7 Reasons to buy a home in Iriga

Many Filipinos dream of owning a home. While the majority of us want to live in the capital area our entire lives. More would-be homebuyers are now considering purchasing real estate outside of Metro Manila which is the City of Iriga, a component province of Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region. There are more reasons to buy a home in Iriga, aside to its natural charms, the province of Iriga offers quieter neighborhoods and healthier air.

The city of Iriga is geographically situated in the middle of the Bicol Peninsula, which makes up the southeast corner of the island of Luzon. It is frequently referred to as the “City of Character” and the “City of Crystal-Clear Springs,” names that are indicative of her distinctive character and resources. Iriga City has experienced rapid growth, becoming a major hub for trade and business not only in the Rinconada area but also throughout the entire Bicol Region. 

If you’re thinking about buying land, you might be curious about what’s on the other side. After all, living in the nation’s capital has long been the norm, particularly for those of us who have been residents all their lives. But who can say? Perhaps your next home is waiting for you outside of Metro Manila. Consider the following reasons to buy a home in Iriga:

Reasons to Consider in buying a home in Iriga City

1. Affordable housing

Real estate costs in Metro Manila are still prohibitive, even after the pandemic’s downward trend in property values, especially for Filipinos with average incomes. Despite this, it is perfectly justified for Filipinos to think about investing in real estate outside of Metro Manila because there are typically lower prices there.

Aside from the low cost of living in this City. Affordable housing for every Filipino is one of the main reasons to buy a home in Iriga. Bria Homes might be your great option. Bria Homes is a leading housing developer in the Philippines, with over 50 projects across the country. Bria Homes addresses the country’s housing shortage by making affordable house and lot available to ordinary Filipinos.

2. Less harmful

Since there are fewer automobiles and fewer dangerous gases and factory emissions in rural areas, you can breathe cleaner air and enjoy clearer skies while you’re away from the city’s bustle. These will be the main reasons to buy a home in Iriga. For parents of young children, especially those who suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma and other similar conditions, this is unquestionably something to take into consideration. If you move to the suburbs, you can provide your kids with the wonderful experience of having more space at home to play in, and you can also anticipate finding more open spaces in the shape of parks, basketball courts, and soccer fields for them to enjoy.

3. Fresh Vegetables

Agriculture serves as the economic backbone of the city, with farming constituting the primary source of income for the majority of households. It means, access to fresh vegetables could be as close as your backyard, particularly you agricultural and seaside communities. In the city of Iriga, a house might also house a small farm due to the clean air, water, and open areas perfect for farming. In most situations, it is usually in the province for neighbors to exchange fresh fruits and vegetables, which strengthens bonds of friendship. Additionally, it’s an easy method to save money.

4. Manageable Traffic

Slow living is practiced in many of the municipalities and cities in the Camarines Sur province, particularly the city of Iriga, which is modeled after a Spanish town. As a result, key locations like churches, schools, town halls, plazas, and other destinations are within walking distance of one another. This decreases the need for private vehicles, resulting in more public transit carriageways—particularly for tricycles or jeepneys—in more visible locations. Only fiestas, holidays, and rush hours in the early and late afternoon would be exceptions. Even still, the amount of traffic wouldn’t be as bad as in larger cities. These kinds of traffic are considerable since it not always happen unlike in the urban places like Metro Manila.

5. Low cost of living

Since vegetables are accessible in the city of Iriga, you can expect a lower price compared to the urban markets. Additionally, the traffic is manageable, which means that it will save you fuel since you will not get into traffic congestion, which consumes most of your energy even if you are not moving.

6. More open spaces

The elder generation frequently recalled their childhood memories of playing outside after a long day of lectures. Buildings now occupy abandoned play places, even if this practice may have diminished as the same kids aged in many metropolitan locations. But in Iriga and other regions of the nation, this freedom continues to be the norm. Many provinces in Camarines Sur, particularly in the city of Iriga, have spacious open areas for adults to stroll, jog, and exercise throughout the day in addition to play areas. This, along with the beautiful scenery, may ultimately lead to healthier living.

7. Vacation destination close to home

Living only a short distance from the nearest well-liked holiday locations is everyone’s amazing opportunity. This enables you to visit whenever you wish and eliminates the need for lengthy travel times. Iriga City is renowned for having numerous springs scattered throughout the area. It is also a thriving center of culture and devotion. High-leveled terrain, such hills, and mountains, appears to be the ideal spot to visit in the city of springs. These might be the most interesting reasons to buy a home in Iriga.

The following are some of the tourist spot you can visit:

  • The Tinagba Festival, a traditional bull-cart caravan celebration held annually on February 11, the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, is attended by people from all over the region. It is highlighted by the offering of the previous day’s harvest as a form of appreciation to Almighty God.
  • Mt. Asog (Mt. Iriga), The city of Iriga’s most notable landmark is Mt. Asog. This historic volcano, also referred to as Mt. Iriga, is located in the Bicol region.
  • Iliyan Hills located at San Nicolas, At the base of Mount Iriga is a promontory called Iliyan, which means a sanctuary.
  • Tubigan and Sabang Falls located at Sta. Maria, Water cascades magnificently at a height of 15 feet at Sabang Falls. Sabang Falls are just 2 kilometers away from Tubigan Falls, which has tier-style waterfalls that drop 24 feet.
  • Calvario Hill located at San Francisco
  • Emerald Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes located at San Francisco

As a whole. Those are the reasons to buy a home in Iriga. Bria Homes, especially in Bria Homes Iriga. It is now a great choice to be with Bria Homes as your main option to buy a home that will also cater the need in housing in the area and neighboring provinces as in line in what Iriga always did to its nearby provinces.

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