Bria House and Lot Tips: Mastery of Space

Bria affordable housing Tips on Mastery of Space.

Moving in to your new home is indeed exciting, but the most challenging thing is how to utilize your house spaces. Here are some of Bria Homes Tips on Mastery of Space:

Mastery of Space #1

Install wall sconces instead of floor or table lamps. They not only save space on your nightstands, but they also give your bedroom a more finished and elegant appearance. You may now use your small bedside table solely for essentials.

Mastery of Space #2

Installing large sliding drawers in your cabinets can help you save space on your counters. Keep your garbage and appliances within a cabinet, along with your culinary tools and wine collection. This will not only make the area look cleaner, but it will also cover your trash.

Mastery of Space #3

When you have a limited room but high ceilings, add a loft to take use of the extra height. This may make a big impact in a studio apartment because it isolates your personal space from the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Mastery of Space #4

In an eat-in kitchen, a built-in banquet or bench can be used as dining seating. If you go for something more refined, you can raise a small kitchen dining nook to the level of a formal dining room. Plus, if you scale it down to fit your space, the size and shape won’t appear too big. Floating shelves are also an excellent option. Show off your personal style by displaying your décor on them.

Mastery of Space #5

Install a sliding table anywhere else in your home, whether it’s the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, if you frequently work from home and don’t have an extra area to turn into an office. When you need to, you can slide up a chair, and when you don’t, you can tuck it away.

Mastery of Space #6

You won’t have to take up floor space with an étagère or big armoire if you incorporate shelving into your walls. This allows you to fill that extra floor space with eye-catching furnishings. Don’t worry if having one less piece of furniture makes you feel like you’ll have less space to show off your particular style. A bright paint color, such as this one, will suffice.

Mastery of Space #7

Install a bespoke upholstered bench in an inconvenient part of the living room near the fireplace. This provides additional seats for visitors while also filling a gap in the room. It also takes up less space than a huge sofa or lounge chair.

Mastery of Space #8

If you’re renovating a small bathroom and want to make it feel more spacious, use the same floor tiles throughout the space so the shower merges in seamlessly, giving the impression of a larger space. Consider using a transparent glass slab instead of a door or a step into the shower to keep water from splashing.

Mastery of Space #9

Add a wall unit where you can show off your cookware. Wall-mounted storage can save you a lot of space, and if you have beautiful copper cookware like this, it should already be on display for everyone to see.

Mastery of Space #10

To provide your child’s room that much-needed extra space for play or study, replace a normal bed with this bunk bed. It features a beautiful design that is both simple and modern. In addition, it covers the issue of privacy.

Mastery of Space #11

These pull-out bunk beds are great if you have a limited quantity of vertical space. It’s space-saving, minimalist, and great for families with a lot of kids. Instead of beds, you may build a pull-out cupboard to store toys for children or additional bedding.

Mastery of Space #12

Instead of a standard drawer, make a table that can be elevated to provide under-the-hood storage space. Add a mirror to the bottom and you’ve got yourself a classy vanity with all of your possessions in one location. You’ll never have to look for your accessories in many places again. It might also be utilized as a craft nook or a study desk.

Mastery of Space #13

Design that deviates from the norm will always make your tiny home stand out. It has a lovely appearance and plenty of storage capacity. Carve shelves into the walls to store books, toys, or your souvenir collection. You can leave it open or construct appropriate cabinets by adding glass doors.

Mastery of Space #14

Incorporate storage into your design to make it stand out. Extra toilet paper can be kept in an Xs-and-Os décor or any personalized, unique furniture piece, such as a sheep or a cloud-shaped piece. It’s amusing, effective, and practical!

Mastery of Space #15

Do you have problems determining whether you want a desk or a sofa in your room? Why not make a hybrid of the two? With this space-saving, simple design, you can have both in your room. This also allows for more space for books and paper.

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Written by Carl Ortega