Coffee Shop Trends – What’s Popular Now


For every trip that we have, whether its within or outside the city, coffee shops are always one of the destinations that could never be skipped. It’s always part of the itinerary, even when you are going out with your family, when you are alone and you want to work, or even after getting drinks outside with friends on a Friday night. The reason why coffee shops are popular and are always there to give us a place where we can relax and talk, or even pass the time and just read a book, is because of how accommodating they can be. From the design to the small coffee details they are doing just to be different from the competition. Some also use coffee shops as places where they can work and be creative. This is the reason why coffee shops now are the trend setters when it comes to shop or restaurant design, since coffee shops are where people always needs or wants to be for most of their time outside their homes. Read to know more about the growing trend of coffee shops in the Philippines

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The Influence of Coffee

Coffee is part of the life of the everyday Filipino. The warm feeling that it gives us and the energy it provides when we need it for the day really makes it a part of our daily routine, there are also some who can’t function properly without it. By means of definition, coffee can be defined as an essential part of our mornings where we feel a sense of nostalgia from the times when we wake up at home and eat our breakfast as children and our parents always have them on the table. Coffee shop trends in the Philippines now in 2022 wants to also make us feel this way by carefully choosing the elements where we will feel the same kind of calmness and coziness our childhood lives were able to remember. You will see shops where even the design of the coffee cups down to the tables and chairs will make you feel at home. There are also coffee shops whose design tends to be more hip and on the go, they cater to the specific market in their area which doesn’t have the time to sit and stay. Within the long years the pandemic has forcefully given us, many developed a sense of taste for coffee and its different mixes as well as the different brewing techniques that can be used for it. So, if you are thinking of also building your own coffee shop, you might want to consider a few tips that will help you along the way.

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Your Target Market

The study you do even before beginning to realize your business. You have to consider the people who will most likely be your customers. Find out why the coffee shop is popular for them. Think of the place where your coffee shop will be and check the number of foot traffic it produces. You will also have to consider the age group of the people who will be prospect clients for your product. Some of the newly opened coffee shops by the road are catering specifically to the motorcycle rider market like the ones you see along the roads of Antipolo, Rizal. This type of idea is perfect for these business owners since most of their clients are just passing through. There are also ideas where they put all of their efforts in being a destination rather than just a place for coffee. These types of coffee shops are what makes customers stay for a longer period of time making them order more or post them in their social media giving the coffee shop free advertisement for the friends and family of those who post it. There are also coffee shops who specializes in the delivery of their products, may it be instant or even the coffee beans themselves. Whatever your idea is in the coffee shop you want to build, always make sure that the customers you target will always be put into consideration.

Your Type of Coffee Bean

From espresso to even dalgona coffee, there are lots of variations on how to make your go-to drink. What you will have to remember is that the origin of these drinks are the important factor you should carefully choose before making your menu. For espresso based coffee, you will have to choose the beans and type of roast and the flavor you are aiming for. The main types of coffee beans known around the world and are the most common types you will be able to see in the market for supplies are Arabica and Robust beans. Knowing the difference between the two will help you in your journey to make the perfect cup for your customers.

A. Arabica

one of the most popular types of coffee bean in the world and representing about 60% of the total global coffee production, this type of coffee bean produces a smooth, sweet taste with flavor notes of chocolate and sugar. This type of bean also has two times the amount of sugar than its brother Robusta and less caffeine of about 1.2 to 1.5 percent. A lot of different sub types of Arabica is available in the market with the differences where they are grown or processed. For most of the coffee shops in the Philippines, Arabica has been one of the leading type of bean that can match up to the different types of drinks everyone wants. Since there are a lot of coffee farmers in the Philippines, getting your Arabica supply from local suppliers will be easier since it’s so common and it will also help the community and the country’s coffee industry become more rich and sustainable.

B. Robusta

Robusta is the other main type of coffee bean that is popular with its stronger coffee taste and produces an earthy (often bitter), rubbery grain like flavor with a peanut after taste. This type of coffee bean has more caffeine and less sugar in it, making its taste harsher than the Arabica bean. This kind of coffee bean is perfect for the different newer coffee combinations we have right now. Some also like this stronger coffee bean for their espresso shots to give them the energy boost they need.

Wherever your coffee bean comes from, make sure to always buy fresh coffee to make the most out of the flavor the coffee bean has to give.

Your Type of Drink

The combination of drinks will also define the kind of coffee shop you want to have as well as being able to hit the latest coffee shop trends in the Philippines. This will also give your customers the kind of drink they want depending on the time of the day. Some purely cover the iced coffee selections to fight the summer heat and some specializes in the hot coffee drinks that will give the warm feeling their clients need in cold, high altitude places like Baguio or Tagaytay.

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1. Espresso

The full concentrated form of coffee extracted by using a special machine (espresso machine) that utilizes heated pressurized water and forcefully passed through finely ground coffee. The result is a creamy black liquid with a white foam called ‘crema’ which provides the rich taste and aroma of coffee that lingers in the mouth. This drink is served in shots and drank with a single gulp, this is usually ordered by businessmen or employees before going to work. Espresso has all the same characteristics of the bean chosen but with a more intense and amplified flavor. This is the base for all sorts of coffee combination you know of and what is commonly seen in the menu of your favorite coffee shop.

2. Latte

The latte is a classic variation to the strong espresso shot. It is made by adding a layer of steamed milk and foam on top of the espresso shot and is usually the go-to drink of the people who can’t handle the strong flavor of espresso. The latte is sweet and rich and is perfect for your mellow mornings

3. Cappuccino

Unlike the latte, the cappuccino only adds the steamed milk to the strong espresso shot. This is different in consistency since there will be more steamed milk added to the drink. There may be different flavors produced by different coffee shops so you will have to talk to your barista if you want a specific flavor for your espresso based drink

4. Ristretto

is a single shot of espresso. You may be confused that this is also what we call as the espresso shot. The difference is the way it is served, ristretto is served in a small cup while the espresso shot is served in a glass or ceramic shot. Some also consider the ristretto to be the purest way to serve coffee. You may also be served with a glass of water (sparkling or not) to drink in between sips of your coffee.

5. Macchiato

is a drink like the latte and cappuccino, adding a layer of steamed milk on top of the espresso. It’s just that the steamed milk is in equal parts with the espresso. The difference in taste will be noticed in the bolder taste of coffee the macchiato has to offer.

6. Americano

this is an espresso shot with an added amount of hot water. This will make the flavor of the espresso to be much softer. This drink got its name from the Americans who orders espresso shots and adds hot water to them since most of them can’t handle the strong flavor of the espresso shot.

7. Mocha

the popular drink that adds chocolate, steamed milk, and whipped cream to the famous espresso shot. This drink is the sweetest of all the drinks in the list making it popular to end a meal with. If you want a coffee drink that is easy on the palate, mocha is the one that should fix you up.

8. Red Eye

one of the drinks that will give you the blast you need. This drink uses drip coffee and will add a shot of espresso on top of it making the drink a little bit stronger than that of what the Americano can give.

The Type of Coffee Shop Design

No matter how good your coffee drinks are, the feel of the place will still add to the value of your clients’ full coffee experience. The design of the place will also add to the worth that your customers see in your coffee shop. A well designed place will also attract future customers to visit your coffee shop and document their visit by posting it in Instagram or Facebook, giving your coffee shop its needed advertisement, that is also free! This is included in the latest coffee shop trends in the Philippines after the alert level in Metro Manila has been loosened to alert level 1.

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One of the best coffee shops in the Philippines right now that set the trend for being the prettiest and coziest café is Coffee Project by AllValue Corporation, the retail arm of the Villar Group of Companies. Coffee Project was recently recognized as the 24th most Instagrammable Café in the world by and the DailyMail Uk out of the top 50 most instagrammable cafes in the world and is the only café in the Philippines who made it to this list consisting of different beautiful coffee shops all over the world. Coffee Project boasts its interior design which fills its space with flowers and greeneries that combines well with the rustic furniture as well as the lighting of the whole place. There are a lot of people, even in the pandemic, who still find the time to go to this place because it gives them the feeling of creativity that they need or even the calm surrounding perfect for reading your favorite book. This is also the first choice for some because Coffee Project doesn’t only offer great coffee and tea selections, but also serve international choices of food that adds to the value of the already great café. It’s really great to stay in a place like Coffee Project especially if you want find your oasis in the middle of the city.

Coffee shop trends in the Philippines are getting more and more sophisticated now that we have a lot of ways finding gems in the city, where being somewhere new always excites us, and finding places where we can relax and sip our favorite drink makes us feel at home. If you are building your own coffee shop or just a customer who wants to find great cafes, remember to find the value of the experience shared with your friends or family.

Written by Gene Llanes