What Makes Davao City one of the Safest Cities in the Philippines?

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One of the factors that drew the previous President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the Malacañang palace in 2016 was the surprising news that a city in the Philippines was included in the list of safest places in Southeast Asia, and it is none other than Davao City, where Duterte grew up and began his political career. As Duterte’s presidency ended this year, Davao City still reigns as one of the safest places in the Philippines. Accordingly, incumbent Vice President Inday Sara Duterte claimed in her Valedictory and State of the City Address that Davao City had maintained its safety and that the crime index rate had decreased from 13 in 2016 to 1.9 in 2021.

Here are some of the reasons why Davao City has been named one of the safest cities in the Philippines.

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The laws and regulations are strictly enforced

One of the reasons Davao is one of the safest place in the Philippines is because you can see active police and military in uniform with radar guns as you move around the city. Men (and women) in uniform help to keep Davao tranquil. They can be seen in malls, parks, streets, and every other location in the city. Furthermore, When you visit People’s Park, you will notice many pens, markers, and pointed items near the entrance since they were confiscated. If you go to a bar, you are prohibited to order alcoholic beverages after midnight. That some of the illustrations of how the city’s rules are properly enforced.

However, night owls who complain have stated that the city’s nightlife has become so limited that eateries will ask for the final order at 1 a.m. Furthermore, a citywide curfew was imposed at 1 a.m., causing many to pursue other activities such as going to neighboring Samal Island to continue drinking and partying until sunrise. Samal Island is in Davao del Norte and may be reached in under 30 minutes by using the 24-hour barge service. According to its government, “there is always a way for you to enjoy the Davao nightlife.” You are free to continue drinking at home.” In addition, smokers have also learnt to live with the rule that prohibits smoking inside pubs and tourist attractions. The Task Force Smoking Ban explained in later updates to the smoking ban that the policy required all commercial establishments to remove smoking rooms and designate smoking locations not less than 5 meters from all points of entry and exit.

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Leaders portray a “Crime Bustlin” leadership

Davao City has emerged as a model of discipline. According to the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda), the city, together with the rest of the Davao area, “achieved 21% of the Department of Tourism target for domestic tourist arrivals and 30% for foreign visitor arrivals” in 2014.

The mayor’s non-negotiable crusade against illegal substances is the most contentious initiative in Davao City. Duterte often stated that he will be severe to give a solid idea of how this campaign will appear when applied statewide. The mayor of Davao City has often warned during his campaign that “anyone who set up a shabu laboratory here would not leave this city alive.”

As stated above people believed that the leadership style of Duterte’s “hand of steel” is effective for discipline, it has become their brand and it is continued to be executed even for the current administration of the city. From a latest news, incumbent Mayor Sebastian Duterte had warned parents that they should keep their minor children off the streets, or authorities will “punish” them if they are detected taking part in rioting. “You parents, son of a bitch, if you can’t discipline your children, we will; we can’t just leave them there and join in rioting.”

Rampant Honest Taxi Drivers

Another reason why Davao is one of the safest city is that many tourists could testify that the city is filled with honest taxi drivers compared in Manila. In a ceremony, the Davao City government and local police rewarded 19 cab drivers for their honesty. Chief Inspector Milgrace Driz, a DCPO representative, stated that these drivers were commended for retrieving costly things left behind by their passengers. DCPO Chief Sr. presented them with certificates of honor, tokens, and monetary incentives. Supt. Vicente Danao and Lisette Marques, City Tourism Officer. Furthermore, it is expected that the police would acknowledge other stakeholders who contribute to the city’s safety and security.

The City has an effective 911 response team and is prepared to combat terrorism.

Davao City’s 911 is the most efficient. While other hotlines make you wait and require additional call credits to connect, Davao City’s 911 is completely free and can be reached by any mobile or landline. It is also said that the team would respond as quickly within 15 minutes from the time of the call.

State security forces in Davao City had planned and executed a simulation exercise (SIMEX) dubbed “Oplan Jellyfish” at the Davao Gulf to test the capability of land, air, and maritime units against terrorists, according to Col. Darren Comia, Task Force Davao commander, who stated in an interview on Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR 87.5) that there will be a terror attack simulation at the gulf area to see how security forces will work together to respond to the situation to protect the city from terror attacks.

There is Low Number of Accidents

Since 2002, the Department of Health’s tally sheet in Davao City has been a perfect zero in terms of casualties during New Year’s celebrations. Because the firework ban has been carefully enforced. In 2004, a patient who injured himself after lighting a firecracker hurriedly left the hospital after receiving basic wound care. Visitors warned him that Duterte would be visiting to inspect those injured by firecrackers.

All motor vehicles are covered by the speed limit under EO 39, which was characterized as “an order setting the speed limits for all sorts of motor vehicles within the territorial authority of Davao City.” Legitimate emergency situations, such as those involving ambulances and law enforcement organizations, are exempt. According to him, the number of vehicular accidents reduced from 7,000 in 2013 to 4,000 from January to September of this year. Commuters believe that the slower travel speed – 30 kilometers per hour (kph) in the city area – is acceptable if it saves lives. Authorities have argued that setting the speed limit was necessary to reduce overspeeding drivers, who have contributed to a significant increase in the frequency of automotive accidents in recent years.

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