Bria House and Lot: Why Does Naga Make a Good Place for a Home in Camarines Sur?

Naga a good place for a home

The “Queen City of Bicol”, “Heart of Bicol” and “Pilgrim City” are just one of those labels Naga is usually known for. Naga is one of the seven cities in the Bicol region and it is a landlocked independent component city in the coastal province of Camarines Sur, which is also the largest province in the region. In view of the fact that the city is centrally located in the province, it became the center for commerce, careers, education, religious affiliations, and culture. This first-class city is one of a kind that a lot of Filipinos decided to move here in the metro. You might now be wondering what are the factors that Naga City has that the other cities do not have. In this article, you will discover why Naga make a good place for a home Camarines Sur out of 35 municipalities and 2 cities in the province. Continue reading this article to know more about Naga’s best features.  

1. Naga City as the Top Competitive Component City in 2021

Naga City once again proved that Excellency is their main objective for having recognized as the Top competitive component cities in the country, garnering impeccable rates in Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, Infrastructure, and Resiliency. Among the 113 component cities nationwide, it is undoubtedly that Naga will get the spot since the city is known to be competitive, resourceful, and innovative in all terms. The city’s economic competitiveness is one of the reasons why Naga is an ideal place to live in Camarines Sur.

2. Career Opportunities

The City is one of the most developing cities in the country since a lot of businesses have been established in the past years. The presence of career opportunities makes Naga a good place for a home in Camarines Sur for bicolanos and those who are looking for a home in Camarines.

The Province’s economic dynamism is a rate of change in the economy that involves activities such as financial deepening, new business formation, frequency of labor market turnover, and the geographic mobility of workforce making Naga 2nd in the said categories among the others. In the strength of dynamic development of business establishment and continuous progress of universities in the city, there is an increase in employment which opens more opportunities for the job seekers. Here are the top employers in the area that will give you options and help you to choose which employer best qualifies your skills and standards.  

  • IBM – International Business Machines Corporation is the leading supplier of information technology hardware, software, & services in the country. 
  • Quantrics Enterprises – It is a technology company serving the telecommunications sector that specializes in IT development, shared services support, and customer experience.
  • Pepsi Co. – Is one of the leading Food and Beverage Company worldwide. 

3. Quality Education 

Naga City does not only focus on the improvement of the community but also gives importance to the education for the future professionals that the city will soon proudly have. To those living also in the provinces and looking for quality education, you do not need to travel hours away from home because the Heart of Bicol has its fair share of good universities. What makes Naga a good place for a home is that you can give your kids or yourself the best education possible as it is not a problem here in the region. Here is the list of top universities in Naga City, Camarines Sur:

  • Ateneo de Naga University – Top 1 in the Bicol region; is the only autonomous and institutionally accredited university in Bicol
  • University of Nueva Caceres – Top 2 in the Bicol region; a top law school in the region, producing the most number of lawyers in Camarines Sur over the last seven decades.

Universidad de Sta. Isabel – Top 5 in the Bicol region; continuous to innovate to stay relevant as one of the best and leading universities in the Bicol Region. 

4. Low Cost of Living and Good Governance

The Queen City of Bicol has good governance for grabbing the 3rd spot in the Government Efficiency category. The recognition is the proof itself that the City Government of Naga is good at balancing a budget, rational spending, and eliminating of waste and duplication which surely helps not just the government itself but also the community. There is a lot of affordable eatery or carenderia in the area that is usually visited by students and workers nearby. The city also received high rates for peace and order, social protection, compliance with national directives, and the presence of an investment promotion unit. 

5. More Affordable Home Deals for Real Estate Investment

Housing developers have come and decided to put up projects in Naga City and nearby places because of increasing demand from investors and people who aim to settle in the city for good. This really proves that Naga makes a good place for a home in Camarines Sur.

Bria Homes CamSur is the most affordable housing developer in the Bicol region located at the capital of Camarines Sur province which is in Pili. You can own a house and lot ranging from 1.6m to 1.9m and it can be paid cash or even installment that can be financed by bank housing loan. The subdivision is also strategically located alongside the national highway and near establishments such as CamSur Water Sports Complex (CWC), Naga City Airport, Vista Mall, Robinsons Mall, Casureco 2, and NFA that has easy access to transportation.  

There are a lot of fun activities and places to visit in Naga City, not to mention the number of prominent malls in the area, picturesque resorts nearby, nature viewing, and resto that serves delicious meals that will surely satisfy your cravings. Tourists and people who visited Naga called the city “Maogmang Lugar” or “The Happy Place” because of the smiles the locals always wear whatever situation they are in. Nagueños are known for being indigenous and religious because of their faith in Ina Peñafrancia which has her own festival called Peñafrancia Festival, wherein devotees all around the world visit the city every September of the year to celebrate and pay their respect for Ina. The unity and generosity of the people of Naga are some of the most reasons why tourists are in love with the place. If you are looking for a place to live that hit all those above-written features, well you are on the right page. Naga City, Camarines Sur is the best place you and your family deserve! 

Written by Eara Aringo