PAGASA Declares Start of Dry Season


Dry season is here! With the weather we are feeling now, too hot and so dry, we wanted to go away and dip in the pool or the beach. It would have been nice if we have a home near those areas where we get to enjoy with our family outside our home or away from our home to relax and have fun in the water. With Bria Homes, affordable condominium and affordable house and lot located to over fifty locations in the Philippines, you can easily access nature, away from the city and beaches around the area. Having your dream home is attainable fast and easy real estate investment where you get to enjoy your hard earned money and afford a place what you will call home forever. You have an option to avail with the help of Pag-IBIG loan or bank loan to achieve that dream house of yours.

What month is dry season?

PAGASA officially declares the start of dry season after the end of northeast monsoon or Amihan this March. The difference between dry season and summer is that we, Filipinos usually called the start of the this climate season as summer but truth to be told that there is no summer season in the Philippines as summer only happens in the countries with temperate climate zones such as countries in northern and southern hemispheres. These countries does not experience extreme temperatures like ours and experience moderate rain and snow from time to time as a difference between dry season and summer. Summer happens between spring and autumn when the weather is hot or warm. Countries like ours, the Philippines, only have two seasons: Dry and Rainy seasons explaining the difference between dry season and summer from the other countries that have four seasons such spring, summer, winter and fall. According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA this explains what month is dry season, Philippines two major seasons only happens June to November for the Rainy season and December to May for the Dry season. It has two type to what month is dry season is, cool dry happens between December to February and hot dry happens between March to May. Scientifically, summer is the hottest season in where the water is high and it evaporates very quickly. 

One common illness during hot season is heat stroke. This happens when the body no longer sweats and the body temperature reaches dangerous levels resulting to heat stroke. These are the common symptoms and signs of early heat stroke that you need to watch:

  1. Dry and reddish skin
  2. Lack of sweating
  3. High body temperature
  4. Chills
  5. Confusion
  6. Speaks unclearly

If you know someone starts to experience these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

You may also experience heat rash in where you skin starts to irritate with too much sweating. Watch out for red small pimples or small blisters around the neck, upper chest, under the breast and elbow creases.

1. Drink Plenty  of water

Drink more water especially on a hot season. Drink at least 8-10 glasses a day to help you keep hydrated

2. Avoid liquids that can cause dehydration

Drinking alcohol, coffee, tea and any caffeinated drinks can cause dehydration rather than helping you. Drink more water instead

3. Wear nice clothing

Wear something thin, light weight, light colored clothes that can help protect you from  too much heat and the sun. Change clothes frequently as necessary to avoid getting colds or getting too much sweat on your body or back

4. Take care of yourself

Work in a place where you get a nice air and away from too much sun. Slow down if needed to avoid too much exhaustion. Work at your own pace to not to exhaust yourself too much

5. Take a break

Rest is essential during this time. Make sure to take a break whenever necessary.

6. Damp your face with a towel

Wipe your face with a clean towel and place it around your neck to lower down your body temperature

7. Do not get sun burns

Use UV protection lotions to avoid sun burns. Sun burns are itchy and painful and can costs you discomforts all through the day. Seek medical attention if needed to get proper creams or lotions to ease out the pain

8. Be alert on the symptoms

Search for signs on heat related illnesses in order for you to seek medical help immediately if needed or apply first aid treatments to avoid escalating the problems

9. Avoid direct sun

Look for a shaded area in where you can stay away from the sun

10. Eat smaller and healthier meals

Eating fruits with high fiber helps to lower down the body temperature

Follow these tips to help you go through the dry season.

Beaches Near Manila

During this dry season, we wanted to go out and enjoy the sun with our family in our beach trips. Here are some places we can visit near manila for a fresher air and fun at the beach:

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1. Zambales

Zambales is known for the home of the Mount Pinatubo which erupted in 1991 and after that it now known for its tourist destinations. In Botolan, Zambales, the beach have fine and dark sand with several beach resorts around you can enjoy. There is also Rama Beach Resorts that gives affordable and budget friendly accommodations and known for turtle hatchery and helps preserve turtle’s population.  There is also Botolan Wildlife Farm, a home of the exotic animals and plants and also Tukal waterfalls for other nature adventures.

2. Pangasinan

One of the famous beaches in Pangasinan is the Cabongaoan Beach in Pangasinan. It is a long stretch of white sand located in Burgos, Pangasinan that is known for the beautiful sunset and clear waters. It offers nipa huts and have beach resorts where you can chill with your friends, beach front. Its unique natural swimming pool is famously known as the Death Pool. In order to reach the pool, you have to go through rock transformations and go through big tidal waves.  It is a six hour drive from Manila.

3. Batangas

Batangas is known for its Magsasa beach which only two to three hours away from Manila located in Tingloy, Batangas. Tingloy will be reached via a boat ride as it is away from the Batangas main land from the Anilao Port or Talaga Port. The beach has turquoise water makes you excited to swim and dive in. Some usually prefer to stay in transient homes or stay in tents in Mt. Gulugod Baboy. You can also snorkel going to Verde Passage to see some marine creatures or go trekking to some rock formations at Mag-asawang Bato.

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Calatagan, Batangas is just two hour drive from Manila that is famous for camping sites and many resorts with the access of the Calatagan white sand beaches and offers affordable stays in the resort and also has clear blue waters. You can also go for a dive to see the rich biodiversity of Batangas and there tours that they offer with Starfish Island and Sand Bar.

4. Quezon

Borawan in Quezon is known to have a combination of Boracay and Palawan names with its white sand same as boracay but you will be surprised with Borawans own beauty and nature. It is used to be unknown to some tourist but as people started visited the island, it surely became popular afterwards through their write ups. You have an option to camp or book a stay in the resorts to enjoy some water activities such as kayaking, swimming and do some island hopping with your friends and family but jellyfish is common in the area and you need to watch out for that as it hurts when it stings. Borawan is four hours away from Manila with approximately 190 kilometers drive.

There is also another famous beach in Quezon that we need to include in our list. Alibijaban Island in Quezon offers a more laidback island experience in where you can just sit and chill by the beach. It is a small where every corner is Instagram friendly where if offers white sand, clear waters and even a mangrove forest for 140 hectares in size. There are transient homes and floating cottages you can book for your stay with the very friendly locals always willing to help. It is six hours and a half to get to Alibijaban from Manila.

Sabang Beach in Baler, Aurora is the most famous surfing spot near in Manila rather than going to Siargao for a surfing trip with its big waves from the Pacific Ocean. It is considered a big playground for manilenos looking for a weekend trip of fun and adventure with the waves. For the newbies, there are surfing camps where classes are being offered for beginners and pro surfers. There are also bars around the area in where you can bond with your friends to cap off the night. Sabang beach is five hours away from Manila with 260 kilometers.

5. Aurora

Dinadiawan Beach is greatly known at Aurora that is six hours away or 300 kilometers away from Manila with cream-colored beach sand, crystal blue water and pristine views. The beach offers different beach resorts you can stay or you can opt for a glamping and some accommodation in the tree houses. The beach usually tends to have big waves so kids are not allowed to swim unattended and unsupervised by an adult. There is also a waterfall you can visit at Baul Falls and Bulangan Falls, trek the mountains of Mount Dabukid and Mount Dimanjotol, you can also go island hopping to the near beaches and visit the Dibutunan Twin cave.

6. Bataan

Nagbalayon Bataan is located in Morong, Bataan. It is considered underrated by many but with its own beauty and charm and charcoal gray sand, you would not missed it but the waves are not ideal as of Zambales and not recommended for surfing. There is also called the Bakas Higante in where you can see a giant footstep towards the beach’s southern end. The Pawikan Conservation Centre is located here where many marine sea turtles are nestled.

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7. La Union

Urbiztondo Beach, La Union is also known to be a surfing spot near manila aside from Baler, perfect for beginners and pro surfers. Sunset is also one of the reasons why people tend to visit the beach for total relaxation and get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. It also attracts a lot of city dwellers because of its hip restaurants, coffee shops and bars. You can also visit the Tangadan Falls for a cliff diving and go for a swim in waterfall with your friends.

There are a lot of things to do to get away and survive the dry season. It is surely is hot and uncomfortable during this season but there are ways we can surpass and enjoy it at the same time. Have fun with your family but do not forget to take care of yourself also.

Experience new things around you with easy access to the beaches and nearby provinces are never this easy with Bria Homes’ strategic locations. It is where you can easily go in and out of the community that is near all major roads to get away from too much heat in our home by going the beach. If you want to experience new adventures outside your community check out the list of beaches for you and your family to visit.

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Written by Yna Faundo