Is viva magenta good for your home’s interior?

2023 Viva Magenta Color of the Year

As soon as a new year’s coming in, lucky colors, lucky numbers and newest trends predicted for the incoming year is all over the news. We welcome every year with its own “color”. As part of Filipino new year’s tradition, we even wear this “color of the year” as our family’s theme costume. For this year of 2023, Pantone decided that the color of the year will be Viva Magenta. Therefore we’ve seen everything magenta all over our news feed during the new years eve!

But is it always good to follow the trend? There had been setbacks when it came to making items into magenta color that’s why some people opted to wear or put something close to magenta, like red, pink, or fuschia. How about in a home’s interior? Having viva magenta as 2023’s color of the year, is it a good idea for your home’s interior?

Before deciding if you should integrate this year’s viva magenta, let’s first know about pantone and their culture of setting the newest trends in every incoming year by announcing their chosen color of the year.

Who or what is Pantone?

You might have already heard about “pantone” ever since these “color of the year” trend started popping out. But have you bothered getting to know them? Most likely not! Not everyone is familiar with pantone, but we’re so good at following their instructions on what is the newest color in town!

Pantone is actually a company with a headquarters in New Jersey. This company started as a commercial printing company and soon was known for it’s color matching system. There’s a whole story about the company’s first name, how it was acquired, and when the name Pantone came up, but to summarize, pantone is now best know for what they call Pantone Matching System or PMS.

Pantone makes proprietary color spaces used in multiple industries that supports and manufactures the color from design to production in all digital formats. The company has their own Pantone guides, small and thin cardboard sheets with color swatches. The idea behind this PMS is to help designers, of all sorts, color match an item with the help of their standardized color system and guides. Easy to say now, this systematic “color matching” and color standardization by pantone is now widely adopted by graphic designers, reproduction and printing houses, and fashion designers.

The pantone color institute

With pantone’s very significant contribution to the industry with its simplified approach to colors, they are also well known for their leading expertise in color. So much so that they have Pantone Color Institute that forecasts global color trends that is best applied in company brands, products, fashion and many more. Basically saying that they could set the standard in what is the best color in such things, even setting the yearly color of the year.

2023 Pantone Color of the Year

The very institute mentioned is the one who instigated the annual color of the year trend. Unsurprisingly, Pantone never brought anyone disappointment as the colors they set were really followed in different industries as seen in 2022’s veri peri and in previous years as well.

Now, the great question is, should you apply the color of the year into your home’s interior?

Well, the answer is not that simple, it could be both yes, and no. There are many things to consider when changing the color of your home’s interior especially if you’re only planning to make simple changes that wouldn’t hurt your pockets that much.

Here are some considerations when it comes to repainting or adding the color of the year to your home:

1. Short term trend

If you’d like to follow this trend by applying it into your home’s interior, one usual way is to repaint some parts of your home with Viva Magenta. However, the trend color of the year, as the name implies is only short-lived. Always following ever changing trends could be such a hassle since you’d have to change the colors before or after the new year again.

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If repainting a wall, your wall, or your room is not what you’re thinking about, tn your next option would be furniture or pieces with the color of the year. There are two ways you could go from here; recycle old pieces or actually buy new ones. Eitherway, it’ll only be a good idea if what you buy is what you need, so that it would be usable and practical in many ways.

2. Expense

Following the first mentioned consideration, expense it what comes after. Since you’ll have to keep on changing your wall’s color, or your furniture’s theme, it could take a bit off of your budget since you’d be paying for new materials, and even labor for those who needs to do the job. Plus, the furniture pieces you’d have to replace since they no longer match the next year’s color of the year.

As much as we’d like to make small changes, it’s inevitable to spend money when following trends. It’s best you stick to timeless classics or what you actually want that is not influenced with short-term, replaceable trends.

3. Personal Taste

Does this year’s color is actually one of your favorite ones? Then this might be a great excuse to actually paint that one wall or room, or buy that furniture piece you think is lovely in viva magenta. Be careful not to make your space an eyesore, though! Learn the key to creating a balanced space with accentuating your favorite colors, solid and heavy colors to still make your home a cozy and welcoming one.

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4. Other choices

Pantone’s color of the year is not the only think that dictates what is the good color for this and that. There are color palettes that are best considered for the interiors and exteriors of the home depending on what your theme would be.

There are also lucky colors given every Chinese new year. You might want to widen your options of “colors of the year” instead of sticking to just one. Therefore, if you’re the type who actually just wants to repaint the house for a change this year, then you might want to take a look at those first.  

But hey, it really depends on you though! There are just our tips for you to better consider what you should do when it comes to color matching or following trends. Just make sure to do your research so you won’t regret your choices.