Villar SIPAG Prepares for the 11th OFW and Family Summit

Villar Sipag th OFW & Family Summit

Villar SIPAG or also known as Villar Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance is the Philanthropic arm of the prominent Villar family. Despite being members of Philippine’s richest families, they make sure to give back to their fellow Filipinos by helping and lifting them up through various initiatives. 

Villar SIPAG is a non profit organization established in 1995 that aims to fulfill its mission of social responsibility through its programs. A brainchild of the couple Manny and Cynthia Villar, this foundation have helped more OFWs and Families more than you could know.  

Expanding over the years, this non profit organization was able to expose its advocacies that aim to improve the quality of life of Filipinos through its various projects that have reached Filipino Families and Overseas Filipino Workers also called as OFWs. 

Their activities included the planning and implementation of medical missions such as mobile clinics and dental services and nutrition programs for children in deprived areas. Villar SIPAG has also supported different activities that stand by its objectives. Including environmental rehabilitation, supporting religious activities, and other activities that has something to do with poverty alleviation. 

Preparing for the Annual OFW and Family Summit by Villar SIPAG

For the Year 2022, Villar SIPAG will be highlighting its annual event called OFW and Family Summit. To be held on November 18, 2022 in Las Piñas City, this will be the organization’s 11th summit as it is held annually. 

The upcoming event that the Villar SIPAG has been preparing for will focus on helping Overseas Filipino Workers. With the concept of new beginnings, the event will be called “Bagong Siula sa Sariling Bansa” and will be about informing OFWs on how they can spend their hard-earned money wisely. 

Beginning at 8:00 a.m. of November 18, 2022, the event will be free and open to Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. It is to be held a the Villar hall of Villar Tent in Vista Global South, C5 Extension Road, Las Pinas City, Metro Manila. 

Why does this event matter for OFWs and Filipino Families?

Philippines is the leading exporter of labor. Why we brand our OFWs as modern-day heroes is because of their great contribution to the Philippine economy. Thousands of Filipinos stay far from their families and get homesick just to work with other culture and earn money. 

It might seem quite cliché but the truth is that OFW remittances are what uplifts our country in times of economic crisis. The increased number of OFWs also mean higher remittances for the country – an impact on our dollar reserves that is very important, economically. 

However, despite their sacrifices and our acknowledgement as our modern heroes, it is a sad reality that most OFWs often commit financial mistakes and despite working abroad for a long time, they are unable to save and prepare for their retirement. 

It is worst every time they come home from abroad. Their families expect them to pay for everything not knowing the hardships they might’ve gone through to bring home the money they have and how much they’ll have to work hard again after their short vacation. 

In Villar SIPAG’s annual OFW and Family Summit, Filipinos here and abroad are expected to learn about poverty reduction, wise money management and skills improvement that will help them – financially and mentally.

The event will also be about promoting the welfare of Filipino workers overseas, especially the troubled ones. 

Pushing Ahead Despite the Pandemic

We’re already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to this pandemic. Shifting from strict quarantine protocols to now not having to wear a mask outdoors, we can almost say its as if we’re really back to post-pandemic living. 

However, it is undeniable that pandemic greatly affected our way of life in the past and even up to how we live our life now. Many projects were halt, Filipinos suffered financially, emotionally, and Physically. 

Trying to push that aside, we know that we must continue working for our lives to go on for our families. Whether you are in the Philippines or working abroad, we have all suffered some kind of trouble because of COVID. Yet, Villar SIPAG is still around holding it’s annual conference to assist troubled OFWs and Families during the height of the pandemic. 

Now that we are in a more lose protocols, OFWs and Families participating in the summit could expect a lot more to come and to be received. 

Why Should You Attend the 11th OFW and Family Summit?

1. Engagement and Social Networking

Attending this summit is not just about taking in information that you can use later on. Villar SIPAG’s OFW and Family Summit also poses opportunity to network through it public engagements. 

The event will also be attended by various business owners and government agencies that support projects geared on OFW welfare. 

2. Real Estate Investing is a Key Topic

Business Tycoon Manny Villar is a known creator of successful real estate brands in the country. It is believed to be his greatest source of wealth. 

Not letting that pass, Villar SIPAG will also be imparting knowledge about real estate investing, why it’s important and why you should do it as an OFW.

Real estate is especially a great way for Overseas Filipino Workers to earn passive income even when working abroad – only if the properties and finances are also well-managed.

3. Exciting Prizes Awaits You

Villar SIPAG’s OFW and Family Summit is quite well-known on its house and lot raffles and giveaways, that’s aside of the learnings and other perks you’ll get of course. 

But, it is also a staple that attendees must look forward to win exciting prizes that are presented by the organization and of course, Villar Group’s brands.

This year’s grand prize will be a Camella House and Lot. Other raffle items include 2 Motorcycles, Pangkabuhayan Showcase presented by AllDay and appliances from AllHome. 

So don’t forget to register and let this opportunity pass by you as you might miss the very insightful talks and sharing during the Villar Sipag events and chance to win a Camella House and Lot. 

You may check out more about the event and Villar SIPAG’s advocacies and activities through their social media account and website here