Should You Use Bamboo as a Fence?

If you’ve been thinking about adding a privacy fence installed around your home but aren’t sure if you want to invest in wooden fencing and a contractor to install it, bamboo fence design may be a decent alternative for you. Installing a bamboo fence around your home will give it a naturally attractive and exotic appearance. Furthermore, this appealing fencing is less expensive, eco-friendly, and simple to build. You can choose the fencing that will be the easiest for you to install, then choose the height and style that will best suit your landscaping goals.

Bamboo is a grass family member well known for its usage as wood in construction projects. The fact that it is a grass type contributes to its ability to regrow quickly. Bamboo, on the other hand, can grow taller and wider than typical lawn grass. To give you an idea of the variety available, there are over 1,400 different bamboo plant species. Some merely reach four to six inches in height, while the tallest might reach 130 feet. A bamboo stalk grows to its full height and width within one growing season, regardless of final height. If they are not cut after that, they will sprout new branches rather than grow higher.

In addition, bamboo’s applications are significantly more diverse and sophisticated today. Every day, architects and engineers create new applications, and raw material demand continues to rise. Farmers have great conditions to develop this wonder crop for the burgeoning bamboo sector, thanks to the country’s tropical environment and rural economy.

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Bamboo is Less Expensive

The cost of bamboo materials as a fence design will vary depending on the product, the quantity ordered, and the firm from which you order it. However, bamboo is a cheaper product than traditional timber wood. This is not due to bamboo being a low-quality material. Rather, it’s because bamboo is such a resilient plant that develops so quickly. Hence, more supply of bamboo may be made available for inventory. Bamboo retailers can deliver products at reasonable prices since bamboo producers can bank on consistently vast amounts of bamboo.

Bamboo is Durable

Bamboo, as a fence design has a long lifespan because it is less prone to warping than wood, it is an ideal choice for humid regions. Bamboo goods will endure much longer than wood since they will not warp as easily. You may extend the life of the material by using bamboo stain and sealer. Moreover, if you apply the right sealer on your bamboo structures, the material will be water-resistant as well. Bamboo is also more resistant to insects and disease than trees and hardwood because it is a grass.

With adequate care, a bamboo plantation can produce materials for up to 50 years. A harvester will not have to replace crops on a regular basis, saving money on planting and allowing them to focus on selling the material. While farmers must tend to the plant for the first few years, bamboo becomes self-sufficient after that. Other crops require ongoing attention, and harvesters must transplant them after each growing season.

Bamboo is Eco-friendly

Bamboo, as a fence design is efficient and contributes to natural sustainability. It contributes to cleaner air. It can also absorb nutrients from sources such as sewage, reducing the environmental impact of that material. Aside from cleaner air and soil, bamboo also helps to avoid flooding. During natural disasters such as monsoons, the network of roots and stems of bamboo slows the flow of water. Floods can be avoided by slowing down and absorbing excess water.

In addition, the plant can also be used for purposes other than construction. Bamboo generates the same amount of energy as standard coal, but in a more efficient manner. Bamboo produces far less ash than coal, making it easier to dispose of once burned. Bamboo charcoal emits no sulfur, unlike conventional coal does. From collecting methods to how it burns, bamboo has more advantages than standard coal.

Bamboo Provides Versatility and Creativity

There are numerous ways to design your bamboo to create the desired aesthetic. When most people think of bamboo, they see a bright golden tint. This is the most common type of bamboo, but it is not the only one. You can also choose natural black bamboo, which is a darker-looking type of bamboo. If you want something in the middle, caramel brown or burnt natural bamboo are also excellent choices. Burnt bamboo has the original golden bamboo tint with darker spots at the nodes for a unique color variation.

Here are some of the bamboo fence ideas to try at home

  1. Vertical Bamboo Fencing on a Wood Frame

One of the simplest ways to build a stunning bamboo privacy fence for your yard is to first build a wooden frame and then fill the frame with pre-made bamboo fencing. The contrast between the dark, deep brown wood frame and the light natural bamboo fencing in this example from one of our customers is appealing. You may also use a white-washed or light wood frame with natural black bamboo fencing to flip the contrast.

  • Vertical Bamboo Fencing Framed by Horizontal Poles

While many people prefer to link bamboo fencing to a pre-built metal or wooden frame, you can build a fence entirely out of bamboo. Vertical natural bamboo fencing is enhanced in this example with thicker, horizontal bamboo poles. There are numerous ways to link bamboo pieces. In this situation, especially if you use half round poles for the horizontal accents, you may just glue them to the vertical fencing.

  • Bamboo in a Frame with Spacing

A simple wooden frame with two fence posts and two horizontal boards positioned a distance down from the top and up from the bottom of the posts is an easy method to create a gorgeous bamboo element in any garden. You may stain these posts and boards any color you like to complement your decor. Drill holes in the horizontal planks at constant intervals of a few inches the diameter of your bamboo poles. Insert bamboo poles into each pair of holes and attach with glue.

  • Bamboo Woven Fencing

A fence made completely of bamboo with two horizontal canes and a series of vertical canes is a simple design with a very organic feel. On alternate sides, connect the vertical bamboo poles to the horizontal bamboo poles. You can link them with twine or screws. For a beautiful look, screw the bamboo together and then cover with string. As a result, you’ll have a fence that looks the same from both sides and can add a lovely, tropical feel to your garden.

Even if you’re not going for a tropical or island theme, bamboo is adaptable enough to fit in any setting. You’ll always receive the added benefit of building a sustainable home, regardless of your style. The use of bamboo throughout your property can be a major selling point. Put bamboo elements in the front of your design to appeal to ecologically minded visitors.

Installing a bamboo fence around your Bria Homes Real Estate property would undoubtedly meet your needs, since the real estate business has been working to create sustainable economic development while also offering affordable homes to all Filipinos.