Everything you need to know about the Advantages of Ready for occupancy House and Lot Units

Ready for occupancy Units House and Lot

Living in this fast-paced world, it is now possible to have things in an instant. When the pandemic happened, people started to wisely utilize the technology. Food deliveries, online shopping, online payment, virtual meetings, almost all are now at the touch of your fingertips. Even in buying a ready for occupancy house and lot units, it does not have to be time-consuming and complicated anymore. With the continuous innovations of real estate companies like Bria, everything can now be done online. From checking the units, signing your documents, and paying your chosen house and lot, you can do it with just your smartphone or laptop.

Ready for occupancy units is also a thing now. If you are in a hurry, this is so perfect for you. It does not have to be a waiting game anymore. Just pay the amount and provide the required documents and you can already have a home of your own.

Below are more notable reasons why you should invest in a ready for occupancy unit.

1. Quick and easy move-in 

From the term itself, RFO or ready for occupancy, these units are already built. Meaning, you can move in fast and immediately. These units are perfect for those who are relocated due to work, those who are looking for a place near their schools, those who are having family issues, to those who want to upgrade for more home space, or simply for those who want to stop renting and start owning their own house and lot. 

Unlike on pre-selling units, you do not have to wait that long for turnover. There might be some delays that may affect the target date, but rest assured that you can still move into your RFO unit faster. 

2. Check and inspect all you want 

Visualizing your dream home may be difficult especially if you just see it on pictures or videos. You may find it hard to estimate whether how big or wide it is, how much space will you have, or how will your family fit in the unit. Upon tripping, you can check and inspect it all you want. When you buy a ready for occupancy unit, you can have the chance to check if it is the same as how they advertise it, the construction quality of the house, the materials used in building the property, the features they promise you to get, and you can also choose the best among the available units. It is really risky to put your money on something you are unsure of. With this, you will know if you are getting your money’s worth.  

3. Readily available utilities

The moving-in process on ready-for occupancy units can be swift and smooth since utilities are already available. Most of the time, water and electric connection are included in the developer’s utility package. You have to make sure that you are safe and secured, check if there are CCTV cameras or guards roving the subdivision.  

4. Upscale amenities 

Some developers also offer branded open spaces. Aside from parks, playgrounds, and courts, you can find commercial establishments and different sub-centers that are just within your community. There is no better feeling than having comfort and convenience. Lucky you are if you are able to buy an affordable house and lot in a developer that has these features.  

5. Great deals

Contrary to the belief that pre-selling units offer the best deals, developers also offer great discounts and move-in promos to those who avail of ready-for occupancy units. It may include a lesser downpayment or free move-in fee, depending on how generous the developer is.

6. Flexible payment scheme 

You also have many payment options to choose from. You can opt to loan it under Bank Housing Loan or Pag-IBIG Housing Loan, depending on what financing will fit your budget. Just make sure to opt for the best to avoid having troubles with your finances. 

7. Instant income 

As they say, investing in real estate is the best investment for its value never depreciates. In case of a sudden change of plans and you need to relocate again, you can just have it leased or rented. With just furnishing the unit and putting some decor, rent it out via AirBNB and advertise it online especially if your place is near to tourist destinations. 

Also, if your place is located in a city or an emerging area, value appreciation is very fast. It may already have appreciated the moment you have it. 

Knowing these advantages may help you to decide whether to invest on ready-for occupancy or pre-selling units. For all we know, the biggest advantage of ready for occupancy units is their availability and readiness. So, if you are considering to invest one, Bria Homes Inc. is here to welcome you. 

Written by Yenoh Justin Estrella