Comparing Modern vs. Traditional House Design

Modern vs Traditional house Design Bria Homes

Have you ever thought of what design should your future home would be? The color of the walls, what furniture you’ll buy and its arrangement, the number of bedrooms as well as the windows and so on. Isn’t delightful to plan your future home? It is not just about how your house would look like but also the feeling of living in your dream house, how comfortable you are in that house, and the feeling of security and peacefulness. Some prefer to have a classic and traditional home while others want to have a modern design. Each design is aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes and absolutely a matter of personal choice and taste. Let us find out what house design suits you.

Traditional House Design

Traditional-style homes are a combination of practicality and accessibility with a classic look. It employs a cozy feeling from the thick walls, elegance and sophistication, warmth, and classic comfort that reminisce their childhood homes. This design is timeless and doesn’t necessarily speak of any era or period but it is inspired by the design elements of the 18th and 19th centuries. When we say traditional design, it is from the transmission of beliefs, folks, and customs through time. For almost two centuries, the traditional home style has become more creative which is why many people would love to have a traditional style house. It is an ideal home for those who love antiques and other classic design that is rich in history. Traditional house design is eco-friendly and cost-effective since the materials used are local and natural. It is also energy-efficient and low maintenance because the materials used are durable and can last a thousand years or more with low maintenance.

What are the Common Features of a Traditional House Design?

1. Centered in Functionality

Traditional house designs are characterized by functionality. Most traditional houses are two stories with a basement below, a living and dining room placed on the first floor, and bedrooms on the second floor.

2. Materials and Colors Used

The materials used exterior of traditional design are brick, stone, wood, plaster, and stucco. The color tones are black, brown, gold, beige or dark green, all neutral colors but intense.

3. The Dining Area

In the dining room, it approaches a little old school that discharges sophistication and polish while the living room is made from textile to add classic colors and patterns.

4. Type of Flooring

In flooring, one of the trademarks of the traditional home style is dark wooden flooring which has a regal appeal and enriches the entire look. For drapery, the popular design is a floral and multicolored print that has a sense of home and for furniture, usually, they are antiques. For the kitchen, they are often great with spaciously furnished furniture. Kitchen cabinets and drawers can be polished, made of hardwood, or pressed wood for a different look.

5. Important Details in a Traditional Home

In traditional design, the bright light has clear silhouettes and details. They are an image of the classic style. They have plain or ivory-colored floor lamps, wall sconces, and silk shades. Wall sconces are highly decorated in pieces. If there are chandeliers, they are huge and usually made of crystal. Floor and table lamps are selected to make a statement.

It is important to choose fabrics carefully. The traditional home-style matches fabrics with plain colors, florals, geometrics, and small all-over patterns. Avoid using too textured or shiny fabrics because they will look dull.

Modern House Design

The term “modern house style” refers to the use of functional furnishings and decorations. It focuses on making homes that are basic and clutter-free. It has simple lines and no extraneous embellishments. Many are confused between modern house design and contemporary house design. Contemporary design is a combination of modern, ultra-modern, and traditional design. This design changes over time while modern house design refers to a specific era that grew in popularity in the first half of the 20th century. Many people believe that this style is a better fit for today’s lifestyle. It emphasizes the use of innovative technologies for a sustainable lifestyle. It uses multi-utilitarian design to make a versatile living space. Its design allows the space to be adjusted as needed.

What are the Common Features of a Modern House Design?

1. Dual Functionality

Modern house designs portrayed dual functionality. Modern style is an open floor plan that allows more welcoming and comforting feelings throughout the home. The rooms are multi-purpose and seamless.

2. Natural Lighting

Large windows and skylights provide a distinct view and a natural light. This makes their inside area feel open and light. Sufficient natural light should be provided indoors and use a power backup inverter.

3. Materials Used

When it comes to materials, modern-style homes use new and more technologically advanced materials like concrete, reinforced steel, or even plastic. Materials like this are quite expensive unlike the materials used in the traditional style.

4. Roofing

Although most roofs have a slight slope to encourage drainage, modern house design reduces using the slope to present a flat or low-pitched appearance. This type of roof gives the home a smooth surface.

5. The Kitchen Area

For the kitchen, compared to traditional, it is more appealing and elegant as well as effective. There are top-notch appliances that can be installed in the kitchen and also storage and space amenities. The most popular is the built-in storage space wherein allows more rooms and provides easier solutions when it comes to everything having its own space.

6. Security Systems

Modern houses are more secure because of the top-notch security systems.

7. Color Schemes

The color tones for modern house design are neutral shades like tans, whites, blacks, and greys. The solid is reduced to emphasize the more important. More textures are also added to have a visible interest in the ambiance.

8. Interior Details of a Modern Home

For interior decoration, the most used in modern homes are paintings, mirrors, and candles. They can easily catch everyone’s attention because they stand out.

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