Affordable Landscaping Ideas for Your House and Lot


Just moved into your new house and thinking of the best thing to do with the extra lot in your front yard or back yard? Well, maybe landscaping can help you turn that simple space into a more attractive and beautiful spot. According to UK English dictionary, landscaping is the process of changing a piece of land into a more attractive and pleasing spot by changing its design, adding ornamental plants, planting trees and bushes, a vegetable garden, or flower beds.

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Nowadays, people tend to think that landscaping is really expensive. Hiring a professional landscaper or a landscaping company will really cost you a fortune. But if doing this doesn’t fit your budget, it doesn’t mean that you can’t transform your outdoor space into a more attractive spot in your house. In this article, we will give you some landscaping ideas on a budget that will help you as you start yard landscaping your extra lot in your home.

Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget for your Home

1. Cut or Trim grasses

 – First thing you need to do is to clean your yard. Cut or trim your grasses so they can be more pleasing to your eyes. It can also give new vibes and feels to your garden.

2. Pruning bushes or shrubs 

– If you already have bushes or shrubs in your shade garden, try pruning it so you can remove branches that are already dead and give more room for new growth. You can also shape these bushes and shrubs into a stylish way like an angel, any kind of animal, etc. that you think will suit your taste.

3. Planting ornamental plants

 – Planting different ornament plants can give color to that piece of land you have. But before choosing what kind of ornamental plants you are going to include in your garden, make sure to do some research on different kinds of plants that fit in your area. Make sure to consider the qualities of a specific plant.

4. Reuse and Recycle items for your garden

 – One of the best landscaping ideas on a budget is to reuse and recycle some old stuff. You didn’t just save money, but you also helped Mother Earth. You can use some old containers and plastic bottles as your flowerpot or some old barrel that can be your flower bed. You can also recycle used wood and turn them into a small table and chair set which you can use while relaxing in your garden.

5. Planting edible plants

 – Aside from ornamental plants, bushes, and shrubs, you can also include edible plants on your list. You can plant different kinds of fruits and vegetables in your front or backyard. This will not just add ambiance to your garden, it can also help you save money. Instead of buying fruits and vegetables in the grocery, you can just harvest from your garden. You cut your expenses and have fresh fruits and vegetables at the same time.

6. Add some walkways

 – Creative walkways can add some character in your front or backyard landscaping. A walkway is a path for walking that can also connect different sections in your garden. You can use mulch and gravel for your walkways for these are the cheapest materials that can be used for walkways.  

7. Try Vertical Gardening

 – If you have small space in your front or back yard, you can consider trying Vertical Gardening. This kind of gardening is suitable for small spaces. In this, plants are grown vertically. You can turn your fence into a vertical garden. Just use some old cans or bottles as your hanging pots. Some plants you can use for this kind of garden are ferns, succulents, and orchids. You can also plant vegetables like tomatoes, peas, and radishes.

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8. Add some rock garden

 – Adding some rock garden in your back or front yard didn’t just diversify your yard but also very low maintenance. These rock gardens can survive all sorts of extreme weather conditions. Unlike plants that you need to consider first the qualities of a specific specimen before including it in your list, a rock garden can do well either under the intense heat of the sun or continues raining. Some plants perform well even during the rainy season so maybe you should consider planting those too. 

9. Garden Decor

 – Adding garden décor as part of your outdoor decoration can boost the appeal and visual appearance of your garden. No need to spend a lot on these decorations. Adding some rain chains, wind chimes or even small statues can do the trick.

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10. Put some outdoor lighting

 – Another affordable landscaping idea is to brighten your garden with an outdoor light. You can use some solar-powered lights which are very common today. You add charm in your back or front yard with these kinds of outdoor lighting without spending too much on your electricity bill. Some examples of these are string lights, fence post decorative solar lights, lanterns, path lights, and many more.

11. Plant trees

 – If you have a large space in your back or front yard, planting trees is one of the affordable landscaping ideas you can consider. In planting trees, you need to consider how and where will it grow and if they will fit in your space once it was fully grown. You also need to check if there are some utility lines that it can destroy as it grows. 

However, this idea can be beneficial to you in the long run. Having trees in your yard can increase the value of your property, it can also provide shade in your home and fresh air to you and your neighborhood.

12. Building a fence

 – Building a fence in your yard does not just give privacy and security to your home and family. It can also protect your landscaping investment. You can recycle old materials that you have like used wood or old metal sheets that you can put together. If there are no materials that you can recycle, you can use bamboo instead. You’ll just need to be artistic in order for your fence to be appealing and add attractiveness to your landscape. 

To sum it up, Landscaping doesn’t need to be expensive. Apply the reuse and recycle whenever possible. And if you are creative enough, you can think of many other ways how to do landscaping at a very affordable price.

Now that we already have landscaping ideas, we also need to know the factors that need to be considered before you start landscaping in your home.

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1. Analyzing and Knowing your Yard

– After getting to know some landscaping ideas, make sure to study what kind of climate or weather does your area has as it can affect the kind of plants you are going to include in your landscape plan. Also, analyze what kind of amenities you want in your backyard, such as a fire pit / outdoor fireplace, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen or an outdoor seating area. 

2. Know what you want and need

– Before starting your landscaping activity, list down all the things or plants you want and need to put in your yard. Through this, you can just buy plants and materials you really need and want to include in your landscape plan and avoid buying unnecessary things.

3. Set your budget

– After listing down what you want and need, it is now time to set your realistic budget. Since you are going to do landscaping by yourself, you may have no idea how much materials or plants cost. This will help you not overspend your money in buying materials, plants, and decors that you’re going to put in your lush garden.

4. Decide your theme

– Deciding what theme you want for your garden can help you decide in the selection of plants, materials, and decorations you’ll going to put and used in your landscaping. When deciding a theme for your yard, one thing to consider is the architectural design of your house. You can complement your landscape design with the architectural design of your house.

5. Draw your plan

– Drawing your plan can help you analyze and decide on how you are going to arrange your plants, decors, and other stuff in your garden. You can check if the colors, shapes, and kinds of plants will complement each other. You also need to consider how far apart plants will be and how big or small the plants you need to place in a specific area in your yard.

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Now that you already have an idea on landscaping, are you now excited to do this in your yard? Well, it’s now time to do and make most of it to your Bria House and Lot.

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Written by Baby Rose Etac