Discovering the Cleaning Powers of Pumice Stones

Pumice stone

Because of the community quarantines brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in the last two years, a lot of people have started to opt for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) remedies rather than availing of professional interventions for problems and concerns at home. If you are a DIY cleaner, some of your go-to cleaning tools might have been an electric power washer, a handy microfiber garment, and even the classic, tried-and-tested toothbrush. And yet no matter how many cleaning products you have available in your affordable house and lot, some mishaps and impurities just simply do not disappear easily. Nonetheless, there seems to be one item you might have yet taken into account and it is the cleaning powers of a pumice stone.

What is a Pumice Stone?

Pumice is a type of natural volcanic rock that is very soft, lightweight, and porous, composed of cooled lava. The open holes or pores in pumice are a result of trapped gas bubbles from the boiling lava which can be compared to when a bubbly, foamy mess spills from a shaken container of a carbonated drink. Pumice is formed when frothy lava cools before all of the bubbles pop, and the pores inside allow the stone to absorb water without being dampened or cracked. Because it is formed by a combination of water lava, it has a wide range of consistencies. Some pumice stones are fine, while others have a coarse grit. However, most pumice stones are actually gritty in nature.

Although it is a light material, pumice stones are strong enough to be used as an abrasive. Because of this, people had been using them for grooming purposes such as getting rid of dead skin cells and calluses on a person’s feet. However, present research and studies have found that pumice stones can be an effective cleaner as well. Currently, pumice stones are available in your local hardware stores and markets. It is significantly affordable, but it is important to take note that their quality wears out and should be replaced from time to time since they can become too smooth which results in losing their effectiveness.

Here are some ways pumice stones can be used as a cleaner at home:

1. Toilet Bowl

Bad areas such as the formation of rust, yellowish rings around a toilet bowl, hard-water stains, and other mineral deposits can ruin your bathroom. Pumice stones are effective in removing mineral buildup without the toxic acids and hazardous fumes of common cleaning chemicals. Thoroughly soak the pumice stone in a bowl of water and gently scrub away the dirt. As you scrub the toilet with a pumice stone, change the angle of pressure. While the stone slowly dissolves, you will build a point or flattened area forms that conform to the shape of the toilet surface and provides a more impactful scrubbing intervention.  Pumice stones work rapidly and easily on porcelain and ceramic toilet bowls because of this capacity. You may use a stick-shaped pumice stone to clean with ease rather than putting your hands and arms inside the toilet bowl. You can maximize this by combining it with your regular bathroom cleaner to get rid of particularly troublesome areas.

Furthermore, take note that scrubbing pumice stones to clean either fiberglass, laminate, marble, or plastic toilets will cause irreversible dents. Since a dry pumice stone will scratch porcelain, make sure that the pumice stone and the toilet surface are kept wet all throughout. Also, even if you have a porcelain toilet, the toilet seat is likely to be plastic and should not be cleaned with a pumice stone. If you are unsure of the material of your toilet, try scrubbing the pumice stone in an unnoticeable area before moving ahead.

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2. Oven and Oven Grates

Recently, it had been discovered that pumice stones work better than your usual scrub brushes for removing grease and burnt-on food litter on your oven and oven grates. Before you begin working with your pumice stone, confirm that using a pumice stone on the type of finish on your oven interior is permissible. If you are unsure, just like for the toilet bowl, you can try scrubbing the pumice stone in an unnoticeable area of your oven before proceeding. If it is okay, make sure that the pumice stone you will use is damped and supple. Spray your oven or oven grates with a mixture of two cups of water and one tablespoon of dish soap. Allow the solution to absorb for five minutes before using a scrubber to remove dirt. The fusion of these three cleaning tools– pumice stone, dish soap, and scrub pad will easily remove the complicated and long-term build-up of mess in your oven. Most homeowners believe that this is a more effective alternative to standard oven cleaning products especially if you are considering chemical-free remedies.

3. Pet Hair

Did you know that you can also lift pet hair from your carpets and other furniture, such as car seats, couches, and rugs using a pumice stone? First, wet the pumice stone and use it with swift, relatively brief motions in a unidirectional manner to gather all the pet hair. Without adversely damaging your fabrics, this stone is rough enough to effectively remove pet hair from your upholstery.

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4. Tarnished Tools

Do you have rusted tools at home and are on the verge of just throwing these away? Try cleaning it with a pumice stone first! You can do this by placing a towel on a flat and stable surface. A good place to keep your pumice stone damped is on the counter near the sink. Then stroke your wet pumice stone over the damaged areas of your tools. The slathered pieces of pumice will be stuck in the towel. One important thing to take note of is that after cleaning off the rust, make sure to dry your tools. This tip is especially useful for the scissors and knives you use inside the kitchen.

If there is one thing all homeowners have done these past years due to the COVID19 pandemic, it has been to keep one’s home sanitized and clean at all times. Undoubtedly, cleaning makes you feel better. Alongside a freshly cleansed home is a sense of calm and harmony contrary to the effect that a cluttered, dusty, and dirty room has. After all, housework does not have to be a tedious, aggravating chore. It can be so much more if you make cleaning a fun and creative time especially when you engage in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approaches. Not only will the goal of restoring the luster to your lovely home bring you positive emotions, but opting for a more chemical-free cleaner such as pumice stones can significantly improve your health.

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Written by MC Sanchez