Affordable House and Lot: What to look for in your future community?

what to look for in your future community

Looking for an ideal home can be quite hefty. Needing to check multiple things from the lot to the house and even the community. We already know that a safe neighborhood is a must, however, there’s more to a community that you need to check on top of security. Consequently, we’ve listed down the things on what to look for future community.

1. Safety and security

Top on the list of things you should look for in your future community is safety and security. Albeit already mentioned, it is one of the first few concerns that homeowners look for in community foundations. A safe and secure neighborhood community is definitely what every parent would think of especially if they’re moving in with their family or kids.

For that reason, some people prefer to live in subdivisions or gated communities for heightened security. A gated community usually has a guardhouse and set of security that handles matters within the neighborhood. This type of place also offers a quiet and peaceful appearance.

Another advantage is that the flow of people coming into your neighborhood is controlled minimizing the risk of welcoming lawbreakers or offenders.

2. Convenience

Living in a strategic place has been the desire of many especially for the working groups. However, looking for a place in the metro does not come cheap. On the other hand, real estate developers have already brought redefined sub-urban living by putting forward civil society lifestyle within each of their own communities.

What does this mean? Communities outside the metro also offer the convenience of short travel time, economic growth, and even amenities you can enjoy without going out. This is especially true for condominiums that provide facilities that will help you live a better and more convenient life without going out much.

Bria Condominiums for example already have a pool, gym, and multi-purpose halls that are enough to support your activities. These kinds of convenience should be looked for during your search for the ideal future community.

3. Flood Free Community

Getting your dream home struck by a natural disaster is definitely every homeowner’s nightmare. Especially in the Philippines which only has dry and wet seasons wherein –ber months also mean a lot of typhoons.

Choosing your future community should involve looking out for flood-free space and other natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. Although there are property insurances you can get for your home, the nuisance such calamities bring not only drains us physically but also mentally and financially.

On top of those possible damages to property, the danger of floods bring can also be a risk to humans, even animal, and plant life. For that reason, be sure to look for a flood-free future community.

4. Sustainability

So much going on already in the world that most people are not even aware of how much each activity that we do impacts the earth. You might say that looking for a sustainable community development might be the least concern you have but just think of it as giving back to mother earth.

Living in a sustainable home gives you the opportunity to lessen carbon footprints and in return, you get to breathe fresh air. These days, sustainable homes aren’t even that expensive due to the competition in the market.

Bria Homes, for example, offers sustainable development in its housing projects by using solar-powered streetlights. Wouldn’t it be nice if you lived in such a place wherein the company or developer stands with a cause? You should start looking for your own affordable house and lot and sustainable community in Bria Homes, too.

5. Affordability

Affordability, when heard always boils down to a budget for the purchase. Like affordable house and lots or condominiums. However, in this article on what to look for in your future community, affordability will be taking on a new definition. Affordability in this case would mean the cost of living.

As much as we all want to squeeze in the crowded Metro Manila, there’s no denying that living in such a place is expensive compared to living in the province. For some reason, people believe that economic growth is highly found in the Metro especially in NCR. The good thing is, matters have been slowly shifting and more and more provinces get the opportunity for economic growth, too.

Accordingly, if you’re planning where to settle for a future home, a community with an affordable lifestyle should be one of the great options. Nowadays, certain provinces also have what Metro Manila has. Just be keen on doing your research or you can also check the top residential locations in the Philippines for you to look into these places and compare the cost of living.

6. Nearby Schools

Nearby schools are one of the things on every parent’s checklists. However, even if studying is not any of your concerns, it should be one of the things you should look for in your future community.

Nearby schools in a community signify economic growth. As much as how infrastructures affect real estate value, school zones do it too. On top of the value appreciation, this might bring it can be also a way for you to earn through real estate. This opportunity can help you establish a rental space and would generate a new income stream for you.

If you can imagine how students used to rent dormitories near the university, you can also become a landlord yourself

7. Open Spaces

We’re already aware of how the pandemic changed our lives. This even includes our home life and preference in-home designs. Despite the fact that many hope for the pre-pandemic life to go back, some already accepted the fact that this life is something we’ll live with forever and just eventually get used to.

In fact, new homeowners especially young people start to think of incorporating new normal routines for their new home. Even the concept of open space and social distancing has been a part of community building. In this case, open spaces should also be something we look for in our community development process.

Open spaces may not stop the COVID from entering the premises but it will lessen the transmission and ensure a fine breathing space between the community members. Luckily, Bria Homes offers socialized and economic development with open spaces that are considered to be future-proof. To help you with your decision making processes, you can find out more by inquiring through their Facebook page and website.