Tips On How To Furnish Your First Affordable Condominium Unit


One of the most compelling reasons for people to consider condominium units is that they are considerably less expensive than buying a home. If you have been long considering buying your first condominium or condo unit, this article might be helpful to you. To lessen the weight off of your back, we’ve listed down some tips on how to furnish your first condominium unit.

As the number of residential condominium buildings and rental condo unit in the Philippines continues to rise, not just in Metro Manila, but also in a number of other major cities, owning a condo unit is most generally acknowledged and a significant rite of passage into adulthood. Moreover, residential condominiums have been the preferred property investment for many OFWs or overseas Filipinos. The most important advantage of living in a condominium complex is the sense of safety and security. One of the benefits of living in a condominium is having secure access and exit points with security cameras and guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People who come in and out of the building, as well as those who come up to your door, are strictly controlled by management. Investing in pricey security equipment is unnecessary because the condominium concierge will take care of it for you. 

Nowadays, studio unit sizes are getting smaller and smaller while prices are getting more and more expensive. That’s why making wise decisions on furnishing your condominium unit should be done wisely. Condominium units, whether by choice or need, are still a popular choice for anyone looking to buy a house or invest in real estate. So designing and really thinking about how to maximize your space is not just a must but as well as good for your mental health. It is our personal spaces that set the tone for our life. We must be allowed to move around freely while we go about our everyday tasks. 

In an interview with Lauren Philipps, Alessandra Wood, VP of style at design service Modsy, reveals and discusses her first apartment recommendations and interior design ideas. With Ms. Wood’s creativity and knowledge, it will set you up for decorating success in the first space you can call your own without the need of an interior designer. To help condo owners maximize and decor their condominium, here are significant points from Alessandra Wood and as well as other interior design professionals that will surely help you in designing and maximizing your first condominium.

1. Choose furniture that is adequate in size.

In a small space like a condominium unit, one must take into consideration the right size of their furniture to maximize space. According to Kathy Kilbourn, the overall furniture layout should be proportional to the floor space. She gave an important point where if your space is larger, the furnishings should be larger as well. Conversely, smaller pieces of furniture should be used when a room is smaller. They will not only look better in the room, but they will also be more proportionate to it.

With this in mind, keep your vision of a huge, comfortable sofa in mind for the future. Big furniture may not fit into your new condominium unit, and too-large or too-small furniture may throw the room’s balance out of place, making your furnishing efforts look amateurish.

2. Multi-tasking furnishings are beneficial for you

To get the most bang for your buck in your (presumably) small space, Wood recommends dual-purpose furniture. Wood explains “I’m a huge fan of ottomans and benches that can be used as storage”. Furthermore, it is important to note that wonderful alternatives to big furniture are multi functional furniture like convertible sofa bed and dining table which will be beneficial for you that double as work-from-home desks, which may be used to store books, blankets, and towels while also being used as extra seating when friends come over. 

3. Storage is the most important idea to consider about

Living in a limited space necessitates a lot of storage in order to keep your belongings organized. Clever storage is needed for you to keep your necessities. As per Ms. Wood, if you have to choose between a cute piece of furniture and one with a lot of storage space, you should choose the one with a lot of storage space. Storage containers for books, magazines, games and other knickknacks should be found in beds with built-in storage or room beneath the bed, as well as clutter-managing baskets that can double as decorative accents and bookshelves for organizing and displaying books.

4. Begin with art 

It is evident that any dull-looking place may be suddenly transformed into a bright, trendy, and artistic show with the help of art. In furnishing your dream condominium unit, one must start with their aesthetic whether its industrial or pared back scandinavian aesthetic. In my opinion, if you have tons of money, you should invest in expensive artwork. However, if you are on a tight budget or do not have any budget at all, doing a do-it-yourself wall art is already enough. 

As per decorating ideas from Wood she explains, “Replace your diploma and other awards with distinctive art and decor from your trips, new frames for images of friends and family, and a prominent display of your diploma and other accomplishments”. From her amazing tip, it shows that accents and character filled living space not only look great but they are also very reasonable. With this, you can use the money for other things.             

5. Go green

No matter what your budget or design preference is, a variety of greenery, faux or real, can bring life into your first condominium unit. Wood suggests adding texture everywhere you look, placing plants on shelves or bar carts, or even hanging one from the ceiling. Overall, it is evident that plant gives you sure mental health benefits by uplifting your mood but as well as it contributes by turning Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen. 

6. Add layers

According to Wood, layers give your small condo a more lived-in feel and are a terrific way to make your first place genuinely yours. “For a more relaxing atmosphere, pile pillows and rugs on the sofa,” she advises. “Add a selected gallery wall to add pops of color and mix different textures and materials to make your space appear designed and well-thought-out.” “Layer rugs (especially if you have carpeting) or patterned feature wall to bring in color or texture to the room.

7. Put the lights to work.

Even if your area is small or dreary, the appropriate lighting can make it feel more welcoming. The intensity of the task, overhead and table lighting may all help the space appear less dark. Adding candles adds a little mood lighting; layering in candles adds a little mood lighting. Moreover, a great tip for your first condominium is to use architectural lights that might help you get the most out of your space. From task lighting, drop lights and accent lighting, these ultimately illuminates a dramatic atmosphere.

Ultimately, these amazing tips or step guides will surely help you out in furnishing your first condominium! 

Written by Jayson Cervantes