Bria House and Lot: 8 Money Saving Hacks We Learned During 2021


If there’s one thing we learned during the eventful lockdowns this year, it is probably the significance of technology in our day-to-day life. It is no doubt that the pandemic changed a lot of how we lived our life but in the Philippines, another thing that emerged during the trying times was the use of technology. In this article, we will talk about the money hacks we learned this 2021.

Coping with Technology

Early 2021, the Philippines was placed in a lockdown in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Since the Virus is transmitted through human interactions, lessening it is believed to be a way to stop the spread. Lockdowns, wearing masks and face shields, intensive personal hygiene, and social distancing were some of the things that we have learned to adapt due to the scare of transmitting and contracting the Covid-19.

What seemed to be a 2-week short lockdown lasted for months bringing businesses and employment down for most people. Empty streets and quiet nights were the results of community restrictions. Only necessary establishments are open such as restaurants and banks but only for takeouts and short transactions.

On the other hand, social media and online selling have been stronger ever before in the Philippine online platform. As a way of coping up with the financial losses brought to the people by the pandemic, people resorted to online selling on any online platform they may find – Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Needless to say, online selling was a booming business in these times. Delivery had been a center of everything – from food to any basic necessities. Since delivery services were already available, it has also contributed to strengthening the online selling market since these delivery services (Grab, Lalamove, Mr. Speedy, etc.) mobilized everything with same-day delivery especially in the metro.

E-wallets and Mobile Banking

The busy online world needed to process financial transactions to keep the money flowing. Although banks were open, it was mainly to keep the financial industry operational. Most transactions were encouraged to be done online.

Of course, how else would we pay our monthly bills, right? That’s when the use of e-wallets, mobile banking, and other online transactions was deemed a necessity, too. Paying your bills, paying for your online purchase, and many more.You can even open your own separate savings account and save money their for a successful financial future. With the help of top eWallets in the Philippines, paying your bills has become easier and more convenient even now that we’re free to go outside, learning to use these online money hacks we learned during the pandemic is still helpful.

Game-Changing Money Hacks We Learned This 2021

1. Watch out for deals around the corner

Watching out for deals around the corner is one of the most important money hacks we’ve learned during the lockdown. The great double-digit sale that was made viral by e-commerce platforms is one of the most looked forward to when it comes to sales. During these days, huge discounts are offered and are really a “great score.”

If you’re wise enough to watch out for these deals, you might just stumble upon several buy 1 take 1 items or more from partnership deals with e-wallets or bank account. Don’t let your impulsiveness get ahead of you, spend money wisely, check out some deals, score some great discounts, and save more money!

2. Timely Checkout

As mentioned, online shopping changed the game. Even now that we’re almost back to normal, most people still prefer shopping online due to several reasons – deals, discounts, convenience, etc. Just as what was discussed on the number 1 on our list of money hacks for 2021.

Once you’re able to catch these amazing deals, another money hack we learned for 2021 is the timing of your cart checkout. Most great sales happen at midnight. Some are already familiar with that, but for those who aren’t, that’s right – sale during midnight.

Early bird catches the worm but these times, night owls win the game. If your checkout timing is great, you might be able to score even greater deals such as 50% off, cashback promos, or free shipping vouchers that you can use the next time. These things really just make online shopping exciting!

3. Taking Notes in Shipping Fees

Online shopping has a lot of perks but there’s also a downside to that. One is the shipping fee. For frequent online shoppers, shipping fees are definitely something to watch out for!

Some shoppers commit mistakes in not looking out for shipping fees or what seemed to be free shipping but it really added to the cost of your product. By watching out for deals and the right timing of checking out your online shopping cart, you might just get free shipping and discounts on shipping. Another way is to look out for free shipping offers on top of sales to earn bigger discounts. Taking notes in shipping fees is one of the money hacks we learned during lockdown 2021!

4. Pay Your Bills with E-Wallets

Paying your bills using e-wallets is another money hack we learned this 2021. With the emergence of e-wallets, cashback programs also came in. Cashback means getting a rebate for every spend. These cash backs are also credited to your e-wallet as if your money is returned to you. Imagine, just paying your bills but a portion of your money is returned to you, isn’t that great?

Aside from that, e-wallets also offer discounts in partner merchants whenever available. So if you haven’t got your hands on these e-wallets, better start exploring so as not to miss out on these opportunities!

This money hack is very convenient as multiple establishments already adapted to accepting payments via e-wallets. We often see QR codes in stores and restaurants, don’t we?

Even other sectors such as real estate companies adapted to this kind of payment method. Bria Homes, one of the leading real estate developers in the affordable housing segment has made home reservation and bills payment much easier for its clients. You can now pay your Bria Homes’ bills online through multiple channels like online banking, e-wallets, and payment centers. No more hassle for you to drop by at Bria Homes’ office. You may also check out their payment channels on their website for more details.

5. Secure your online banking and E-wallet details

Following our money hack on using e-wallets as payment channels, a money hack we learned during 2021 is keeping your online banking details secured and e-wallet log-in details.

Even though technology has brought greater convenience than ever before, lack of understanding and cautiousness in using it may not end up well. We are also prone to hacking and phishing. Hacking and phishing are fraudulent practices done online wherein the details of the victim are used to get into their personal details and use it to steal money from their bank accounts and other private accounts like social media.

To avoid phishing and hacking, be careful of the text messages or links we click every time. Always double-check websites and only know what type of transactions are done virtually so as not to mistakenly give out your details.

Securing your online banking details and e-wallet details are definitely a money hack we should keep in mind to make ourselves and our hard-earned money safe and secured.

6. Maximize Online Vouchers

Remember when people used to flood the malls for holiday sales? Well, those days are slowly doing a comeback. However, there is something equivalent to that in online shopping. This is on top of watching out for deals. Another money hack we learned is that when it comes to online shopping, we should maximize online vouchers.

Online vouchers are often earned or rewarded whenever an online sale is happening soon, or if you have made a purchase that rebates online vouchers. These online vouchers can range but are not limited to discounts or free shipping. Combining good deals and online vouchers is really a great money hack especially for frequent online shoppers.

These online vouchers often have expiry dates though. So if you receive or earn one, make sure to maximize it.

7. Be Budol – proof

Money hack that we learned during the lockdown is being budol proof. Budol has become a widely known slang used in the online world. Budol may pertain to someone gullible or may also refer to an impulse buy.

Online communities were able to develop budol as a word to impulse buys people get after seeing something viral online. Of course, this led to many unplanned purchases or splurging. Being budol-proof these days is a money hack we should learn and apply!

Another thing is that budol is a term used when you are tricked. You can use this word when you have bought something that’s not worth the price. So the real money hack here is to not get swayed by what we see online. Oftentimes, just because we see something aesthetic, we start thinking that we also need to be like that. But more often than not, it’s just budol. What we see online is not everything. So save your money better and stay away from things that you don’t actually need and start saving effectively on things that matter.

Be budol – proof by making wiser online purchase decisions.

8. Plan Ahead

Of course, our money hack number 8 for 2021 is to plan ahead. Whatever it is that you are spending on, home renovation, personal expense, or in leisure, it is best to plan ahead of time. Planning things will keep you on track. This is because when we do things unplanned, we end up being impulsive on our purchases or spending and might regret it later. That’s why planning is a must.

Overall, the things in our list of money hack that we learned this 2021 will only work well if you would stay away from being impulsive and learn to plan things ahead. With the right patience of looking for deals and staying up late for the right check-out time, you’ll be able to perfectly master these money hacks that we’ve listed down for you.

Saving up for a Home?

Doing these money hacks and following our other advice in saving money and investing might just help you in achieving your very own home. With the help of Bria Homes, homeownership has been made easy and achievable with low reservation fees and monthly amortization. In partnership with Pag-IBIG and Top Banks that offer housing loans, Bria Homes offers affordable house and lots, and condominiums all over the Philippines.

Know your options with the help of housing loans and acquire your own real estate property. It is also a good investment as real estate

Affordable House and Lots 

Bria Homes’ projects can be found in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. These housing projects aim to provide the Filipino family with their dream home without having to break the bank. These affordable house and lots or condominiums can serve as your family home or first real estate investment. Bria Homes’ projects are situated in key – locations that are deemed to raise the real estate value of each home.

You can schedule a tripping in their locations through their website or Facebook Page to get to know more about their affordable housing projects.

For leisure and recreation, BRIA projects boast facilities such as multi-purpose halls, basketball courts, eco-friendly spaces, and play areas. Future residents will continue to thrive in safe, secure, and sustainable communities that are primed to adapt to potential health crises moving forward. Each development has 24/7 CCTV coverage, guarded entrances and exits, solar lighting at night, and perimeter fences.

BRIA Homes assure all residents that a competent property management staff oversees property-related needs, with a digital customer relations staff on call 24/7.

With digital technology now proving to be an essential facet in the lives of every Filipino, all fifty-plus BRIA projects nationwide are Internet access-ready. For convenience, BRIA homeowners are encouraged to engage in cashless transactions through E-wallets such as AllEasy, GCash, and PayMaya. BRIA’s partner banks likewise enable them to do online payments for amortization and reservation fees.