Home Space Planning 101: Achieving a Balanced Space at Home

home space planning creating a balance space

After spending a long day at work or running after errands after errands, all that we ever look forward to is coming home to a house that has a stress-free and relaxing environment. That is why when it comes to our homes, we all want to have anything that can add up to that irreplaceable feeling of comfort and peace. After all, nobody wants to live in a place that can disrupt one’s time to rest comfortably without having to stress about the environment. This is where creating a sense of balance at home or having a home space planning comes into the picture in order for your house goals to come to life and enjoy that well-deserved comfort for your house and lot.

If you happen to be a new house and lot owner or you are looking for new condominiums or any real estate, creating a sense of balance at home and planning your home spaces as early as possible is certainly a must given that a home without proper balance could give you or your guests a feeling of uneasiness. From this, it can be said that having a balanced home can really change one’s emotions and not to mention that it gives off a feeling of stability, wellness, and calmness. I think we can all agree that a peaceful, organized, and of course, balanced environment constitutes a peaceful mind, right? Read through this article to learn about home space planning and how you can achieve a balanced space at home.

Balanced Space at Home in Different Styles

We’ve now highlighted the importance of having a balanced space at home, but what is it really? In interior design, a well-balanced room refers to the equal and organized distribution of visual weight in a room. If you have just heard the term, there are different balance styles – radial, symmetrical, and asymmetrical. To give you a brief walkthrough, here’s an explanation of each style:

A. Radial Balance

This refers to a palace that puts emphasis on central focal points. For example, should you decide to put focus on your living room, the center point there could be the coffee table and so the seating arrangement of your furniture will go around it. 

B. Symmetrical Balance

This balance style depicts even proportions in your home. If you opt for this style, it is best to use patterns, think through furnishing arrangements, and color themes to ensure that your place would not end up plain and dull. You could check out these articles to guide you in choosing the best color schemes for your home and scan through 2022 home trends you can apply to your house using this chosen balance style.

C. Asymmetrical Balance

If you are going to take on your home space planning to the next level, this balance style is the right one for you. This style is done by complementing dissimilar items but having the same visual weight for your home. This style creates a more dynamic feel to your home.

Creating a Balanced Space at Home

Now that you have forehand knowledge of the basics of having a well-balanced home, it is important to note that in applying these styles, there are a number of things that should be taken into account:

1. Put your preference first!

First, your preference matters over keeping up with the trends. At the end of the day, this is your house that we are talking about and you should not have any uneasy feelings when planning your spaces at home. In short, don’t get swayed by popular opinion! Researching your preferred style is key. 

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2. Check the layout of your house and lot

Second, check the layout of your entire home first before you decide on anything. This will ultimately save you a lot of time and money as there can be a possibility that you might spend massively on a piece of furniture that does not compliment your house and lot layout. 

3. Always have a budget! 

Keep in mind that you’ve still got other bills to pay and it is never ideal to spend all that you have on a single aspect of your new home. To help you in managing your expense at home, you can click on this article: 5 Expenses Every First-Time Homeowner Should Know.

Of course, all these short introductions about home space planning should be complemented with a set of tips to give you a list of what to consider to help you pull off a well-balanced space to your dream home.

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4. Prioritize air quality

We often compromise something just to achieve the look that we are going for in our homes. Usually, proper air ventilation and purifying the air we breathe indoors are only given limited attention when we plan for home spaces. Especially now that the pandemic is still far from over and there is always that possibility that people may catch the virus indoors if the place is not properly ventilated. To help you in improving the quality of air at home you can look for air purifiers and humidifiers that can help you eliminate foul odors as well. 

5. Try to incorporate wellness zones or spaces for recreational activities

When it comes to our houses, there should always be a dedicated space for certain activities that can help us unwind and calm our minds. If it’s a default setting that each house should have ‘purpose-driven spaces’ such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, there should also be ‘experience-driven spaces’ that can be meant for meditation, exercise, or relaxing sessions at home. In this way, you are creating a balance between the usual spaces available at home and spaces specifically designed to improve our wellbeing. 

6. Be mindful of your lighting setup

Lighting gives an added prestige feel to your home. If you would incorporate any of the balance styles mentioned above, it is very important that your lighting matches your preferred style. Sometimes, bad lighting gets in the way of having a well-balanced home as it can either be too much or too underwhelming. It is important to pattern the styling of your house to the available access to natural light as well. 

7. Place items that vary in heights

When you finally decide on having decorations or furnishings in your home, note that you should never fixate on having items of the same height. Make sure that the height of the items placed is balanced by using a ratio of 3:1. For example, when placing a group of 3 small objects — of varying heights! — it should be complemented with a single larger decoration to give a striking design in your home. Still, when it comes to placing decors at home, it is always best to remember that less is best.

8. Reimagine your interiors with the right color schemes

When it comes to our homes, most of us are looking for a house with a calm and relaxing color scheme. Do note that your decors and furnishings should match the color of your interiors. When a house is painted with the right color, it can undeniably give you and your guest a relaxed state of mind that can reduce stress and stimulate creativity. 

All in all, when it comes to home space planning, sorting out the divisions in your home is not enough. We may always opt to create a space dedicated for rest and work but the overall interior and decor balance should be taken into great consideration as well to achieve that sense of balance at home.