Bria House and Lot: Must-try Cafes in Rizal


“But first, coffee!” is what adults say and I somehow consider myself part of that. Adults’ relationship with coffee is as tight as how much they want to make every day bearable, at least. Yes, it sounds kind of overstated and funny but here is the true cycle- Sleepy? Coffee. Tired? Coffee. Lazy? Coffee. Meetings? Coffee. Either deep or just casual conversations with people? Coffee. Alone time? Coffee. “Adulting” is somewhat sponsored by coffee and fueled by good food and maybe, that is just the way it is. It is safe to assume that every town, whether big or small, has cafes and coffee shops to chill at scattered everywhere; even coffee karts or coffee on wheels have become popular during the pandemic when people needed to be more resourceful and creative for livelihood. Yes, people certainly loved it! Going through this article, you will be recommended with must-try cafes in one of the country’s first-class provinces that you surely cannot resist visiting, the Province of Rizal. 

Similar to teenagers enjoying bottles of beers and vodkas, bar-hopping on a Friday night, anybody who loves coffee + food do cafe hopping, too. Traveling to international or local places, the excitement of visiting and spending time in a new cafe is always there. Known for its rich nature without missing the urban living vibes, cafes in Rizal province are way too aesthetic and instagrammable, as what most teens consider and a good workspace for adults as well. 

If you ever planned a trip to Rizal, here is a list of cafes that are worth visiting, trying, and spending your time at.

One way to enjoy coffee in peace is sitting by the window, watching people and cars pass by, and letting your mind think whatever. But, that might be the city version of spending time in a cafe. Art Sector Gallery & Chimney Café 360 is a must-try cafe in Rizal with a scenic view from its rooftop while having your choice of coffee partnered with their food specialties will make your stay worthwhile. If the sun is still too hot for the rooftop, seats by the large windows are available inside, too, so you would not miss the picturesque view. The café’s interior is classified as chic and modern which matched the minimalist in-house gallery. Surely, there is no bad corner to take your photos in this café! 

Located at Lot 18 Block 178 Eastridge Executive Village, Tayuman 1940 Binangonan, Philippines

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2.) Uggy Café 

If you are looking for coffee in its purest form, Uggy Café is best to visit for they have single-origin coffee; not to mention that they are the first specialty coffee shop in Angono, Rizal, as well as a boutique café! This must-try cafe in Rizal also serve espresso-based drinks, cocktail tea, cakes, and snacks.

Located at 227 Don Justo Guido St, Bgy San Pedro, Angono, Rizal

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3.) Café Rizal by Peppermill

The famous Pinto Art Museum has an extension of its works of art- yes, a café. Pinto art museum is already a go-to tourist desitnation and with a must-try cafe in Rizal, too. Café Rizal by Peppermill is the museum’s cafe, serving serene vibes, and attractive angles for your Instagram feed. Upon seeing the place, you will opt to dine outdoors and that is for sure! 

Located at 1 Sierra Madre Street Grand Heights Subdivision 1870 Antipolo, Philippines

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4.) Typica Coffee

Small and minimalistic cafes are kind of becoming the new favorite these days and how a sari-sari store turned into a café is impressive. Typica Café is a Japanese-inspired café- aesthetically simple. They offer Japanese-style caffeinated beverages at an affordable price that serve more Tokyo vibes. 

Located at 72 E Rodriguez Ave, Taytay Rizal

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5.) Yellow Lantern Café

This café is perfect for the ones who just want to sit in calm, sip coffee in between random thoughts and lose track of time. The sunset is also a highlight in this café, so Yellow Lantern Café is a good café recommendation for you to visit if you enjoy sunsets, good food, and coffee. 

Located at 267-269 Sumulong Highway Brgy Mambugan 1870 Antipolo, Philippines

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6.) Coffee Project

Scattered around Manila, CALABARZON, and in selected provincial locations, with 55 current branches, Coffee Project has earned the title of the café to go to for that fancy ambiance without leaving you out of pocket. With comfortable seats arranged to ensure customers’ stay to be worthwhile, the arrangements also serve another purpose for Insta-worthy spots. Each branch follows the code of applying the café’s remarkable interior- out of the ordinary, filled with flowers and greens and warm lights to complete the vibe. 70% Arabica combined with 30% Robusta is Coffee Project’s Signature Blend which gives you tasty coffee to sip, good food to indulge in, and comfortable corners to chill as you spend time in the café. Coffee Project in Rizal is located within Vista Mall Antipolo.

Located at Vista Mall Antipolo

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Aside from the following coffee shops in the list, you may also want to try Yellow Bird Cafe for their Costa Rican coffee, Crescent Moon Café (Crescent moon cafe), Burrow Cafe for an underground cafe tucked with the ground experience, and Chimney Cafe. These shops offer delicious food and fresh coffee perfect for any season. There is this something unexplainable about how cafes, coffee shops, and coffee houses make coffee enthusiasts, most especially, feel. Don’t you think, a coffee establishment is tantamount to how mountains, beaches, and rooftops bring comfort when we crave tranquility and peace of mind? Because I do. The bitterness of climbing up a mountain, that fresh breeze at the beach which feels like a hug, and the thoughts you have for yourself while watching the sunset from the rooftop are as fair as to how sitting in a café, sipping coffee, and embracing your life’s current state exactly feels like. That is all I am able to say for now. Well, maybe, just maybe, calling it a “safe haven” can suffice the missing words to best describe what these coffee places personally bring me. But one thing is for sure, it is never something negative. 

I have also realized that these must-try cafes in Rizal are very much accessible, unlike having to climb up mountains, traveling to beaches, and finding the rooftop that \catches sunsets! Right, lucky for those in Rizal who have both; wonderful and practical coffee community and beautiful natural attractions. True enough how the province of Rizal is considered as one of the country’s first-class provinces. If you happen to visit Rizal, get mesmerized, which is not very impossible to happen, and want to look for a place to come home to, BRIA Homes is just as worth considering. The good thing about BRIA Homes is that they have ready for occupancy houses and lots for sale which works smoothly for people who love experiencing life in new places. Living in a successful province like Rizal is already a win, environment-wise, cost of living-wise, and of course, its accessibility to the metro; and BRIA Homes may just be the plus factor to make it all better for having quality + affordable house and lots to offer you. 10 benefits of living in an affordable house and lot in Rizal can be found on BRIA Website to have you he BRIA Homes’ community in Rizal is just as great as its coffee community. 

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Written by Roselyn Galvan