How to decorate your Bria house and lot for Christmas


Decorating your home for the holiday season is probably one of the most exciting part of celebrating the yuletide season. The Christmas season is about family, sharing love and happiness, and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Christmas preparation is really important that is why some Filipinos usually start preparing as early as September and this is the time when Christmas carols began to be heard on the radios. Aside from giving gifts and preparing noche buena food, Christmas decorations will definitely set the holiday vibe which will let you and your family enjoy the holiday even more. 

So keep on reading to know how to decorate your house and lot for Christmas!

Since Christmas is also about reunions and getting together with your family, your living room is going to be the center of action. You want to make sure that everyone will feel the Christmas spirit through your favorite Christmas decorations in your house especially in the living room and dining room table. 

There are actually no rules when it comes to decorating your house, but to give you some of the best Christmas decorating ideas here’s how to decorate for Christmas.

1. Know your Style

The first thing to remember on how to decorate your house and lot for Christmas is knowing your style. Make sure to keep your house decorations personal and something that would reflect your family traditions. Just like re-using your Christmas tree from last year or maybe recycling old holiday decor and putting it back to life. Old stuff could let you and your family reminisce about what happened throughout the year. 

2. Keep it Simple

You may also want to keep it simple and elegant. The basics like a Christmas tree, some garland, and maybe a few candles will surely keep the Christmas vibe alive. For some, the house will be more noticeable by keeping the decorations simple. Making it subtle and sophisticated with just the right amount of holiday accent like in the stairway. For small spaces, going simple is the best option since what matters is for your family to have enough space to dance along with the beat of Christmas carols. 

3. Bright and Fun

Having a colorful Christmas is something that your family would totally enjoy. You can be creative by using different bright colors for your Christmas decorations, these pieces truly stand out. Just like having a candy-themed Christmas tree or by just simply using different colors of Christmas balls and lights. Adding pop colors like pink, yellow, and anything pastel is another level of fun. The best way to choose color is to pick something that makes you smile whenever you see it since Christmas is also a time for joy.

4. Choose a Color

In contradiction with having a colorful Christmas, using just one color for your decorations would make it more neutral and that means, you can never go wrong with it. By just simply choosing one specific color for your Christmas decoration, your home would totally look amazing.

For instance, you can use classic Christmas colors such as white for a winter wonderland theme, blue to make your house more calm and fresh or red to make it more romantic and intense. Just like white Christmas, which is one of the most common colors used since white is correlated to winter or snow. 

5. Go Wild

Another creative way on how to decorate your house and lot for Christmas is by going wild with your decorations. Being extra is just another way of expressing your style just like the saying, “it’s better to be wild than boring”. Some would display a massive collection of Santa Claus and angels or would decorate their houses with dancing Christmas lights. Also, you can put a big ribbon for your front door that would welcome your family and friends.

6. Nature lover

You can use natural elements like plants and flowers as Christmas decorations. Adding more greens would transform your home into an eco-friendly one. You could also use natural materials, like metal, wool, natural fabrics, and wood or branches as an accent. Through this, your home will be more cozy and close to nature. 

7. Shining shimmering

Gold and silver have always been a favorite since Christmas would never be the same without the bling and glitters. It is elegant to have gold and silver Christmas ornaments which are classy and beautiful enough to shimmer your home. You can also play with metallics to create a seasonal glam which will add an extra sparkle to your home.

8. DIY

Creating your own Christmas decorations to show off your crafty side will make it more sentimental. Aside from creating something that your family would love and appreciate, it is also cheaper than buying new decorations yearly. You can create a DIY Christmas trees that is unique and fun to make. Moreover, self-made Christmas lanterns or personalized Christmas ornaments are timeless which means, you could still use them for next year’s holiday. It’s really fun to create your DIY decorations with your kids which is a great activity and bonding for your family.

9. Little is More

Do not just focus on your Christmas tree, instead add a few pieces of decorations in every part of your house just like on your couch. Another Christmas decoration ideas is having Christmas-related prints on your throw pillows or adding some centerpiece on your coffee table can create drama for your house. 

Furthermore, you also want to feel the Christmas spirit even in your bedroom. Although you don’t want to overdo it so you can add just a few pieces like a tiny Christmas tree on your bedside table. 

It is also necessary to decorate your dining area because there is where your family will gather around for noche buena. You can decorate it by putting some garland as a centerpiece and an overlooking Christmas tree. You can also add some candles on the table to make it more intimate, and setting up the table with the finest utensils you have will definitely impress your visitors and family.

Your home is totally looking good inside, however, creating some actions for your outdoor spaces can make your home even more fantastic. Outdoor Christmas decor are your opportunity to show your neighbors, friends, and family your holiday spirit. In that way, Santa will definitely come over to your house and give some gifts. In a serious manner, decorating your front door to your garden could take your home to another level and bring Christmas cheer all year long. Christmas charm are one of the most practical decorations, while lanterns could make it more festive. You can also be more creative by adding some candy canes and ribbons or simply hanging some Christmas balls on plants and trees if you have. 

For Filipino families, creating a belen is something traditional. Belen is a Spanish word for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. It is also referred to as Nativity Scene or Manger Scene, the Christmas crib represents how Mary gave birth to Jesus.

All things considered, no matter how simple or extravagant your Christmas decorations are, what’s important is celebrating Christmas with the people you love at the comfort of your Bria Homes. 

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Have a merry, wonderful Christmas with your Bria Homes. 

Written by Lysandra Faye Batac