House Extension Ideas for Your Bria House and Lot

House extension ideas

Planning to have a house extension but don’t know how and where to start? In that case, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you add value to your home and turn your house extension ideas into reality. Even without talent in creativity, designing a house extension is easier than you think.

A house extension is the best way to add space to your property. Not only it makes us move around the house with ease, but it may also increase the value of our property. Be it a garage, a dirty kitchen, or even an extra room for our family members or guests, a house extension is one of the best ways to maximize spaces.

With the family growing, you are now planning to expand your Bria Home.

The listing below is the types of house extensions you can do for your next house project that can cater to your spacing need.

1. Annex

Annex is a home extension that could accommodate more guests at home. An annex will provide you with the safety you need especially during this challenging time to accommodate your guests in a humble way. With this, you can offer the guest to sit down and wait for you in the annex. The house extension design can be done on your own. You can place chairs and tables. You can place decors, magazines, and table games to entertain your guest. 

2. Single-storey side extensions

Single storey extension is a perfect way to create an extra living space for your own. You may have a small office or study room as this is a perfect time to provide a room designated for office and school works. You can read How to Set up Your Home Office to generate single storey house extension ideas. You may also opt to place a utility room designated for your laundry needs. You can store your cleaning equipment and materials in one place. More space to move, more the work can be done with ease.

3. Double-storey extensions

 A two-storey extension will provide you with more space but not double the cost. Since you will be spending on the foundation, additional space would not hurt. You may opt to put an additional room to serve as your children’s bedroom or playroom. You can have fun designing your children’s bedroom, playing with colors, themes, and decors. You can enjoy more spaces at a reasonable cost. This is ideal for Thalia Single Firewall/Duplex house model offered by Bria Homes.

5. Rear extensions

Rear extension ideas come in many sizes and shapes. You may either get bold or simple in design. As rear extensions usually provide more spaces to extend your home. You may opt to choose a design that will illuminate your home which is one of the popular rear extensions. Some choose to extend their kitchen as you might want to increase your kitchen space as kitchen appliances are hot right now. Check out the best appliances that are good for every home. 

6. Side extensions

Side extensions are relatively small compare to rear extensions but some found new ways to utilize their side spaces. Also, this is found to be the most inexpensive among the house extension ideas. If you have a tight budget, this is the best option for you. One of the most popular side house extensions is to build a utility room. You can now have the comfort needed and storage for your laundry. Some opt to build a dirty kitchen for their cooking needs. This is an ideal house extension for the Alecza house model by Bria Homes. 

7. Outdoor House Extension

Outdoor amenities are now popular and people are now enjoying outdoor activities more often rather than indoor activities. The most common house extension idea is an outdoor extension or side return. People are now turning their small spaces into a small garden where you can enjoy afternoon tea or a night view with your family and friends. Due to the pandemic, people are now enjoying outdoor malls such as MOA and BGC to hang out especially when Alfresco dine-in is popularized. Now, people are adapting to the same atmosphere at home. 

Now you got the house extension designs and house extension ideas, let’s move on to to the steps needed for a house extension.


Of course, turning our house extension ideas into reality needs planning, this is an exciting part where we’ve got to dream what would our house look like, is it colorful and full of greens? a more industrial type, or a minimalist simple house? Do you have planning permission or a permitted development rights? If you’re struggling to decide what kind of house you should buy, you may check out Bria Homes house and lot, they offer high-quality house and lots at a very cheap price. They got a variety of designs that will suit every taste and they also offer fully furnished types to save us some time and trouble.

After finding a house, or if we have an existing one plan out. The next step is what’s our house extension purpose, is it going to be a dirty kitchen? an extra room for our kids? or even a garage for our vehicles? Then we’ll think about the space where we would build the house extension, is it going to be on the side of the house, in the back, or the front? Planning is one of the most important parts of building a house extension that can’t be overlooked. It’s the phase where we could plan where to strategically place our house extension to maximize its purpose, think about how much can we spend on the project and the material that we’ll use, and of course plan the design that fits our lifestyle. You make check out 7 tips in planning for a house extension in your Bria House and Lot for more accurate planning tips.


Once you planned everything, you can execute your house extension ideas into reality. Using that dull space in your best interest and to accommodate your needs. In execution, you need to look for a partner such as an architect or a firm that will start the construction of the house extension. Start buying necessary items to avoid delay and follow the plan you created with the tips above. After months of waiting, you can now enjoy your house extension. You can read Best Home Features and Accessories During the Pandemic at Bria Homes website. This will help you decide what room or feature you want for your extra space. 


The best and most exciting part of house extension is decoration. Decorating your home is another way to relieve stress and enhance your mental health. Coming home to a well-decorated home provides a relaxing atmosphere for every member of the family. You can check out interior design inspirations for your next Bria Home Project. This can help you have an idea of what designs are currently hot and popular to all homeowners.

In conclusion, a house extension is applicable to all homeowners who seek a new environment and spaces at home. Regardless of your budget, you can achieve your desired house extension with proper planning and budgeting. House models at Bria Homes are eligible for great house extension so you don’t have to worry. Check out their affordable house and lots, and condominiums with flexible payment options such as bank house loans and PAG IBIG loans

Written by Ericka Claire Glean