Why You Should Invest in RFO units

Ready for Occupancy Homes

There are two things to consider when buying your own house and lot: Buying the property during the pre-selling period, and buying the property when it is ready for occupancy (RFO). While these two choices have their respective pros and cons, buying RFO units also has its noteworthy advantages.

You get what you see

RFO house and lots are fully constructed units that are ready for turnover. This means that you’ll be saving yourself from all the waiting before actually being able to move into the unit. You’ll get to see bare units, empty rooms filled with possibilities, which brings us to the next point.

Let your mind wander

As these RFO units come as bare units, you have the freedom to personalize your own home. Fulfill your ideal home with the furniture, decorations, wallpaper, etc., that you oh so dream to see.

Possible line of income

You can also make a profit out of leasing the RFO house and lot that you bought? If you are not ready to use the house, you could have it rented by someone. This is not possible with pre-selling units, so not only are you helping someone by lending a roof over his head, you are also helping yourself have another line of income.

Special Promos

Some real estate companies may be running promos for their RFO units. There may be deals where you could save more money than what you expected to pay for. As soon as documentation and payments are settled, your home is ready for you.

Looking for a new home? Well, Bria’s got you covered—Bria is running a Ready for Occupancy Promo in Magalang, Pampanga until April 30, 2020. That’s right! Who wouldn’t want to wake up with the scenic view of Mount Arayat every morning?

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