Bria House and Lot: Best Appliances to Give as a Gift this Christmas


Filipinos are known to celebrate the spirit of Christmas as early as September. The moment the -Ber months kick in, we already hear Christmas songs in public places and decors filling up the streets as the Filipinos’ way of celebrating Christmas. Mall sales are all scheduled and people flood these malls to find the perfect piece of gift for kids, adults, friends, and families. In this article, we’ve listed down the best appliances to give as a gift this Christmas and any other season.

Why Appliances as Gift?

Why you may ask? Appliances are expensive, heavy, and space-consuming. Certainly not something easy to carry around. But it is undeniable that appliances are one of the most practical gifts one can give to another. It is also something that the elderly, or for some, their parents ask for. The practicality of giving appliances as a gift has become achievable with the help of inverter appliances that are cheap and energy conserving. So here are the Best appliances to give as gifts:

Best appliances to give as a gift 

1. Air fryer

Air fryers have been introduced as a healthier way of cooking food. That’s why it is one of the best appliances to gift for home chef. Air fryers only use a high heat mechanism that circulates hot air around like a convection oven. Its use of little to no oil makes your fried meals healthier than before. At the same time, air fryers can cook food like an oven, you can even use it to stir fry. So if you don’t have an oven, it will serve a 2-in-1 purpose.

Air fryers are also low-maintenance as they are easy to clean and only take up small space when frying. Space-saving and healthy cooking? Air fryers are one of the best kitchen appliances to give as gifts.

2. Rice Cooker

A Rice cooker is a perfect gift for anyone even for someone who doesn’t cook. Nowadays, rice cookers are also taken up a notch with Korean-inspired designs that make them aesthetically pleasing when placed in the corner of your kitchen. This is what makes the rice cooker one of the best appliances to give as gifts.

Useful for a family or someone who lives alone, the rice cooker will serve its purpose. Depending on who you’ll be giving it to, they come in a variety of sizes which can also range from cheap to expensive.

3. Coffee Maker

You’re thinking of giving a gift to someone who loves coffee? Well, a coffee maker might just be the best appliance to give a gift to that person. Give that person the full experience of coffee beans brewing. A real coffee lover would love the lingering smell of coffee around the house and the kitchen during those times.

Coffee makers also come in different designs with a corresponding use so accidentally giving a coffee maker to someone who already has one won’t be too much of a problem. Coffee makers might also be just the thing to get a coffee lover inspired to create his/her coffee station, too.

4. Microwave

Microwave poses a great convenience to anyone who eats. Just as how it is placed in our office pantries, having it in our home is also a good idea. The quick reheating of food with the help of a microwave is one of its most significant advantages.

Unlike heating up food in a pan or stove, using a microwave saves you time and effort to clean up later. It is also very easy to clean and can be used to defrost food.

5. Waffle Maker

Make someone’s breakfast experience better with a delicious meal using awaffle maker. A small waffle maker only costs a few hundreds of pesos and it already provides a picture-perfect waffle to its owner. Just add honey for those with sweet tooth and you have a delicious and instagrammable breakfast? What a great way to start your day!

Waffle makers’ sizes and designs vary but they are available on different e-commerce platforms. You can get one at a cheap price and at the same time, you’re making someone’s breakfast experience better. Its small size and fun usage are some of the reasons why a waffle maker makes a Christmas gift.

6. Mug Warmer

From an instant pot to a mug warmer. Keep a drink warm with the help of a mug warmer. Compact in size with convenient use, Mug warmers, with its name – helps keep a mug warm.

Don’t you just hate when your hot drink already turned cold without you noticing? Avoid that using this mug warmer. Not only for coffee lovers but for anyone who likes something warm to drink. Also perfect for this season as the-ber months also give us cooler weather which makes us crave soup or hot chocolate. With just a push of a button, this mug warmer is one of the best appliances to give as a gift.

7. Bullet Blender

These bullet blenders really changed the game on how we blend our drinks at home. Small in size yet comes with different uses. Definitely, one of the best practical gifts you can give an adult.

A tiny but functional bullet blender can give a healthy drink for a few individuals and is just only a small thing to wash or clean, unlike the traditional blenders we used to have. Even if someone already has a traditional blender at home, this bullet blender will give a different convenience in drinking and cooking, that’s why it’s a great gift.

8. Vacuum Cleaner

Having a clean home is an important part of our well-being and sometimes, there are things that are better cleaned with tools rather than just simple washing and sun-drying. With Vacuum cleaners, one can ensure a cleaner environment. From floor to ceilings, and even in bed foams or pillows that are difficult to clean. There are affordable cleaning appliances that can help out with that.

Not only it leaves the house spotless but also it does the work so much easier. Also, vacuum cleaners can be used in cars so it really does give a multi-purpose clean in your house and lot.


Whether someone’s just starting out in their home life or already settled, kitchen gadgets such as slow cooker, double insulated freezer bowl, rapid egg cooker, cutting board and cleaning brush are still practical gifts you can get someone. Make their home life much easier with the help of the best appliances you can give as a thoughtful gift with the help of our list so that one can enjoy their Bria Home much better.

Setting up a home is not easy, so if you know someone moving into their new home, follow our list and check out Bria Homes, one of the leading affordable housing developers in the Philippines. They offer affordable house and lots and condominiums nationwide. Today you might be giving out these best appliances as gifts. But maybe next time, you’ll be the gift recipient to fill out your Bria Home with all these practical and compact appliances.