12 Pet Essentials Every Fur-Parent Should Have

Pet essentials for Fur-Parents

Whether you choose not to have a kid and want to have a companion, want an extra friend around the household, or are just simply want someone to take care of, you can always become a fur-parent because this lifestyle is for anyone with the compassion towards pets. But, before becoming a committed pet owner, you must have a guide for fur-parents as reference. Listed are 12 pet essentials you should have as a fur-parent.

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While caring for a child is on a much higher degree of difficulty compared to taking care of animals, caring for the latter is no joke. For the average dog person, cat person, or any other cute fur-baby, it seems that whatever they need to buy for their pets is never-ending and expensive.

However, if you do not know what to buy for your pet and spend impulsively, then saving up money will seem like a daunting task because your pet causes you to keep spending aimlessly. One of the responsibilities of a fur-parent is the ability to manage one’s finances.

Keeping up with all your expenses can be tough sometimes but in this guide for fur-parents, you will encounter a list of pet products that you will need to keep your pets healthy and happy.

1. Collar

A collar serves many purposes for your pet which makes it essential.

First, it is a creative way of giving your pet a unique look. All collars come in a variety of colors and patterns that can make any pet stand out.

Second, it is through this unique look that you can easily identify your pet. As a fur-parent, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with your pet’s different collars especially when walking your dog around your house and lot for instance. Hence, when your pet is hypothetically missing, you can easily associate your pet with its collar.

2. Leash

Along with a collar comes a leash for dogs, particularly the energetic ones.

The length of the leash varies on the dog’s size. The average length of a leash is six-feet; perfect for the average-sized dog. However, the larger and heavier dogs need a 16-foot leash that gives them more leeway to run and jump around.

Additionally, it is important not to attach the leash to the neck but rather, the body area to avoid choking the dog.

3. ID tag

Once again, if your dog or pet is missing, placing an ID tag on him/her can give you extra confidence that your pet will be returned to you.

The pet’s ID tag must be large enough to contain the pet’s name, house and lot address, and the dog’s emergency contact number.

Perhaps the best way to put your pet’s ID tag is as dog tag or pendant on the collar. The front of the tag/pendant has the pet’s name while the back has information stated above.

4. Hygienic care

Hygiene is just as important for pets as problems caused by unattended hygiene problems make pets uncomfortable and can even lead to hospitalization.

To avoid that, beginning with dental care, many physical outlets and online stores sell dental treats that are recommended and endorsed by vets and professionals that guarantee a pet’s fresher breath and stronger teeth.

On the other hand, for shampoo, modern pet shampoo improves how your pet smells and during the pet’s actual bathe, the shampoo is easy to rinse. But more importantly, new shampoo improves protection from fleas, which can bother them a lot.

5. Pet carriers

While it can be nice to flaunt your pet in public, sometimes they do not want to be exposed that way. Moreover, it may even be a hassle for you having to carry your pet around.

One of the best pet essentials for travelling, the ideal pet carrier provides ample room for the pet, sufficient ventilation, and is comfortable for the pet inside and the person carrying the pet.

6. Bed

Pet owners can attest to pets not sleeping in their designated sleeping area. You may have bought a bed for them, but they end up sleeping on the floor, couch, or even with their fur-parents on their bed.

Nevertheless, a bed is still considered one of the pet essentials just to give your pet an extra option to sleep on.

7. Food

Food is probably at the top of pet essentials because a pet’s health is your number one priority as a fur-parent.

When your pet eats healthily, he/she is more lively, less sick, and lives longer. Therefore, it is imperative to always consult with your vet regarding your dog’s nutrition.

Aside from usual pet food comes snacks and treats. Snacks can add a little excitement to your pet’s day while treats can help you train or reward your pet.

8. Food and water bowl

Though not as essential as food, you will need something to use to serve your pet.

Various pet stores sell stainless steel bowls for food and water for your pet. It is important to stress the material, stainless steel,

If you want to spend a little extra, there is a meal feeder contains pet food that automatically dispenses at a specific time just in case the fur-parent is not at home.

Additionally, you may also buy a purifying dog fountain that constantly filters a pet’s water for them to drink anytime in the day.

9. Toys

Pets, especially dogs, get bored easily and can tend to feel lonely. As a fur-parent, you may be busy attending to personal things like work or school, inhibiting you to keep your dog entertained.

With a bevy of toys at a dog’s disposal, he/she will be preoccupied by staying active running around a ball or chewing on fake bones.

10. Designated Vet

There is an adage that states, “if you can’t afford a vet, don’t get a pet.” This holds true because a vet is there to care for your pet. The vet can identify anything wrong with the pet and will provide prescriptions to maintain the pet’s health.

In addition to this, it helps to not just go to any vet, but someone designated for both the vet and the pet to be familiar with each other as to not startle the latter.

In Bria Homes, their house and lot is strategically built to be located near places to accommodate pet essentials to make them more accessible and convenient.

11. Medication

As aforementioned, the vet is there to provide prescriptions to maintain the pet’s health. Such is providing medication to either maintain a pet’s strength or nurse him/her after an illness.

While medicines can be expensive, especially when prescribed to buy in abundance. However, the logic in investing in these medicines is to not only avoid higher expenses caused by worsening illnesses but having a weight off your mind knowing your pet is receiving early treatment.

12. Love

Sometimes, one just cannot handle one’s love for their own little critter that they end up splurging on their pet. Even worse, they buy all the unnecessary things for them.

From the word, “essential,” this is the necessity and priority to be bought because they need it to live healthily and happily. After purchasing the essentials, if there is extra money left, that is the only time to purchase the leisure things for their pets.

Therefore, it is important to keep this guide for fur-parents for a quick reference on what your pet needs.

Written by Cholo Hermoso