10 Tips to Prepare for Strong Typhoons


The Philippines is no stranger to experiencing natural calamities such as typhoons but Filipinos have learned to be more prepared for such events in the past few years. Nevertheless, to help you prepare for strong typhoons, we’ve listed down some typhoon preparedness tips.

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1. Store up water and food supply

During typhoons or any natural disasters, it is really important to stay hydrated and have reserved foods. As part of disaster preparedness, our tip is for you to put together at least 3-5 day supply of food and water. When storing foods, you need to check the expiration dates for canned goods and ensure that it has a long storage life.

Aside from food, drinking water is also important. Store a clean drinking water supply in its original container and if you are preparing your water supply aside for drinking use, store it in a water-storage container and not in a glass container considering that they can break and are heavy to carry.

2. Prepare an Emergency Kit

In preparing for strong typhoons, having an Emergency Kit will help you survive in case of injuries. This can provide vital items for you and for the household members for a short period of time until the rescue arrives.

There are (10) ten items that are important and needed to be in everyone’s Emergency Kit: (1) Flashlights; (2) Extra Batteries: (3) Powerbank; (4) First-Aid Kit; (5) Whistle; (6) 3-5 day Food and Water Supply; (7) Face Masks; (8) Clothes and Blanket; (9) Electronic Gadgets; and (10) Toiletries.

3. Fully charge all electronic gadgets and emergency batteries

During typhoon, power lines may no longer work that is why it is a must that all your electronic gadgets and emergency batteries are fully charged. 

It is important also to conserve the device’s power or also enable the battery-saver mode.

4. Keep weather updated

Being informed and updated with the latest weather reports and governments warnings and announcements to prepare yourself and your family for the incoming weather disturbance is one of the most important tips in preparing for strong typhoons.

5. Be social media smart

Social media use dramatically surges when there are calamities and typhoons. In spite of that, Media is the fourth estate of the Philippines. Social media, in times of crisis, can help provide and disseminate information such as downed power lines, tidal flooding, hurricane force winds, evacuation routes, and storm surge.

6. Familiarize emergency contact numbers

Another essential thing to do in preparing for strong typhoons is to familiarize the emergency hotline numbers. You can access and save the emergency contact numbers on government websites that provide such information for serious emergencies. 

7. Switch off your main electrical power

As part of the preparation for the incoming typhoon, make sure to be reminded to unplug all electrical equipment and turn off the main electrical power before the flood makes contact with the electrical outlets to avoid electric shock. 

8. Elevate all your furniture and appliances

If you have a house with a second floor, it is best to move all types of furniture and appliances up. It is better to keep the items safe from the upcoming weather disturbance than to worry about having them damaged. Make sure to check clogged rain gutters to prevent water coming into your house.

9. Secure your pets and vehicles in a safe place

Make sure to fill your car’s gas tank and park your vehicles in a higher place in case you are located in a low-lying location. Ensure that your pets are not on a leash so that they can easily escape once the flood rises. You may also opt to prepare proper equipment for them to keep them safe.

10. Stay inside the house or Evacuate

On top of our tips in preparing for a tropical storm to ensure the safety of your family during the typhoon, stay indoors or choose to evacuate immediately if the impact would affect your area highly.

When staying indoors, we recommend to put permanent storm shutters on your window frames and doors especially garage doors and glass doors.

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Written by Jubee Veras