Bria House and Lot: Tourist destinations you can go to without RT-PCR Test


The holiday season’s fast approaching, vaccination drives more aggressive than ever. A higher number of people getting vaccinated. All these reasons have been slowly opening up the economy once again. Accepting tourism in a certain place is one way to do so. As part of encouraging people to get vaccinated certain establishments and cities implemented some perks for the vaccinated. If you’re one of us, then lucky you! Because traveling nowadays is a lot easier than it was during the early days of COVID. Here are some of the tourist destinations you can visit without RT-PCR test, as long as you’re vaccinated!

Things to know

Before we proceed on the list of tourist destinations that do not require RT-PCR Test, you must know that before all these, whenever we’re going out of town we’re always required to present negative antigen or RT-PCR test. Hurts both our nostrils and our pockets! Not only that, but the risk of exposure outside your town is much higher compared to now due to a number of reasons – high cases, unvaccinated people, and lack of compliance in safety measures.

But today, as soon as vaccination drives have been rolled out, several restrictions have been lifted and multiple tourist destinations started opening to visitors once again, especially for the vaccinated ones. With lower risk exposure and probability of contracting and spreading the virus, vaccinated people are now allowed in several tourist destinations without taking RT-PCR test! We’ve listed down some of them for you.

Per IATF Guidelines, you should at least be 2 weeks fully vaccinated.

Tourist destinations you can go to without RT-PCR Test

As long as you’re fully vaccinated, you can visit the following tourist destinations without presenting or taking a swab or RT-PCR Test beforehand.

1. Baguio

Baguio has been one of the first few tourist destinations to accept fully vaccinated people without having to take RT PCR test. As one of the best destinations all year round, it is definitely good news to be able to visit Baguio now.

Just be sure to comply with their travel requirements and sign up on their Visita Baguio website and get your QR Code or pass prior to your visit. Baguio sure strictly implements their rules and as long as you follow them, you’re good to go!

Things to do/see in Baguio:

  • Burnham Park
  • Camp John Hay
  • Baguio Brewery
  • BenCab Museum

2. Boracay

Boracay is definitely one of the go-to places for tourists. With the fine white sand and the salty beach hair you’ll experience, who wouldn’t want to go there again? Luckily, Boracay’s travel requirements are now much easier. Effective November 16, fully vaccinated individuals can visit the island by complying with their travel requirements and showing their VaxCert or Vaccination card.

3. Subic Bay

Another tourist destination that no longer requires RT PCR Test as long as you’re fully vaccinated. Going to Subic now is very much convenient as they only need the following:

  • Vaccination Card
  • Valid ID

Things to do/see in Subic:

  • Ocean Adventure
  • Inflatable Island
  • USS New York Sea Wreck
  • El Kabayo Waterfalls
  • Zoobic Safari

4. Cebu

Vaccination cards or certificate is already sufficient to visit this tourist destination without RT PCR Test. However, Cebu is only open to domestic travelers. OFWs and other international travelers are still subject to national government policies.

Things to do/see in Cebu:

  • Kawasan Falls
  • Explore Bantayan Island
  • Camotes Island
  • Cebu Taoist Temple

5. El Nido, Palawan

As one of the world’s most wonderful islands and beaches, tourists used to flock to the place. And you would surely love to go to this tourist destination now as they no longer require RT PCR tests.

Here’s an updated list of El Nido travel requirements (effective November 22):

  • S-PaSS registration
  • Valid I.D.
  • Vaccination certificate from
  • Confirmed hotel booking
  • Roundtrip tickets

6. Bohol

Famous for chocolate hills and home of tarsiers, Bohol has also opened to be one the famous tourist destinations you can visit without RT-PCR. Aside from its chocolate hills, you can also visit Bohol’s pristine beaches and go for scuba diving to see some beautiful coral reefs in Panglao, Bohol. To visit the place you would need the following travel requirements.

Things to do/ see in Bohol:

  • Chocolate Hills
  • Panglao Beach
  • Tarsier Conservatory
  • Loboc Adventure Park
  • Loboc River Cruise

7. Puerto Galera

Due to its close proximity and accessibility to Manila, Puerto Galera was once a top weekend destination. For its island parties, diving sites, and beaches. Explore the beaches of Puerto Galera once again as they are one of the tourist destinations that don’t need an RT-PCR Test. Simply Bring your ID and vaccination card with you. 

Things to do/ see in Puerto Galera:

  • Island Hopping
  • Trekking
  • Discover multiple falls on the island
  • Lounge in its white beaches

8. Ilocos Norte

Just this November 2021, Laoag City announced its eased travel requirements for the fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people will no longer be required to present antigen or RT-PCR tests as long as they comply with the province’s travel requirements

Things to do/ see in Puerto Galera:

  • Sand Boarding
  • Visit Philippines’4th Longest Bridge
  • Bangui Windmills
  • San Agustin Church

Tips for traveling

Being fully vaccinated in time of this Pandemic surely brings a lot of advantages. We’re not only protecting ourselves but those around us and our communities as well. As we go through more encouragement in the vaccination drive, achieving herd immunity could be within our reach. That’s why getting everyone – even teens get vaccinated to achieve optimum protection. 

Of course, one must not be too comfortable when traveling even though vaccinated. Staying hygienic and implementing social distancing are still a must because we should always remember that we’re still in a pandemic.

This list of travel destinations that don’t require RT-PCR is only some of the few provinces that started opening up to the fully vaccinated. Even with quarantine restrictions, we hope to see everything get back to normal once again so that we can fully soak into the sun while experiencing the serene feels of the mountains and beaches we dreaded to feel when we were on lockdown. 

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