Bria House and Lot: Home Trends this 2022 You Can Adapt


As the holidays had been concluded and it’s time to store away those Christmas decorations back to our attics—it is also time to be creative in revamping our house’s styles that would last for the whole year. Read on to know more of our forecast for home trends 2022.

Change has been an unavoidable part of our life for the past years. The pandemic has affected these shifts in how we now define our homes. Most people would agree that we want our houses to provide us with warmth, comfort, and an environment that can induce productivity. Home Trends for the past two years are direct outcomes of that. 

Trends are impermanent; one minute they are all the rage, next minute they are overdone being out of date. One of the factors to consider while redesigning your house is the ability to forecast the future on a constant basis of what will be “in” and what will be “out” in the coming trends. This is to help us make sound decisions for what comes later since our house style will last for a lengthy period.

Information was gathered from interior designer to forecast what will be ‘in’ for home trends this year based on how the pandemic affected us and what reflects our current way of living as a society.

It is important to take into consideration these trend forecasts while deciding on the finest house style to undertake throughout 2022. So, here are some forecasts of post-pandemic home style trends that would help you transform that Bria House and Lot modishly ‘in’ for home trends 2022:

Trend Forecast 1: Nature Inspired Interiors.

We’ve been deprived of going out of our homes for the past few years due to the quarantine, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the natural warmth and comfort provided by the ecosystem.

Let’s make nature more accessible in our homes. Allowing more sunlight to fill in our haven by extending our windows is one technique to do this. Also, by bringing in more plants into our dwelling places. Plants sustainably enhance our lives whilst also purifying the air we breathe. To use it as decorations may contribute to balancing the contemporary and industrial moods of our spaces while also making the surroundings feel homey. This may be done through the following: potted plants, air or hanging plants, wall plants, and more.

Furthermore, using natural materials as decorative objects (such as wood, marble, and stone) is not only a sustainable choice but also has a positive effect on your general wellness. These organic materials adds depth as well as inspires physical exercise, relieves stress, boosts our emotions, and it reminds us of peace and tranquility brought by nature. 

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Trend Forecast 2: Lead the Scene and Keep it Green

Picking a color palette for our house is daunting. The color scheme of our homes influences the tone or feel that our surroundings radiate, and because we are still unsure of how future work and life setups will be implemented, it is important to choose a color that will benefit us for a long period.

‘Going green’ could also be applied to our color palette selections for our home. Most paint industries had released their color of the year which are shades of ‘Green’. The color green is known to stimulate efficiency, which is excellent for us as we are embarking on a home-work-study setting. When exploring the significance of the color green, it is also essential to consider the effects it could have on a person. It is recognized to be a rejuvenating color when someone is emotionally, physically, or cognitively fatigued. To add, for us to wholly grasp a sensation of warmth from nature, this color is commonly matched with: Shoji White, Accessible Beige, Urbane Bronze, Uber Umber, Woven Wicker, and Bakelite Gold. Also, we could expect more mixing of dark and warm earthy tones for a complete monochromatic moment by interior designers this 2022.

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Trend Forecast 3: Going back to Vintage themed designs

Bringing young memories back into our spaces is one approach to re-create the feeling of those youthful years. In addition to integrating nature into our homes and employing its color schemes, we may also go full-fledged vintage. Vintage-themed design ideas have been progressively reintroduced into the interior design trends. 

Consumers are becoming more aware of the conditions of Mother Nature and are becoming more cognizant of the need of making sustainable choices. As a result, they tend to choose thrift, vintage, or resale furniture. Vintage lets its users employ natural and neutral materials (e.g., linens, pieces of cotton, and wool). And, because we desire a sense of warmth and a peaceful vibe in our houses, we’re opting for a home that’s rich in warmer earth tones (e.g., vanillas, creams, browns, etc.). 

It is also predicted that more sustainable materials would be used in furniture and fixtures so consumers could relish and embrace more sustainably innovative products.

Trend Forecast 4: Curved Furniture Makes a Comeback 

Curved furniture had made a comeback and will be around for a while after a lengthy break from home trends. This type of furniture was prominent way back in the 1970s, as part of the mid-century modern style. This might just become a part of home trends for this 2022.

So, why are they once again taking the limelight of trend? One reason is due to the implication of this shape. Curves are mostly linked with relaxation, freedom, playfulness, and indulgence. Which is what we most yearn for as the boundary of work and rest became increasingly blurred. These curvy furniture pieces complement vintage-themed design and earthy tones quite nicely. Curved couches, curved canopy beds, oval tables, and curved accent chairs are recommended to adopt this trend.

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Trend Forecast 5: Wallpapers

Another trend to be expected of resurging back its popularity is: “wallpapers”. People have gathered the bravery to take the risk of adorning their walls with unique decoration options of wallpaper covers. Wallpaper brings a wall to life, and what’s even better is that wallpaper comes in a broad variety of designs to pick from. The choices can be but are not limited to the following: Scenic Wall Murals, geometric patterns, Florals, Geeky Patterns, Vintage, Botanicals, Dramatic, Archival, Textural, and drama. In line with this, modern technology has played a role in introducing new printing processes that allow customers to freely express themselves through wallpapers.

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Trend Forecast 6: Smart Home is the Future

“Hey Alexa, could you turn off the lights?”

Who wouldn’t want to be able to turn off the lights without having to get up from bed and do it themselves?

Technology-driven homes are the future that has evolved through time and is now in full swing for home trends 2022. Smart Home does not necessarily imply complete automated control of your home; it might be as simple as possessing smart gadgets. The integration of a smart home may appear intimidating or difficult, yet in effect, it simplifies our lives. It’s rather simple to integrate these gadgets. These smart home gadgets to cater human needs in a wide range. 

In converting your house into a smart home, it is suggested to have a voice-controlled assistant platform such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri for general use, as well as smart light bulbs, smart plugs, smart TV and speakers, and smart doorbells, for security purposes, outdoor and indoor security cameras, video doorbells, smart lock, and a home security system. In addition, the emergence of smart appliances inverters has entered the smart home trends since they enable energy consumption efficiency. Some of these appliances are inverter air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and electric fans.

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Trend Forecast 7: More Entertainment Rooms, Study Areas, and Home Offices

At first, we thought that the ‘new normal’ setup was just transitory, but as time passes, it appears to be a permanent arrangement we need to adjust to. One way of coping with this setup is to make our homes versatile to our needs. Who would have imagined that we could blend leisure, work, study, and rest in the same venue—our houses?

People are demanding more spaces in their houses to be able to do more things and activities in the haven of their homes. We will continue to witness the increasing number of entertainment rooms, outdoor spaces, home offices, and study places in 2022 top interior design trends. Nowadays, it is vital to define these areas in our houses, decorate them, and make them a part of our homes.

Entertainment Rooms

One of the aspirations for many people is to acquire a sense of leisure without having to go outside. Who needs to go to the cinemas when you can set up your home theater with a projector, a white background, and a comfortable sofa? The function of an entertainment room is defined by you and your family’s hobbies; it may be a place to sit back, relax, and watch movies, or it could be a library full of books and calming music, or it could be a home bar where you can enjoy a bottle of wine.

Study Areas and Home Office

There’s no need for a stress-reliever if there’s no stress. While schools are closed and the labor force is reduced, we are compelled to study and work from home. This will continue to be a trend since we need to continually adjust to this setting and come up with new ways to make it more suitable for us.

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Trend Forecast 8: Vibrant Kitchenware

The last but not least forecast for home trends 2022 is that we will see a lot of colored kitchenware. We’re locked inside our homes, and it’s safer to cook our meals, so why not make our kitchen as expressive as possible? It’s going to be part of the trend for this year since one way of showing off your home style is by expressing your ‘fun’ self with the vibrant colors of your dinnerware. It could be a collection of tinted glassware displayed in our kitchen or multicolored bowls readily available in our cookware arsenal.

To help you choose the right materials and decorations for your home trends, visiting an AllHome branch near you would be a great idea. Since it’s a one-stop-shop with a variety of brands and choices to choose from that would help you with your appliances, furniture, and renovation needs.

Overall, we continue to be apprehensive about how the pandemic may proceed this year (2022). As the number of reported cases has increased to a worrisome level and the uncertainty of what will happen in the future persists. Pushing people to constantly seek new things to try while also attempting to revive old trends.

The only certain thing is that our houses will continue to be our constant companions in our lives. In spite of that, it is important to take in mind to do more of what you enjoy for yourself rather than trying hard to keep up with trends. Stick to what you enjoy and don’t give a flying fig of what other people think. It’s your house, your rules– Grab a brush and a pail of paint and create a mural on your wall. Go ahead and buy that Turkish rug you’ve been eyeing, even if it doesn’t match your sofa. At the end of the day, you and your family’s wellness and comfort are what matters most. Besides, investing in our homes is now considered as investing in our wellness.

Bria Homes not only welcomes your creative self but ensures that homeowners receive the holistic wellness they deserve. Furthermore, architectural, and interior design experts are devoted to ensuring that your houses can easily keep up with new trends. Maximizing spaces to provide you versatility. Also, clinching that your homes are warm, comfortable, and pandemic-ready. 

Are you still worried about paying your monthly rent? Still dreaming of having a sanctuary you can call your own? A place where you can express yourself freely. If you’re having trouble deciding on your next step toward owning your own affordable home, you may consult with us here. Property specialists of Bria Homes are pleased to help you with your life goals.

Written by Vincent Sanchez