7 Must-have Furniture Pieces in Your Affordable Condominium


Moving into a condominium or condo is a dream come true for some people. Whether owning or renting, the convenience that condominiums give to its homeowners has been one of the most sought-after benefits. Big or Small, owning your own place also gives the excitement of being able to be the one to design its interiors and furnishings. Therefore, we’ve listed down must-have furniture pieces for your cozy condominium. 

Best Furniture Pieces for Condomnium

1. Bed with Storage

First on our list of must-have furniture pieces for condominium is a bed with storage. Although condominiums offer accessibility and convenience, the space it offers is not as big as house and lots. However, if you’re wise enough, you can adapt ways to maximize small spaces. So, make sure to buy bed with storage is a great idea to save space and create room for storage. 

Bed with storage also makes a space look clutter-free as its storage option is closed. Isn’t it nice to know that beds nowadays are not just made for sleeping but also for utilizing free space?

2. Wardrobe Closet

Tired of piling your clothes altogether? Save time and energy with the help of a wardrobe closet. 

We’re so used to having simple drawers as our clothes storage but sometimes the effort of having to fold everything back again once you pulled something in the wrong way can be tiring. In your own condominium, why not save time and effort plus make your space look aesthetic with a wardrobe closet. These types of storage can keep your clothes from getting wrinkly and it will be easier for you to find what you need.

Customized wardrobe closets often come in wood and are painted in white or natural wood color. A nice touch if you’re opting for a white or wood interior, too. 

3. Plant Rack

Plantitos and plantitas were on the rise and taking care of plants has become one of the trendiest hobbies this pandemic. Don’t let a close, confined condominium space stop you from growing your own mini garden. Have a breath of fresh air inside your condo or make your room more aesthetic with easy-to-grow and maintain succulents by placing them in your plant rack. 

You can check out some influencers for the idea of placing plants inside your home. Plant racks can come in small vertical spaces or hanging spaces. Whatever you choose, if you’re planning to be a plantita or plantito in your cozy condo, a plant rack is one of the must-have furniture piece for your condominium. 

4. Full-body Frameless mirror 

Not really a furniture piece per se but more of an accessory. But a full-body frameless mirror is a must-have piece in your condo or condominium. Perfect for an aesthetic look and Instagram-worthy pictures, you shouldn’t miss out on this. 

Decorating your own space can be challenging as there are multiple options like minimalistic, or Korean-inspired. Whichever you choose, the frameless mirror will definitely add a cozier look to your condo. Moreover, wise mirror placements can help reflect a good light source in your home. This type of mirror can also be used as a wall décor but can also be left standing in a corner.

5. Sofa Bed

Condominiums or condos, more often than not are made to fit single people’s lifestyles. That being said, most condominiums offered are studio type or no bedroom type of place. Sometimes there are provisions for partition for you to create a bedroom, but if there’s none, you can choose to use a sofa bed instead of a regular one for dual purposes. 

Although multi-functional like the bed with storage can save you you so much space, sofa beds serve a different purpose. It is to be placed as a sofa and then converted into a bed during sleeping time. A sofa bed is a must-have furniture piece for your cozy condominium for multiple functions. It’s also great if you’re planning to have guests over. 

6. Coffee Table 

Coffee lover or not, a coffee table is one of the must-have furniture pieces of your cozy condo. Coffee tables are also referred to as center tables. If you really want to create a cozy look for your condominium, a center table in your living room, dining room or even kitchen area might just do the trick. And if space is your problem, you can use it as a place to eat instead of buying a dining table that could be big or space-consuming. 

Coffee or center tables are made to fit a living room for a perfect welcoming feel when entertaining guests. Its function and design really help create a cozy space for that condominium of yours. 

7. Loft Bed

Having read these previous recommendations of must-have furniture pieces for your cozy condominium and you might still be thinking, you can’t fit all of that or you might feel like completing these furniture pieces might look crowded. 

Well, a loft bed might just be the furniture piece that you need. If we’re talking about beds with storage space, loft beds are on a whole other level. Lifting your sleeping area for another space, there’s a lot of things you can do.

Loft beds are space savers and condos often have a high ceiling that can accommodate these so that won’t be much of a problem, too. 


Moving into your very own affordable condominium can be very exciting. No longer having to deal with your landlords or finally living an independent life, there’s so much more to look forward to. Working or with family, being in the comfort of your own home, and knowing that you were able to save something up for yourself or your family makes everything worthwhile.

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