Bria House and Lot: Popular Foods to Taste in Davao


Traveling to a new place is always thrilling, as it allows you to immerse yourself in the culture, people, and, of course, the food. If you do not want to be too experimental with your culinary selections, yet want to try some of Davao’s most famous dishes, this is the place to go. In this Article, we’ve listed down some of the popular foods in Davao you should try!

When it comes to food, Davao City is unbeatable. It is because the Dabawenyos’ primitive way of life affects their dietary preferences and tastes. 

You will notice a lot of charming cafés and fine restaurants in and around the city, many of which serve up mouthwatering traditional and foreign cuisine. Aside from that, you may complement your meal with delicious wines, fruity selections from the most affluent sections of society, as well as big-gun beers.

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The capital city, of course, is a fantastic location to eat, with a wide range of cuisines to choose from at roadside cafes and inns, fashionable pubs, and fine dining establishments. You can satisfy your hunger with delicious Filipino cuisine, American hamburgers and french fries, Chinese cuisines, Korean cuisines, and Japanese cuisines. You will find something to satisfy your cravings in a variety of cuisines, from western to eastern. 

That being said, here are some local foods in Davao you should try out for yourself if you are seeking something more real and local. 

1. Kalderobo

There is a variant of adobo in every corner of the country. Instead of pork, Davao City’s rendition of Filipino food uses exceptionally soft beef. If you haven’t tasted what a beef adobo might taste like, this Kalderobo should be on your list of popular foods to try in Davao! 

2. Law-Uy 

Second on our list of food to try in Davao is Law-uy, a simple yet delicious vegetable meal that is a must-try for vegans and vegetarians alike, as well as for those who are not. Due to the vegetables used in it, such as Okra, Taro, Jute leaves (Saluyot), and Loofah, this delicious and indulgent dish stands out among other vegetable dishes in the nation because of its sticky, almost slimy consistency (Patola).  

3. Imbaw 

Mindanao’s island of Imbaw is noted for having some of the country’s best seafood. You will discover a variety of seafood delicacies in Davao City, such the Imbaw or Tinolang Halaan, that will surely fire your hunger. Although this well-known clam soup is basic in appearance, it boasts a clean and refreshing flavor which makes it a must-try food in Davao. 

4. Sinuglaw

Next in these popular foods to taste in Davao is a mixture of two words: Sinugba, which means grilled, and Kinilaw, which means Ceviche in Filipino. Fresh tuna and grilled pork marinated in vinegar, chiles, onions, ginger, and lemon or lime are the two main ingredients in this dish. 

5. Crispy Pata 

One of the most sumptuous Filipino comfort food to order when eating in Davao is crispy pata. This deboned pig leg is cooked to perfection in spices and deep fried. It has a deep crackling on the first bite that echoes and is quite comparable to the feel and crunch of a roast pig in Singapore. The preparation of this delectable and decadent dish is time-consuming, but the meat is delicate and well-seasoned throughout. 

6. Grilled Tuna Belly 

The grilled tuna belly at Yellow Fin, which serves fresh seafood and delectable Filipino cuisine, is one of the most popular meals here, with only a few spices yet a mouthwatering flavor. A grilled tuna belly serving is a very addicting meal since it is thick but soft all the way through. 

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7. Grilled Squid 

The grilled foods were something we missed while in Davao, and this grilled squid was one among them. It appears to be a very straightforward drink, but it’s actually a complex blend of flavors with a somewhat burnt and sour aftertaste. The addition of chopped tomatoes, onions and sometimes chili peppers to the grilled squid is a nice touch. 

8. Chicken Binakol 

This is a soothing and flavorful chicken soup dish. With coconut flesh and malunggay leaves, the chicken portions are cooked till soft. When you look at the components separately, it seems like a weird mix, but it really works nicely together. The sourness of the coconut water and the variety of flavors work together to create a savory meal that tastes absolutely delicious. 

9. Isaw (chicken intestines)

This popular street food is composed of chicken intestines that are completely cleaned inside out and cooked till soft. It may be found practically anyplace and is frequently served with a vinegar-onion, chili, or spicy sauce as a dipping sauce. It is not the most cosmetically appealing, but it is not as chewy as it appears, and it is still worth a try. 

10. Colasa’s Barbecue 

Colasa’s Barbecue is a star in the barbecue scene in Davao City. Located on the Andres Bonifacio Rotunda, Poblacion District, Davao City. This small restaurant on Pichon St. (Magallanes St.) may not have the nicest decor, but the barbecue sauce for their grilled dishes like grilled chicken and grilled pork barbecue, has a particular flavor that locals rave about. That’s why Colasa’s barbecue is one of the popular foods to try in Davao! 

11. Pakfry 

Pakfry is quite a strange combination of Paksiw and Fry. It cooks in two stages, as the name implies. The first step is to marinate it in vinegar and spices before deep-frying it to make it crispy. In Mindanao, pakfry is cooked with a kind of tuna buntot (Tuna tail). Palovince restaurant in Davao City’s Dakudao Avenue is the finest spot to sample this distinctive Davao meal. 

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12. Filipino-Style Fried Fish with Mango Sauce 

The food here, in addition to the white sand beaches, azure oceans, boasting economy, and visually beautiful resort front, is a must-try. Everything on the table was amazing, and we enjoyed a seafood feast. The Filipino-style fried fish with mango sauce is one of our favorites; it is simple yet packed with sweet and savoury flavours. Their yummy deep fried dessert called Turon is a crowd favorites. You can eat it as is or dip it in a tablea chocolate dipping sauce, both way are extremely tasty nonetheless.

13. Bulalo 

A good hot bowl of bulalo is the perfect companion for a cold, wet day in the Philippines. Slow-cooking beef shanks and bone marrow (still on the bone) in a mixture of water, fish sauce, onions, and peppercorns, followed by the addition of vegetables, create this delicious soup in Davao. Indulging oneself in the culture of the destination is a sure-fire approach to immerse oneself in the culture of the destination. You can already know a lot about a country simply by tasting its delicacies and cuisines, and the Philippines is no exception. They are fond of eating. It is a must-have for every party. There’s a native food you should sample at least once, no matter where you go in the nation.

Written by James Walog