Cleaning Guidelines before Moving Into Newly Built Home

Cleaning Guidelines at Home

Having a new home is a dream come true for anyone but it requires deep cleaning after all the construction. You also want to feel the freshness of your new home as you want to remove any traces of the construction done and the people that used to live while it is being constructed. In this article, we’ve written down some tips and guidelines for cleaning before moving in to your new home.

The smell of the paint, all the remaining dust, leftover construction materials, and many more, all of these should be gone before you start moving in. There are house cleaning materials available in the market that you can use and purchase for cleaning your house and there are also available companies or agencies that can help you clean the house with proper housekeeping procedures and training and hired professionals without wasting too much of your time and energy in doing it. It is always better to start fresh and new especially if this is a newly built house and where your forever home will be.

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Here are some cleaning guidelines for your new home to help you:

1. Clear the Space

Our cleaning guideline number 1 is clearing the space. Before you start cleaning, remove all the unnecessary items that will get in the way. Throw away all the remaining construction items, misplaces nails, empty boxes, and paint cans before you start off cleaning. Before putting in the furniture, clean first.

2. High to Low Technique

Start cleaning from the ceiling and the wall and work yourself all the way down. As you do not want to re-do your work after cleaning up the ceiling and letting the dust fall down on the floor. One cleaning guideline you should follow is to always work your way up to down for easier cleaning.

3. Rarely Cleaned and Hard to Reach Areas

There are some areas in our home that we do not clean often like walls, ceiling, hanging fans, top of the cabinets, and many more hard-to-reach areas. You must include them as these are the spaces that most likely you will not clean for a long time. As this is also a way for putting your new furniture in a clean space and you do not need to worry for a long time.

4. Clean the Whole House

It is part of the cleaning guideline to clean the entirety your home rather than just choosing certain rooms for spot cleaning. It is also best if you choose which housekeeping procedure you would like to proceed with first; such as dusting, vacuuming, or mopping the entire home and rooms rather than repeating the steps over and over again.

5. Keep Your Cleaning Materials in a Box

As part of cleaning guidelines, keeping your necessary cleaning materials in one place in your new home before and after cleaning is a must. It will be a lot easier if you will be able to keep all and store all your cleaning materials in one box or caddy as you move along throughout the house with all the materials you need. You won’t be able to waste time also by searching and looking for the cleaning materials you need and be able to clean up properly in the most efficient time and manner.

6. Dust then Vacuum

Dusting first then vacuum, it is almost the same as how you should work your way up to down. It is easier to clean after the mess or dust on the floor than having to repeat the process after cleaning up or dusting the ceiling and other hard-to-reach areas.

7. Wipe Mirrors and Glass

Clean your mirror and glasses as those are also some of the areas that are less likely to get cleaned. Get a professional to do it properly as some pure cleaning materials might cause to damage the mirrors and windows without the proper tools and also these places are hard to reach or too high so you might need a professional with ladders and equipment to do it rather than doing it yourself and might cause you harm.

8. Disinfect Countertops and Other Surfaces

As mentioned in the previous items, there are a lot of people that worked on your new home. It is best to disinfect and clean these spaces as these are also the places where people use and touches them. With the pandemic that is going around today, even the small details of cleaning goes a long way.

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9. Wash Your Cleaning Materials

As you move along in cleaning the house, it is important that you clean also your cleaning materials as the dirt will be stuck on those items and might cause just spread the dirt in the house and you might spend more cleaning if you won’t do it.

10. Extreme Cleaning in Sinks and Toilets

Some construction remnants must still be there after they left. Sinks and toilets are often used by them while they do the work. It is important to clean those areas for hygienic purposes and these places are most and frequently used for people that will live in the house and should always be the number one priority not just during house turnover but also every day, as part of your routine and clean after oneself after each use.

Cleaning your new home is a necessary step before moving in. By following these cleaning guidelines, you would be able to start a fresh and new home before finally moving in. House cleaning is hygienic and healthy at the same time as you might be bringing your new family to a new and clean home that is safe for the family. Having your house constructed that was made by a numerous of people that go into your home and all the dirt that remains after that. It is the best way to remove all the dirt and the remnants of construction before bringing your family to the home.

Mus-Have Cleaning Materials for Your Home

After knowing our cleaning guidelines, it is best to gather one of the basic cleaning materials you should have in your new home. Here are some of the home cleaning materials every household should have:

1. A good sponge

A sponge has many uses rather than using it on your plates and dirty dishes. There are certain sponges that will depend on your use. You would just have to identify which areas you want to focus on and purchase the right sponge that you can use for all certain types of cleaning.

2. Dish Towels

Dish towels are used to wipe off excess water on your dishes and plates. There are certain places where you can get your towels and also depends on your needs. There are also towels that can be easily cleaned without ruining them. If you are on a budget, you can use your old shirts and repurpose them into a cleaning material.

3. Scrub Brush

A sponge is not always going to work on certain areas that produced dirt that is hard to remove like the dirt on your bathrooms and toilets. It is advisable that you keep these as part of your cleaning materials to use if needed.

4. Broom, dustpan, and mop

The broom, dustpan, and mop are the most essential cleaning material in our home. These materials can help you easily clean the floor with wood surfaces, tiles surfaces, cork-type floors, or linoleum floors. These cleaning tools are inexpensive and a necessity in every home. Especially when you have visitors and pets, you might want to have a clean floor where they can sit also.

5. Vacuum

A vacuum is another home cleaning material that is a necessity in a home. Although, not all people can afford it as there are expensive brands available in the market, and for Filipinos, we just need a good broom and a dustpan to clean after the mess. For people with allergies, it is advisable to have a vacuum at home for a cleaner environment away from the allergens in those hard to reach areas.

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Cleaning Services Available in the Philippines

Cleaning the house requires a lot of time and energy. But for some people, they are already welcoming the companies that can be able to help you with cleaning the whole house. It is safe and advisable for people that do not have time to clean and are not knowledgeable enough in house cleaning. Here are some of the companies in the Philippines that you hire for your general cleaning:

1. Dustbusters PH

  • Check out their Facebook here.
  • Visit their Website here.

Dustbusters PH services their client for a full 8 hours as they want to ensure that every corner and space of your home is reached and being cleaned properly and disinfected. The service includes tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning for your sofas, air steaming for an additional disinfecting solution, and even re-organizing the clothes in your own closet. What you have to do is book them on their Instagram page and you can just relax on your own while they do the work.

2. GoodWork PH

  • Check out their Facebook here.
  • Visit their Website here.

You can easily book their cleaning services in an app called GoodWork PH and they would be able to send you a team based on your requests such as cleaning your home, disinfecting services, aircon cleaning and repairs, and laundry of your dirty clothes. The app also contains services for beauty and wellness.

3. Cleanworks PH

  • Check out their Facebook here.
  • Visit their Website here.

Cleanworks PH can be booked easily and conveniently on their app available for both android and IOS users. You might want to consider them for your newly built home cleaning, as their motto is “The messier the better”. Their services include basic home cleaning, cleaning of your aircon units, and laundry of your dirty clothes and they can also be hired for commercial building services.

4. Happy Helpers PH

  • Check out their Facebook here.
  • Visit their Website here.

Happy helpers PH is been in the cleaning business since 2015 that consists of a team of happy cleaners of professional and trusted workers that will work on your newly built home without thinking and worrying too much. Their services include deep cleaning of the entire household, post-construction cleaning as needed for the newly built homes, and the move-in/out cleaning service when you move in/out of your office or your rented house. They also offer a subscription for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning visits.

5. Cleaning Lady

  • Check out their Facebook here.
  • Visit their Website here.

Cleaning Lady Company seeks to provide more job opportunities for women to help secure their future and provide for their families by cleaning. The company also partners with communities such as Gawad Kalinga. They are all well-trained women and equipped professionals that provide the service that you need in cleaning your home.

6. Busy Bee Cleaning Co.

  • Check out their Facebook here.
  • Visit their Website here.

Busy Bee Cleaning Co is a well-known cleaning company in the metro with 4.8-star rating from their clients and known to be the number one trusted cleaning company by many individuals. There are also known to provide their cleaning service to such famous celebrities and offer their services from deep cleaning, and dry cleaning services up to the upholstery shampooing for sofas and mattresses and also cleaning your cars for auto detailing.

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Written by Yna Faundo