OFW Guide in Connecting with Bria Homes for Their House and Lot Purchase

OFWs connect with Bria

After a long year of working away from home to provide the basic needs of your family now, it’s time to reward yourself and your loved ones with new hope and a new home. The only problem with the dream of yours is how will you be able to buy a house and lot if you’re still working abroad? In this article we’ll teach Overseas Filipino Workers who contribute to the Philippine economy how they can connect with Bria Homes for their House and Lot purchase. 

How to reserve a unit? How much is the price of the house? What are the requirements needed to buy a house? These are some of the many frequently asked questions of homeowner wannabes especially our Kabayan who wanted to invest in a house and lot in the Philippines. On the bright side, developers in the country continue to innovate and improve their systems to cater to our OFW who are looking for property investment in the Philippines.

Information is one of the most vital parts of investing in property because you are investing money that you have saved for an extended period and you want to make your first real estate investment to be very special. Here are common inquiries of our kabayan before deciding to buy a real estate property.

  1. Location – home buyers wanted their real estate investment as close as possible in the city proper and accessible to the marketplace, churches, and public terminals. This is also important for investors who wanted to have high property appreciation and have a passive income generating investment. Others also consider their provincial hometown, travel and homecoming plans when choosing the location of their property investment.
  2. Price Tag – The price of the property varies with home buyer goals, if the buyer is buying for the goal of investment then they will be looking for a smaller house unit that is easier to dispose of in time, but if you are looking for a place to live in then home buyers are willing to extend their pockets to buy a bigger a where your family could fit at.
  3. Requirements – Buyers abroad are more meticulous in the requirements because it’s harder to provide some documents because embassies are often located in far-flung areas not to mention the cost of providing these requirements.

Bria Homes Inc, a housing developer present in more than 50 cities and municipalities in the Philippines continues to cater to the OFW segment who are looking for a new home or simply an investment that could be an alternative source of income in case their contract abroad has expired or if they wanted to retire.

Due to travel restrictions, activities like digital open house events and OFW Caravan are some of the many events that are being done by Bria Homes to reach out to our modern day heroes. Online inquiries, financial literacy, and available inventories are some of the topics of these events which help buyers abroad to decide which unit fits their likes and help them how to manage their hard-earned income by investing in real estate.

Bria also utilizes the basic mode of communication that is being used by everybody, Facebook & Messenger which makes it easy for our hardworking OFWs to connect with Bria Homes. Marketing and salespeople help the new buyers on their purchase by discussing to them the step by step reservation process from the presentation of units and prices to requirements needed to finance their house in financing institutions.

When the global health crisis hit Bria Homes had created a virtual site tour to give you a bird’s eye view of the lush green spaces, community and what your new house would look like inside. These tours not only give the convenience of time for house hunters but also a sense of health security.

Affordable House and Lot Reservation for Overseas filipino workers

Reserving a unit has not been this convenient for home buyers since Bria Homes launch its online reservation on their website. The site not only helps buyers choose where Bria Homes are present but makes them able to navigate the inventories available for the project of their choosing, perfect for OFWs purchasing a house and lot and connecting with Bria Homes. 

After they chose a block and lot and a house model, they can fill out the online reservation form and attach their valid ID on site. After their application, the marketing in charge will administer the online briefing through social media accounts, Viber, and other digital domain. to discuss the requirements needed in buying a house and lot in Bria projects.

Payment has also become very easy for homebuyers since Bria Homes offered online payment through different payment centers such as Cebuana, 7/11, Gcash, Pesopay, BDO, Union Bank, RCBC, Metrobank, Security Bank, Asia United Bank, China Bank, Robinsons Bank, and All bank. You can also pay your reservation fees and monthly dues using your debit and credit card at Bria Homes website.

A lot of innovations has been pushed forward since the time of the pandemic outbreak, this is just one of the positive effects of the crises. We become more connected and business platform have shifted from their onsite store to online marketplaces to extend their services due to restrictions in every cities and municipality. These things allow OFWs connect with Bria Homes easier for their Bria project house and lot or condominium purchase.

Convenience is already at the palm of your hands. With the recent innovations and technologies used by many of the developers in the country to reach out with our OFW, information drive for house properties and investing a house and lot has never become accessible and convenient until today. We should expect that in a few months a new platform will be introduced in the market to improve the home buying experience.

Only Bria Homes Inc. continues to be one of the main key players in the real estate industry. It caters to the needs of ordinary Filipino families who aspire to acquire their own homes. It had become the perfect choice for property seekers who wanted to invest in a home that is both high quality and affordable. For Bria homes division head, the ultimate fulfillment of Bria as a whole is seeing a client happily moving in Bria’s homes.

If you want to know more about Bria Homes and its over fifty projects offerings you can visit their website at www.bria.com.ph or check their Facebook account at Bria Homes, Inc. to be updated on their latest activities and promos every month. Facebook page accounts for every project are also available if you want to talk with the marketing and sales staff of each project.

Written by Paul John Romero