Bria House and Lot: DIY Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2022


As Valentine’s Day approaches, the hunt for the perfect valentine’s day gift for your special someone begins. In this article, there are 10 DIY or Do-it-Yourself gifts that can be a perfect gift for the coming day of hearts.

February is prominent as the month of love and the celebration of the most romantic day of the year — Valentine’s Day. But did you know that historically, the ancient Romans were somehow responsible for the modern name of the love month? It was when Emperor Claudius II executed (2) two men both named Valentine on February 14 of a different year.

Indeed, it has a dark history but people view it as the time of the year where it will celebrate life and love and express their affection with greetings and gifts.

If you are looking for an extra-special but inexpensive sweet gift, we have listed you a Top 10 DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Gift for Valentine’s Day 2022.

1. Heart-shaped Flower Vase

A DIY flower vase can be customized to different shapes, and since it is love month, it is better heart-shaped for Valentine’s gift. Some tutorials advise making it from cardboard, paints, tape, and markers. And voila! You have a heart shape flower vase with a touch of love because of the customization.

2. Photo Keychain

A photo keychain must be the easiest to make. You just have to select a photo or photographs to make it into a personalized photo keychain charms. Even if it is a simple keychain, this DIY Valentine’s gift is super special as you are bringing them with you everywhere.

3. Bubble Bath Gift Set

Homemade Bubble Bath or homemade bath tea can be made with many flavors and scents. Bubble Bath also offers a luxurious way to enjoy your bath time.

4. Other-Half Bracelet

Making a customized bracelet is a perfect gift to treasure, provided that it can have the name of someone, a date, or even a photo. And the best part of it is this is a wearable item.

5. Mason Jar Bouquets

Mason Jars Bouquets is a pretty display for every corner in someone’s house or office. This particular gift set can be used as Valentine’s day gift that is made with wildflowers, sunflowers, or roses can easily be done in a DIY way. Just paint the Jar using acrylic paint and put flowers or even her/his favorite candy on the jar.

6. Pop-up Card

You will probably enjoy this simple gift. There are different ideas for making pop-up card. You just need to have papers, scissors, a sweet message and a few other supplies. Pop-up card can also be used as a wall art or cabinet display after.

7. Scented-engraved Candle

Personalized scented candles with an elegant scent of essential oils, is perfect for someone who needs to cozy up and unwind. Engraving some names and dates adds an extra special feel for this DIY Valentine’s day gifts.

8. Crochet Coffee Sleeve

Crocheting is a skill that can be learned in a short period of time. Learning it adds a little touch of love. But this homemade crafts is also perfect for a special someone who really loves coffee. 

9. Heart-shaped Pillow

This romantic ideas is known to be the ultimate way of declaring love and signifies it with an engraved name, your very own pictures, “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “I love you”. You can stich the message or use a sticker that can be iron on transfer paper.

10. Personalized Necklace

It is unique to have a personalized necklace with the name of someone or even a verse from the bible. A customized necklace will surely love by your special someone that will hold true importance to her or him.

Aside from the DIY Valentines Gift, home is the ultimate gift this Valentine’s Day. And Bria Homes is a perfect choice for your ultimate valentines day gift.

Bria Homes, Inc. is a housing developer also known for offering excellent-quality homes across the country’s most developing cities and municipalities with the (4) four economic house and lot packages — a.) Bettina Select Townhouse is the only 2-storey complete package house with tile finished floors and 2 bedroom ready, and a carport; b.) Alecza is a bungalow house with a 36 square meter floor area. It is also a complete package unit with 2 bedrooms and tile finished floors; c.) Thalia house model is similar to Alecza but Thalia has a 45 square meter floor area, tile finished floors, and (3) three bedrooms. All house and lot packages are in a stylish contemporary look fit for every aspiring investors and home owners available in every Bria Project Nationwide.

Affordable House and Lots

It is known that Bria Homes takes pride in offering not just affordable house and lot packages to the market but also a township-like community with these prestigious and top-class amenities that can be found in Sentro. Sentro is an amenity hub with many features such as Community Facility, Recreational Court, Parks and Playground, and Open Spaces. And in order to maintain a secured Bria community, it is also surrounded by Perimeter Fence, a 24-hour Guard House with only one entrance and exit point. Achieving at improving every detail of the quality of life to every Filipino home owners.

Bria Homes have successfully constructed more or less 25,000 homes across the (9) nine regions with more than (50) fifty projects nationwide. Behind its success is the (5) Five Brand Pillars – Affordability or Budget-Friendly Amortizations (Mura), Well-planned, Quality and Design Integrated Community (Maganda), Accessibility or Proximity to Commercial hubs, Transportations and etc. (Malapit sa Lahat), Customer-Oriented Service Experience (Mahusay na Serbisyo) and Proficient and Competent Construction Procedures (Mabilis). Since year 2015, Bria has welcomed many Filipinos and continuously promoting the platform of alleviating homelessness to every aspiring home owners.

On the other hand, Bria is also available in a vertical aspect as it introduces the first condominium brand – Astra Vertical Villages. This is a contemporary mid-rise condominium that particularly offers three (3) main features – affordability, accessibility, and independence. Also providing some refined amenities like Clubhouse, Guardhouse, Gym, Perimeter Fence, and Open Spaces.

According to the CNN Style, the last rule in gift giving is a no-brainer: remember the gift of giving. A study finds that spending money on others promotes happiness. The good feelings you may experience from giving someone a gift they love may also last longer than spending money on ourselves. 

Giving gifts established the relationship and connection with others, it also allows us to convey our feelings, thoughtfulness, love, and affection thru giving gifts.

Nothing is sweeter than a gift that comes from a heart with deepest thought of love. Whatever the occasion, remember that there are benefits to being more generous to those around you. 

Written by Jubee Veras