Best Foot Forward: 5 Tips to Stand Out in Job Interviews

Tips to Stand out in a Job Interview

Do you want to get the job you always dreamed of having? Are you afraid of facing rejection and do not want to admit that you are not prepared enough? What does it mean to stand out during an interview? To answer these burning questions and more of those you have in mind, let us start with the reassurance that being afraid of going to a job interview is normal. The job hiring process entails difficulty but provides an opportunity, thus you must need to be at your best while preparing for the worst. Learn 5 of the simple tips you can do to stand out during job interviews through this article.

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Once your resume has taken you to the next step, you will most likely go through various kinds of interviews depending on what you are applying for. Employers can conduct behavioral interviews, case interviews, group interviews, panel interviews, phone or video interviews, online interviews, and more. All of these serve the same purpose of evaluating candidates on knowledge, skills, experience, education, and personality to determine if they are right for the position. Some companies may also require you to complete a test to assess how you can handle situations and on what level your skills are in terms of leadership, customer service, and problem-solving.

How to Stand Out in Job Interviews?

Standing out means increasing your chances of getting that job offer from a prospective company. Before the actual interview, it is important to ask whom you will be interviewing with and what their position is. Understanding the different techniques of employers will give you an insight into what type of interviewer you are up against and will help you showcase your competencies to set yourself apart from the applicant pool.

5 Tips to Stand Out in Job Interviews

As a job seeker amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many working professionals have been negatively affected due to the global crisis on health, economy, and education. Some may have been displaced or are fresh graduates needing to apply for work opportunities.

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Currently, in 2022, with the easing of restrictions and the shift to the better normal, it is the perfect time to learn and improve on strategies that will help you bounce back and stand out during an interview. Most applicants have an idea of what to do in the hiring process, but in the middle of a crisis, adapting to new ways is beneficial to get that job offer. Here are five tips that you can use right away to stand in job interviews:

1. Do your Research

Be the person who knows more about the company than any other applicant. This would include knowing their vision and mission statement, target market, main competitors, and the history of the business through their website, article publications, or by asking current employees. If you can’t answer the question regarding the business, it would make you look like you do not care much about the opportunity. On the other hand, being prepared can show the interviewer that you are interested, took the time and effort to plan, and genuinely cares about the outcome.

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2. Good Manners and Interview Etiquette

Dress to impress by following the dress code of the workplace and adding personal touches with a pop of color. If you are not sure, go with a business casual attire. You can wear a bold color tie, dress shirt, or other accessories but make sure that it is still professional-looking and matches the rest of your outfit. Make it memorable, but do not go overboard. If you are doing a video interview, pay attention to your background and check if everything looks tidy and work appropriate.

Arrive early for your interview. Compose yourself by listening to music, doing breathing exercises, and reading over your notes. Formulate your responses to possible questions the interviewer might ask. You can also try to put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes and think of ways how to express enthusiasm about the position. Show that you are eager to work for them while you confidently showcase your credibility. Lastly, don’t forget to say thank you, either face-to-face or by sending a personalized thank you note (email) to show off your writing prowess.

3. Personal Branding is your Power

When it comes to standing out during job interview, it is an important tip to come out with personal branding. Alongside researching top industries and the company you are applying for, it is also important to determine what kind of skills, specializations, and experience you need to have to secure the role. In case the interviewer asks about your strengths and weaknesses, you should write a list on it and relate the top skills you have on your resume to the job description. Highlight how your strengths can help the company and express your willingness to improve your performance.

Furthermore, discuss how your strengths lead to your accomplishments and the results you helped produced for the companies you’ve previously worked for (if there are any). Give them a sample of your previous projects, either a physical copy, digital portfolio, or a website. Emphasize the approach you used and how you can replicate it to produce better results for the company. 

4. Comfortable Conversations

Interviews can put make people tense and on the edge. This is a daunting task but try to be comfortable in your own skin. It is critical that you build a rapport with the interviewer and keep the conversation fluid. You can ask unique questions or expound on your past experiences to command a back-and-forth dialogue. Companies like answering questions related to the job responsibilities the position entails. A bit of humor can also make you more relatable.

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5. Authenticity is the Key to Success

When people apply for jobs, they often put on an alternative persona that can be far from themselves. This is not necessarily a bad idea, but then you start the job, and eventually, people will see the “real you.” Continue to be professional but it is encouraged that you bring your authentic and honest self to the interview. You should also speak sincerely so that is not sounding over-rehearsed or just say what you think the interviewer wants to hear. It is not just about the excellent resume that will land you a job but making a good and lasting impression seals the deal.

Written by Gianne D. Inumerable