Bria House and Lot: Different Ways to Radiate Love this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s days is one of the most special time to express our love and create. People have been preparing for valentines a little different right now since Covid-19 is still present and they want what’s best and safer for their loved ones. It may not be the same as the usual celebration but we always wanted to create the perfect way to show love and affection to our partners, family and friends. Some are still figuring out how to make the best possible way to celebrate love month this time of pandemic.

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We take this opportunity to express the best possible effort we could give to the people that deserved it the most. Preparing for Valentines day on a pandemic does not have to be too fancy to be appreciated. It just have to be genuine. It does not have to impress the people around or to meet the standards of what you see on Pinterests or Instagram. Creating something that truly matters to your loved ones is the one that you should take focus on which is creating a happy valentine’s day with them.

Here are some of the great ideas or activities to spend your Valentine’s day in this pandemic:

Intimate Date Night

When it comes to intimate dining with your partner the best way to celebrate it is to have a cozy date at the comfort of your home or in a condominium. Considering the love language of you partner could be helpful as well on deciding the best intimate date night.

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If receiving gifts is their love language you can give them chocolates, flowers, or if you want to step it up, you can consider giving them their specific favourite things to receive. If they’re into quality time, you might want to cook dinner together or enjoy a glass of champagne and toss your amorous night with a good romantic-comedy movies. Picking up your partner at their workplace can also be a good idea to start up your planned date for them especially if your partner’s love language is act of service. Adding a simple yet genuine letter for you partner is one of the cheapest yet the purest way to show your affection especially if your partner is particular with words of affirmation. If you want make it more intimate with your partner you both can massage each other’s back if your partner’s love language is physical or you can let you partner buy soothing candles or massage essentials or you can ask them for a slow dance with romantic music playing along.

You may add some romantic lights with rose petals around if you want the venue to look more fancy and presentable to your partner. At the end of the day even the smallest details and simple efforts will surely be appreciated by your partner.

Indoor Family Activity

Spending Valentine’s day with your family can also be fun! Celebrating Valentine’s day is not only limited to your partners but this can be shared to you families as well even on a pandemic. Showing love to you grandmas, parents and even to your siblings can be entertaining.

Hosting a game night and exchanging Valentines cards inside the comfort of your home can be wholesome and exciting. This way you’ll be able to share some good stuffs and entertaining night by playing board games or charades that will surely light up your Valentines celebration. You can also take this opportunity to list the things you all love about each other and sharing all the memories you love to reminisce about your family. This part can be exciting, heart-warming and surprising for all the family members.

Picnic at the backyard can also be a good idea. Make pizzas together and create a treat board for everyone. Eat barbeques while having a short and simple program for the kids in the family. Talk about the things you love about each of the family member.

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You can never go wrong with watching comedy movies with you family sitting on a couch. Indulge a bowl of cheese-flavour popcorn and make sure there is enough for the whole members of the family. Surprising the female members of the family with flowers and chocolates can also be a good idea!

Virtual dates for long distance relationships

In this modern world there will be no reason for long distance couples not to see face-to-face even virtually. Spending time with them on Valentines is can also be creative and safe especially in this time of pandemic. There can be a lot of options for you to have a fun night even if your partner is miles away from you.

You can also choose to have the same dinner together on Valentines night. While, eating your favourite dish, watching movies together on a video streaming app can be a good idea to share moments with your partner. Giving gifts can be a little hassle so maybe you want to make your gift a little different. You can send them a specific playlist for them to listen that would make them remember of you. You can also listen to the playlist together while you are both online.  Sending them emails can be sweet too and it will surely be appreciated by your partner. Hearing your voice is one of your partner’s happiness. Those in long distance love can send a voice message while you sing your favourite love songs or you can also sing it on live while having a video call with them.

Try playing online multiplayer games together. Share random videos about your daily life and watch it together with your partner. Talk about the funny story behind each photo or videos.

Simple things that you do for your partner will make them feel happy and touched. Regardless of the price, it is really that thought of the simple things that will be cherished and forever remembered by your partner.

Spend valentine’s day with friends.

Pandemic has made seeing others difficult in the past year. So to celebrate valentine’s day with your friends on Valentine’s can be fun too! Having experimental indoor games with friends is funny and entertaining. You can think of a fun activity like multi-player games and add a little twist on it. Since it is a valentine celebration you can put a valentine content on your games. Scrabble games or play charades but only limited to valentine-related words.

Pamper day can be exciting when you are with friends. Buy Facial masks, cucumbers and you relax together at home. Have your nails manicured and pedicured while drinking home-made lemonade drink. You can also help each other what to buy for a get-together spa session.

Exchanging throwback photos or memories together will bring fun to your conversation. Telling the stories behind every photo and how we regret posting it on social media. Justifying the funny captions and filter we used to post our photos with that will make the circle cracked up.

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You can also plan a long-term plan together. Initiate places that you and your friends want to go. Plan on your to-do-lists on that place together and arrange your expenses. Movie marathon is also a good idea. Have an intimate acoustic night at your place which is exclusive for you and your colleagues only.

Sharing knowledge with friends can be a good valentine gift as well. Learn from each other like investments, life-hacks, or even how to practice healthy long term relationship with their partners and family. These things will be appreciated and will surely matter to them.

Celebrating love month with your pets

This occasion is not just for your partners and family but you can include you four-legged love ones as well! Learning a dish that is suitable for you and your dog can be an ideal date night. How sweet it is to imagine preparing food for the both of you while its tail wags excitedly. Take time to buy for your pet’s essentials and do not forget their favourite treat.

You can also create a valentine fur box for them! You can put in a new leash, clothes and their all-time favourite toy bone. You will both enjoy this memory while you let them try out your newly bought stuffs for them.

Take them to a dog park to socialise and play with other dogs. Make sure that the place is not crowded so it is safe for you. Play time is really a time-well spent for your fur babies.

Having a quick outdoor activity can be a fun valentine goal with them. Walk them around your subdivision, jog with them or you can have a get-away for a bit on the beach and play fetch with their toys, just make sure to bring with you their new clothes for a valentine pictorial together. Drive along the road with them will make them the happiest. Imagine them playing with the wind while you drive as the color of the sunset reflects on their happy fur face. Not even a single penny could buy that core memory with your pets on Valentines.

You can also share valentine treats with the stray animals. They will value every treat you give since most of them have not yet eaten enough the past few days. You can also volunteer to help them in your local animal welfare centers.

Valentines is also a reminder to love yourself.

Celebrating love in this time of a pandemic is very special, so, for this Valentine’s be with the one that loves you the most-you!

You can set goals on what to do during that day to shift your attention and make that moment exclusive for you. You give yourself the freedom to shop without being guilty. Treat yourself to indoor dining. Try buying yourself flowers and chocolates because why not? You deserve it. Try watching movies you have always wanted to watch and make it as a valentine treat to pair it with your favourite crisps.

Focus on a healthy lifestyle. Try discovering a new workout routine or healthy diet that suits you. Listen to podcasts that talks about self-love and self-growth that will help you improve and keep you away from your bad habits. Reading books that will teach you the proper way to take care of your skin is also a great idea. Discover a new dish to cook. Go for a hike.

Be experimental on how you want to celebrate valentines day. To celebrate valentines alone does not mean that you are lonely. This way of celebrating valentines is genuine because it is you that created the best version of you today. Take this time to recognize yourself for passing all the obstacle and challenges in your life. Thank yourself for being the strongest person you can lean on and for never putting never pressure on yourself.  If there is someone that deserves the credit with what you have right now, it is you.

Valentine’s day is one of the specials days that reminds us to take a moment to priority the people we love the most. Reconnecting with them on that special day is truly important since we are able to know more about their busy days lately and we are able to be more involved with their life as well. This reminds us to be more invested on the people that truly matters in our life. To give more time on making them feel that they are loved that no matter how hard life hits us, things will not change but instead we will be stronger.

There are no specific rules on how we should celebrate Valentines. This does not necessarily mean you have to be in a relationship to celebrate this day because you can celebrate love with yourself, your friends, your workmates and your family. There’s no limit to whom we should celebrate our valentines with. Valentines does not necessarily need be fancy. You do not have to fit in with the society’s standard of valentines. Don’t let social media, store displays, or the instagram posts of your colleagues pressure you. Don’t be too hard on yourself to meet their standard. What matters the most is you’ll be able express genuine affection and to share some good times that you can treasure for the rest of you lives!