10 Best Kitchen Organization Ideas


Each and every household is well aware that their kitchen is the true beating heart of their home. However, if you want to keep up with the newest trends in affordable minimalist design and Do It Yourself styling, such as having kitchen organizer racks, we offer all you need. Here are ten of the best kitchen organization ideas to get you started on your journey to creating your dream kitchen:

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1 – Jar of Hearts

Uniformity can never be considered unattractive. Ingredients and spices should be stored in jars that are uniform in size. Jars that are transparent are more likely to be useful because you can easily see what is within. You can use this to organize your most frequently used ingredients for convenient access. These jars also provide you with the benefit of being able to see what items should be added to your shopping list on your grocery day.

2 – Bottle Up

The liquids or condiments are better with transparent containers as well like bottles. Bottle flip cap stoppers are available for purchase at a reasonable price on internet purchasing platforms. The stoppers are quite useful for preventing spillage and maintaining the balance of the pouring. Even though inexpensive bottles can be purchased online or in physical stores, we can reuse and recycle our used bottles by washing them, peeling off the sticker labels, and putting the bottle stoppers that you bought.

3 – Let’s Have a Label

It would be highly beneficial for us to identify our containers as we divide our culinary essentials into distinct jars and bottles for storage. A good aspect is that we can design and print our own stickers from a range of online retailers and bookstores, but the best part is that we can create and print our own stickers from scratch! (Printable versions are also available on the internet.) Waterproof stickers, such as vinyl stickers, are advised for the labels in order to prevent tearing and ink spilling during the printing process.

4 – Rack It, Man!

What good is a shirt if it doesn’t have a body to fit into? As soon as you have finished assembling and labeling your uniformed and labeled kitchen ingredients and spices, it is time to arrange them in the location of your choosing. We believe that the use of a kitchen organizer rack is the ideal setting for this type of situation. Kitchen organizer racks assist you in organizing your jars and bottles so that they are easily accessible and accessible at all times. Additionally, not only are the jars and bottles for the rack, but it is also feasible to store your utensils and other pre-packaged items on the rack as well.

5 – Basket-All

For our refrigerator kitchen organization idea, the use of freezer baskets to keep small objects together is a wonderful choice for storing small items in your refrigerator. Maintaining order and good condition of the things ensures that there is no imbalance between the items in different groupings of items. Thus, basket usage can easily distinguish between stocks that are older in the market or is nearing expiration and stocks that are younger in the market or  fresh and newly bought.

6 – Rack ‘n’ Roll

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a transportable rack that is easy to access, this kitchen organization idea is for you! A kitchen organizer rack on wheels is now available for purchase on the market. Because of its ability to minimize space, a wheeled kitchen organizer rack is an excellent choice for condominiums. For those who have purchased a house and lot, it is assumed that they will have a large kitchen. With that, this mobile kitchen organizer rack is ideal greatest friend for roving around the kitchen while you are cooking or baking.

7 – Wanna Hook Up?

Hooks are one of the most commonly used household goods, with picture frames, clothes, towels, and other items being hung from them for aesthetic reasons. But fortunately, hooks are well-known for their low cost. Because of the use of hooks, we can quickly and easily assemble the ladles, spatulas, and turners directly next to or closer to our burners. For this reason, hanging objects might free up additional counter space if you wish to place additional cooking supplies on your counter.

8 – Wall-Eat

Racks for mounting on the wall can be used for utensils, or for larger items such as pots and pans, in the same way that hooks are. A good way to keep the unnecessary noise that occurs when moving one pot under another in a cabinet is to use vertical space to store the pots this way. Consequently, you can make your own arrangement with your preferred height, which is especially useful if you have children who live with you and want them to avoid playing with these kitchen essentials while you are cooking.

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9 – Knife is Full of Mysteries

An inexpensive magnetic strip can be used as a basic storage solution on a blank wall in your kitchen. It is only necessary to place the knives on top of the strip once it has been hung up on the wall by its edges. This is a novel take on the countertop knife block, which is found in many kitchens nowadays. A decorative accent, the magnetic strip makes it easier to access the tools while also serving as a functional component. In accordance with this, wall mounting knives enable you to prevent them from dropping and keep them out of reach of children to avoid untoward occurrences.

10 – Done with Your Plates?

This cleverly designed adjustable plate drying rack will make a great addition to your kitchen organization ideas. This plate rack assists you in waiting for your dishes to dry by placing it on top of your sink, where it will prevent drips from rolling out over your kitchen counter while you do other chores. It can also be used as a drainer if you want to wash up groceries such as fruits and vegetables before using them. A great feature of this product is that it can be folded and adjusted to fit in any place, which make it quite convenient!

Affordable House and Lots and Condominiums

Within the first quarter of this year 2022, an increasing number of real estate developments, including affordable houses and lots, as well as affordable condominiums, have entered the market, such as Pag-IBIG Housing, Bria House and Lot, and other RFO (Ready for Occupancy) houses and lots that are for sale in the Philippines. In tandem with this, architectural and interior design industries spring into action to assist in creating a sense of ‘home’ in our houses and condominiums, as well as in our offices and other businesses platforms. However, given the fact that employing interior designers may be a bit expensive, saving money by acquiring products on your own is not necessarily a bad thing. With that being the case, ensure that these goods continue to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s quality and performance specifications. Do not be embarrassed about not having expensive tools and furniture since what is more essential is that you can create the ambiance of a “home” in your own home with your own resources rather than pushing yourself to engage in a social life with which you are not satisfied. “Simplicity is the ultimate beauty,” as the old adage goes.

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