colonial Era, then this iconic place Bagac lets you travel back in time from the collection of heritage houses transported and restored. 

Apart from its rich history, one thing that tourists appreciate in Bataan is the unity and warm hospitality of Bataeños. This can be felt and seen in the numerous welcoming festivities like the Kabuhayan Festival, Alimango and Sugpo Festival, Pawikan Festival, and Ibong Dayo Festival, which are being held for celebration, sense of enjoyment, honor, or raising awareness.

Despite the rapid changes brought by progress and development, Bataan still has a unique quality where history and modernization co-exist. 

8. Bataan is home to savory seafood dishes 

Bataan is known for Its fishing industry, which is one of the income sources of Bataeños. Thus, the province is home to various and best quality marine products such as mud crabs, tiger prawns, tilapia, milkfish, and many more. 

For some coastal areas such as the town of Samal, mussels and oysters are bountiful.

Some of the best-tasting seafood restaurants that have long been serving Bataeños and tourists alike include Ima Flora’s Pamangan and Espada Grill.

9. Bataan is a beacon for education 

Many people would think that good education can only be found through big and prestigious schools in Metro Manila. Well, in fact, there are also a lot of excellent institutions that can be found in the provinces.

Aside from what Bataan can offer, it also provides access to educational opportunities to over 300 educational institutions such as Bataan Peninsula State University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, and Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

The local government of Bataan is committed to developing educational programs and facilities that are capable of producing top-performing professionals.

These are some of the factors that make Bataan a perfect place to reside and invest in. Think young professionals prospering, families growing, and retirees settling down for good.

In fact, property developers are optimistic about the robust and dynamic industrial and tourism evolution of Bataan that can turn it into a prime investment haven in Central Luzon.

The national government policy of dispersing industries outside of Metro Manila and improving infrastructure projects have opened the great potential for manufacturing and commercial sectors to invest in the country’s first export processing zone.

The implementation of various large-scale infrastructure projects like the Bataan-Cavite Bridge, transshipment port and harbor terminal, commercial  centers, standard factory buildings, and housing projects, hotels and setting-up Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) centers would surely make Bataan an indispensable investment site.

Bria Homes is ramping up its expansion of its communities in the provinces to take advantage of the anticipated demand. One of its projects is located in Mariveles, Bataan.

Mariveles will soon become a sought-after location for new residents as it will be the starting point of the upcoming Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge that connects Mariveles to Naic, Cavite. 

With its multiple residential developments in Central and Northern Luzon, Bria Homes stands to gain the most from the shorter travel time to be engendered by all these projects.

BRIA Homes, Bataan is a 24-hectare project located at Brgy Pandatung, Hermosa Bataan. It is the ideal community for homebuyers from Bataan who want to attain affordable, high-quality, and beautiful homes amidst a peaceful community. 

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Written by Cheska Castro