Environmental Conservation: Use of Solar Powered Streetlights in Bria House and Lots


Concerned with increasing environmental issues, people are leaning towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. As the going-green trend continues, one real estate developer revolutionized the idea of community living with its innovative move of incorporating solar powered streetlights in the whole subdivision. Bria Homes, the Philippines’ fastest-growing mass housing developer, value the importance of providing effective outdoor lighting in improving security, enhancing architectural landscape, and most importantly, strengthening community ties. However, Bria Homes took a step further when it introduced the idea of harnessing solar energy in lighting up the entire community.

Bria Home’s modern solar street light works with its inbuilt LED, solar panel, lithium-ion batteries, power management system, as well as a night and motion sensor. The panel harnesses solar power and converts it into electrical energy, which is then stored in the lithium-ion batteries. The presence of night and motion sensors then facilitate the power management system thus completing full operations from dusk to dawn. The power management system operates with normal or average brightness within the first five hours and reduces its intensity with dawn approaching. Moreover, a unique feature of this solar powered streetlight is the ability to automatically increase its brightness when people are at a certain distance from it. These modern solar street lights are proven to be water-resistant and weather-proof, with low insect attraction and longer shelf life.

Numerous advantages from the use of solar powered street lights were evident in established subdivisions of Bria Homes. With over 50 projects nationwide, several homeowners get to enjoy and experience the positive social impact of solar lighting.

1. Solar Powered Streetlights are Eco-friendly

The continuous production and consumption of energy had always been an unending dilemma as it is one of the main culprits to greenhouse emissions. Nevertheless, modern day technology introduces sustainable and renewable energy solutions that foster a culture of environmental conservation. The sun is a powerhouse with unlimited energy. Adopting solar powered technology eliminates our dependency on the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity. In this way, Bria Homes positively contributes to the environment by reducing carbon foot prints.

2. Cost-effective

Being dependent on traditional grid-powered lighting accrues massive costs. Certain expenses include installation costs, trenching, maintenance costs, and disruption costs. Nevertheless, the use of modern solar streetlights was found to be the cost-effective alternative by illuminating the streets with no need for trenching and cables. Solar powered streetlights do not require replacement nor regular maintenance. Moreover, the use of solar energy as power source implies little to no consumption of electricity. Homeowners are now even considering the use of solar panels in powering their houses in order to reduce their electric bill.

3. Beautification

Bria Homes prides itself with providing state of the art architecture and incomparable amenities. While people get to appreciate its beauty during the day, the use of effective outdoor lighting manages to echo the exquisiteness of this brilliantly master planned community at night. It creates additional charm to potential investors and a better ambiance to its residences.

4. Geographic Aid

People with poor navigation skills are highly dependent on observing the surrounding environment. Hence, the presence of solar powered streetlight is critical in improving the clarity of directional signages and public space. Having these lights on the subdivision’s main roads, streets, walking paths, and other areas make it easier to navigate the way. This therefore creates a welcoming and accessible atmosphere within the subdivision.

5. Solar Powered Streetlights Improved Security and Safety

Bria Homes offers 24/7 security within its premises. The presence of solar powered streetlights is vital to security officers who roam the streets at night, further reducing cases of theft, assaults, accidents, etc. Moreover, certain amenities would require the availability of resident parking lots with extra security. Luckily in Bria Homes, parking lots around its amenities and offices are provided with an adequate amount of light from solar powered streetlights, ensuring the security of parked vehicles.

Generally, solar lights have proven to be more beneficial than traditional sources of light in terms of cost, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. In relation, Bria Homes was keen on noticing the imperative role of effective and sustainable outdoor lighting with regards to the welfare of the community. With Bria Homes being one step ahead, the use of solar powered streetlights delivered residents a better experience in the subdivision. Community members get to carry on with activities in the evening thus further improving the quality of life while strengthening social cohesion in the community.

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Written by Julia Adajar