Bria House and Lot Year-end Review: A flashback of the year 2021


A lot of things happened throughout this year. We witnessed a lot of changes in our country including the positive and negative things that we experienced. As the year ends, let us look back at 2021 most talked-about events and happening this year.

1. The second year of the Coronavirus pandemic in the Philippines

The first half of the year 2021 is still not that good for the Philippines. The lockdowns still remained for the most part of the country as the two waves of coronavirus ravaged the country. During the first day of 2021, the entire country was hoping for lesser restrictions and a visible solution for the pandemic crisis but unfortunately, the situation became worse. One of 2021 most talked-about is the concrete plan of the government to stop the spreading of the virus in the country.

Unfortunately, more people are getting infected and the hospitals are overwhelmed because of the increasing number of infected people each day. Just like in 2020 the enhanced community quarantine was once again implemented in most of the country. It was still hard for most people to survive during that time. There are financial support from the government but it was still not enough to survive the pandemic. The enhanced community quarantine lasted for more than a month before they lowered the restrictions.

2. The rise of Play-to-Earn Games

The Play-to-earn games are one of 2021 most talked-about topics in the country. The gaming industry in the country became more popular when play-to-earn games were introduced. These play-to-earn games give the opportunity to the players-to-earn money while playing games. The most famous play-to-earn game in the Philippines is Axie Infinity. In this game, the players need to invest money in order to buy an Axie which they will be going to use to play the game. There are already a lot of games that exist where you can enjoy playing while earning money from it. Most Filipinos are earning a lot from this game and it serves as an alternative source of income for them. Since the pandemic is still present and a lot of people lost their jobs, play-to-earn games became more popular and more Filipinos are now invested in these kinds of games.

3. The First Olympic Gold Medal of the Philippines

The entire country celebrated its first Olympic gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. Hidilyn Diaz won in the 2021 summer Olympics for the women’s 55kg category for weightlifting. Along with the gold medal, the Philippines also has 2 silver medals and 1 bronze. Nesthy Petecio won a silver medal in the inaugural women’s featherweight event. At the same time, another Filipino boxer Carlo Paalam and Eumir Marcial also won a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics. The entire country is celebrating its victory. They received a lot of rewards from our governments and private organizations and individuals as a sign of appreciation for what they did for the country. This became 2021 most talked-about topic as most of the news and shows are celebrating this achievement.

4. The availability of COVID-19 Vaccines

Another 2021 most talked-about topic is the availability of COVID-19 VACCINES. The first batch of vaccines arrived in the country on Monday, March 29, 2021. The first batch of vaccines consists of 1 million doses of coronaVac from the vaccine manufacturer SINOVAC. The first batch of vaccination programs here in our country was not easy. Most Filipinos are afraid of vaccines because of the fake news and misinformation spreading through the internet and other platforms. The side effect of the vaccine is also one of the reasons why most Filipinos don’t want to get vaccinated. The DOH and local government units continuously inform the people about the importance of the vaccines and after several weeks more people are now willing to get vaccinated. Before the year ends, the government was successful in its vaccination program. A large number of the entire population are already vaccinated and more people are now willing to get vaccinated.

5. Miss Universe 2021

The Miss Universe 2021 became 2021’s most talked-about topic in the country. It is because the Filipinos are once again focused on their screen as they witness the Miss Universe 2021 pageant. The Filipinos show their all-out support to our candidate Beatrice Luigi Gomez in Miss Universe 2021. She managed to reach the top 5 during the pageant’s final night in Israel on Sunday. Most of the people are congratulating her for reaching the top 5 but there are also some people who show disappointment for her. India’s Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned as the 70th Miss Universe.

6. Super Typhoon Odette

Before the year 2021 ends, the super typhoon Odette ravaged some parts of Visayas and Mindanao during its onslaught. According to the report, it shows that a total of 1,074,169 families were affected by the typhoon. This news became one of 2021 most talked-about topics because of what happened after the super typhoon. Most houses and farms are destroyed by typhoons. In Cebu City they released very sad news wherein out of 150 tarsiers in a conservation area in Bohol, only two remained visible. The people from these places are having a hard time celebrating their Christmas. A lot of volunteers and individuals are sending their help to the province but it was still not enough for them to recover immediately. Some volunteers provided construction materials in order to help the locals there to rebuild their houses. Those people who lost their homes are forced to relocate and look for another way to have their own house.

Those who lost their house because of the typhoon are now planning to have a new house that can withstand the typhoon. Bria Homes is one of the best options that they have. Since their houses got destroyed by the typhoon they need to have shelter immediately for their family and fortunately, Bria Homes already have it for them. For as low as 1,897 per month they can already have their own house. They also have an option to choose financial funding such as PAG-IBIG Funding or Bank Financing which will help them to ease the load of payment for Bria Homes. The houses offered by Bria Homes are made with high-quality materials which can guarantee the safety of their clients during the typhoon season. Bria Homes provides a safer environment for them where they can start again and without worrying about the future typhoon that might land on their place again.

7. The Presidential Candidates for the 2022 election

After the last day of filing the certificates of candidacy for the presidential position, people are starting to show their support to their chosen candidates. It became 2021 most talked-about topic because of the political ideas and opinions of the people. Each one of them shows their support by using the color of their chosen candidates. Some of them are using social media platforms to present information, credentials, and the good things that their chosen candidate have. There are also a lot of discussions and debates happening not just on the internet but also in the local communities about who is the best candidate for the presidential seat. Since the year 2021 is about to end some candidates are already starting their political campaigns.

Written by Aaron Cruz