Best Ideas for a New Year’s goals and resolutions

Calendar Illustration - best ideas for a New Year's resolution

As we welcome the new year twice in the Philippines, we also create two kickstarts for ourselves. We, Filipinos welcome the new year at the eve of December 31 and start to swear that as soon as January 1 kicks in, we’ll be the better version of ourselves. But really, do we? As we fail, we hope for another starting line with the Chinese New Year, as it is widely celebrated in the Philippines as well, whilst saying that the first few days of January was just the new year’s trial period. It has become widely known that New Year’s resolutions doesn’t always come true to the point that setting it has become a meme, or a joke online and offline. But really, change is in you, don’t let yourself down with only a few days into the new year! Set better goals and achieve them, we’ve listed some of the best ideas for a new year’s goals and resolution you might want to do now. As we say, “new year, new me!”

Creating realistic goals

Before we start off with a list, there are few important things we should understand. First of all, the truth is, you don’t always have to wait for the start of the year to create a better you. If you’ve been wanting to create that change you’ve been longing for, you get another day tomorrow to try and do it, or schedule it in your calendar. The change you’d like to achieve is doable if you commit yourself to it fully.

Of course, it’s not equal to saying you should jump from one to one hundred. Take small steps at a time and maybe, you’ll see more progress. Creating realistic goals, and breaking them down into smaller pieces could be of great help in achieving your goals and resolutions.

Top 5 New Year’s resolution ideas

So, here are some ideas on the goals you should set and resolutions you should make for a better new year.

1. Be Active and Proactive

Most of us nowadays are so used to being just chill and go with the flow type. For some, it is to prevent stress and frustration about things we cannot control. However, in the long run, we might find ourselves regretting over this choice and often wish we should’ve done better.

To make this year better than the previous ones, one of our tip is for you to be active and proactive. Be active in ways that encourage growth in your physical and mental state. Engage in exercise, do more, or find a hobby. Engaging in activities like this will not only keep your body fit but also your mind.

Be proactive by making things happen and not just waiting for them. It might be because of the pandemic that left us feeling stuck and helpless that we cannot do the things we do, but right now, it’s evident that more and more people are being optimistic about life and happenings. We’re slowly getting back to pre-pandamic days, so make things happen for you and stop waiting.

2. Do something that you love

Living in the Philippines, we’re often faced with reality that doing something we love is not easy and costs us money. For the average Filipino, it’s not that attainable. But don’t let that get to you! Find ways you can do something you love once in a while to liven up your energy and motivation.

Engage in things that spark joy and you’ll find yourself thankful. Moreover, people with successful businesses often start with their passion. Who knows, you might just be like them – a person who makes money through his or her hobby. Figure out the best hobbies you can start today and work your way towards doing something that makes you happy.

3. Save money

YOLO and FOMO, two of the most common terms the younger generation use two describe their behavior when having fun. YOLO stands for you only live once and FOMO for fear of missing out. As the sentence itself, its about enjoying life and always staying up to trends.

However, we should know our limit. Whilst enjoying life and staying on the relevant side of the internet, one must still know the true priorities. That is, saving money for your future. It might not be in the very far future like a retirement fund as what the elderly always warn you about, but we should make saving a habit because of uncertainties.

One famous incident that really awakened most is the Pandemic. Many lost their jobs, businesses, and source of income. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life, YOLO or FOMO, but make sure to save up for the rainy days!

4. Travel

More and more travel destinations are now available for Filipinos. That excitement after years of being locked into our own homes might have took a toll on some of us and want to break free. Now you can!

Travel to de-stress and relief your self. See beautiful views and explore different culture. Travel shouldn’t always be expensive. Make sure you create a good travel plan for the year and wait for travel sales from airlines and resorts so that you could save money while traveling.

Start small and start local. If you’re a beginner you could choose locations that are in the Philippines that you can access with public transportation like buses.

5. Prepare for an Investment

After all that is mentioned above, one thing that would surely make your year a lot better is preparing for an investment. Preparing and working on something that could bring you good news in the future is one of the greatest ways to build a year to remember.

Make this year memorable by starting your investment or at least preparing for one. The thing about investments are that you don’t have to start big, it’s the consistency that counts. Start small and do it consistently, your investments are sure to bring you good fortune in the future.

Check out the best investment options you have today and soon after, you’re an investor yourself.

Overall, the good thing about the list we’ve created for you is that it is timeless and could be applied any time you feel like making your year better. Make sure to come back and read this article once you’re ready to take bigger steps.

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